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The Fresh Market opens in Peachtree City Wednesday

The Fresh Market, Inc. will expand its presence in the Southeast region Wednesday (March 9) with a new store in Peachtree City, marking the company’s eleventh store in the state.

At its newest location at 100 N. Peachtree Parkway in Peachtree City, the specialty grocer’s full-service philosophy will incorporate unparalleled product selection and expert customer service in an inviting atmosphere. The Fresh Market employs a team of friendly, well-trained professionals who pride themselves on providing the highest level of customer service to shoppers. Team members can often be found offering cooking advice or sharing their favorite tips to help customers create the perfect meal.

“We are excited to open our store in Peachtree City and to expand our reach in Georgia,” said Craig Carlock, the company’s president and chief executive officer. “We look forward to introducing The Fresh Market’s concept of quality perishables, excellent customer service and a unique atmosphere to an expanded customer base, and we look forward to offering neighboring communities a rewarding new food shopping experience.”

Doors were to open at 9 a.m. Wednesday, and grand opening activities will include outdoor grilling, chef demonstrations, and food sampling throughout the store. A reusable shopping bag and sample-sized bag of the company’s gourmet coffee will be free to the first 1,000 customers.

In addition, customers attending the grand opening will be invited to enter into a drawing to win The Fresh Market Pantry. Valued at approximately $1,000, the Pantry is a collection of The Fresh Market’s own TFM-branded favorites, including spices, stocks, pastas, pancake mixes, gourmet sauces, jams and more to fill the lucky winner’s kitchen cupboard.

The new Peachtree City store will house over 21,260 square feet of culinary delights, including a bakery that produces 30 freshly baked breads and 14 different varieties of pie daily, a full service meat counter with freshly ground beef, a wide selection of ready-to-serve entrées, fresh seafood delivered to the store several times per week, and more than 200 imported and domestic cheeses, as well as a bountiful produce department with more than 400 items and a large organic selection.

The Fresh Market’s inviting atmosphere is reminiscent of old-world European markets, says Carlock. “Our customers enjoy shopping in an environment that appeals to all the senses. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and bread right out of the oven, the sound of classical music, soft lighting with antique décor in an intimate setting, and the ability to select and taste fresh, high-quality products all work together to create surroundings where customers are encouraged to experience the food.”

The Fresh Market looks forward to opening its store in the Peachtree City community while bringing approximately 90 new jobs to the area, most of which are being filled locally. Those interested in learning more about The Fresh Market can visit the company’s website at and sign up for “Fresh Ideas,” the company’s weekly e-mail newsletter that includes specials as well as recipes and information about in-store events.

About The Fresh Market, Inc.
Founded in 1982, The Fresh Market, Inc. is a specialty grocery retailer focused on providing high-quality products in a unique and inviting atmosphere with a high level of customer service. The company currently operates 100 stores in 20 states, located in the Southeast, Midwest, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeast, with plans for continued expansion throughout the country. The Fresh Market is an equal opportunity employer. For more information, please visit



I grew up in Greensboro NC and a this store opened there years ago-I'm so happy they are coming to PTC. It's soothing to shop here. I hope folks will support them and the other great merchants in this shopping center. It's been exciting to see Braelinn Village come alive again, and some of the other shopping centers. I hope the Fresh Market will pull clients in to continue to visit our favorites like Rona's, Omega Books, and Ga Shrimp.

So The Fresh Market opened in Greensboro years ago, huh. Well, no wonder, that's where the Corporate HQ is!!

Every single parking space in the Baby Kroger shopping center was taken at 5 p.m. today.

Every single one. I quit counting at 400.

The Fresh Market was packing them in like sardines today, just an enormous crush of bodies.

Huge lines at the Deli counter and the cheese department.

Very, very impressive selection.

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It's great for that shopping center who has some good merchants that have likely had a bit of a struggle since Baby Kroger left and it's great for shoppers as it's something that one could even say is somewhat "unique" and not found just anywhere. I think they'll do well, even after the mad rush starts to subside eventually. Fresh Market and PTC/Fayette are a good match.

