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Legacy Theatre presents 'Dear Edwina Jr.'

Take a trip to Paw Paw, Michigan this week at The Legacy Theatre as two casts of close to 30 kids present the hit off-Broadway musical comedy, “Dear Edwina, Jr.” If you’ve never heard of Paw Paw, not to worry, these kids, comprised completely of students from the theatre’s popular Legacy Studios classes, will make you feel as if it was your own home town.

“Dear Edwina Jr.” tells the delightful story of Edwina Spoonapple, Paw Paw’s resident teenage advice giver extraordinaire played with quirky confidence by two very talented performers, Camille Edwards and Morganne Roark. Every weekend Edwina brings kids from all over her neighborhood to her backyard, where she puts on her own advice-giving musical showcase. This particular weekend is special as a columnist from Kalamazoo’s Advice-A-Palooza Festival will be stopping by to see if Edwina has what it takes to join the ranks other celebrated advice givers like Dr. Joyce Brothers. With songs ranging from topics such as good table manners to saving for a rainy day, the upbeat, feel-good musical puts a smile on every face, from ages five to 50.

“We have students from Fayette, Coweta, Fulton and Douglas Counties ranging from ages 5-17. We expect as much from our students as we do our professional actors, and these kids have definitely risen to the challenge,” said director Mark Smith.

Joining Edwina in Cast A are Ann Marie Meeker, Mary Grace Bridges, Sydney Hagley, Izzi Robles, Noah McPherson, Elizabeth Wilson, Sara Mae Brodnax, Branson Wood, Brannan Wood, Anna Bridgeman, Katie Mackeil, Ethan Cochran, Audrey Myers, Will Redwood, Reese Elrod, Madelyn Elwyn, Abby Townsend, Katie Watkins, Alyssa Olvera, Lily Robles, Brooke Schumacher, Michelle Jennings, Amber Downing, Kayleigh Sherrod, Ellie Kalafut, Chloe Revis, and Sierra Harris.

Joing Edwina in Cast B are Kelly Wilson, Falyn Mapel, Kalina Vatave, