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World Airways first to transport six mine-resistant vehicles to Afghanistan

Peachtree City-based World Airways, a subsidiary of Global Aviation Holdings, Inc., has successfully completed the first mission to transport six life-saving, mine-resistant vehicles (M-ATVs) to U.S. troops in Afghanistan aboard a World Boeing 747-400 freighter.

World is the first and only Boeing 747 operator to successfully load and deliver six M-ATVs on one aircraft. This is another milestone in World’s record of more than 55 years of continuous service to the U.S. military.

“Until this mission, shippers were able to load only five of these heavy armored vehicles on a 747-400,” said Charlie McDonald, President of Global Aviation. “The World Airways operations team recognized that with minor modifications, they could speed up the important flow of these vehicles to support U.S. troops by adding an additional vehicle per shipment. If continued, this process could increase the rate of deliveries by 16 percent, which would be a significant improvement, while decreasing overall shipping costs for the Air Mobility Command.”

World Airways, a subsidiary of Global Aviation Holdings, Inc., is a U.S.-certificated air carrier providing customized charter transportation services for major international passenger and cargo carriers, international freight forwarders, the United States military and international leisure tour operators. Founded in 1948, World Airways operates a fleet of wide-body aircraft including the MD-11 and B747-400 to meet the specialized needs of its customers. For more information, go to



You know, I continue to marvel at the level of detail that is accomplished daily by our military and the suppliers that support our military.

"Minor modifications", World says, that could very well save the life of one more soldier than was saved with yesterday's technology. When you think of the time and effort that was put into this one modification, and multiply it by hundreds (probably thousands) of these changes that truly can keep our troops safer, it is such a bright spot in so much sadness with this war. Thanks, World Airways, and know that we here in Peachtree City salute your efforts.

Way to go World Airways! What a great company to have right here in our very own PTC - thanks for making us proud!

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