It's also great to see Braelinn shopping center with more shoppers/cars than I have seen in many years. While there are a couple of strange things about the serious renovation(no awnings over the sidewalks? Bizarre roundabout in the middle? I like roundabouts but that one isn't a solution), it's really made a big difference and glad to see that too. Who says retail is so dreadful? Oh...certain elected officials, that's who. BECAUSE ONE DAY, OH MY GOD, THEY MIGHT LEAVE!!! LET'S JUST NOT HAVE THEM EVER IN THAT CASE!!

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Love the Fresh Market and hope everyone else does as well. We go to the one on Hilton Head 10 or 12 times a year and used to bring things home. Now we don't have to do that. So nice to have it here. I will be there every week.

Had $5 sushi and $11 steak for dinner for 4 tonite. Love it! make that drive to the Casbah every month for the Russian Caviar and Pheasant under glass! The 100 year old wine is worth the trip actually, but the Benedictine Brandy made by the original Benedictines is magnificant on top of all that. The 100 belly dancers after dinner with magnificant Arab Coffee and French desert tops off each day.

If they keep building those skyscraper subsidized houses in Peachtree City, I may just have to move there and take out Rumanian citizenship.

Did you bring home any of those $1.00 each shrimp from that den of greed?

I would love some of those $2.00 marshmellow looking sea foods if I just could afford a dozen or two.

mudcat's picture

Once in a while you may want to take off your stupid do-rag and let some air circulate around your brain so you can be positive about some good news.

Fresh Market is a good thing for Peachtree City. I love it. You obviously can't afford it, so stay away and don't rain on my parade. Well over a thousand people there today that loved it. Only one here who didn't - you stupid raghead.

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I'll bet grandpa roundabout was there the better part of the day. Anything new brings out his 'satible curiosity. His favorite story is probably Brer Rabbit and the Brier Patch.

"satible," I don't have that, whatever it is!

I see no connection to being thrown where I want to be?

Indians didn't discover America! According to the Mormons, Jesus came here to set-up his church. Smith found the golden plates.

Did you stand in that long line, or were you able to jump it?

Oh, the turbin is what makes me intelligent!
As to the 1000 there (did you count them) I don't usually do what the "crowd" does.

Just who that is unemployed, or under employed, or retired can afford that place? Besides you.

All this "positive" crap in A BAD RECESSION is enjoyed only by wealthy or pretend wealthy, or simply people who need idle talk all of the time.

I will eventually go and see if they have anything worth buying regularly.
Do they have any tomatoes that aren't made of rubber with no taste?

Was that steak "Choice," 50% fat, or was it $12 per pound, and did one steak feed three other gabbers?

I actually find $40 a bottle wine no better than $4 stuff. I prefer one ounce of Wild Turkey, once a day. I like to brag on the $4 wines!

I was just kidding about the 100 belly dancers, only saw one.

Why are you so defensively insulting about my turbin?

Just got back. Tried to go earlier today and it was too packed. Spoke with the HR exec. from hdqtrs. in NC. She was bagging. She said she was being sent to Hilton Head store tomorrow, she was all broken up about it...NOT.

The big honchos will be there till Sunday, one told me they are thrilled at the opening day crowd. Bought some wonderful looking cod and other delish looking foodies. Bought some Jazz apples. The prices were delightfully average to just above average. Not so high you don't want to come back. I will and will spend money there.

Be sure to sign up for their specials at pick PTC location and sign up at the bottom of the page for the e-newsletter.

Bacon, saw lot of the very important cheeses but will come back for it later. Ha.

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...if you want to shop at Fresh Market! I think a Trader Joe's would have been a better choice. This place is pricier than Whole Foods! They had strawberries for 5.99 a pound...the EXACT same brand were 3 for 5 bucks at Publix! Hello! I found the store outrageously priced on EVERYTHING and won't be going back. Too rich for my blood in this economy.

Quality porterhouse steaks purchased over the weekend for 7.99 a lb.

That said, they aren't for everyone and have never claimed to be.

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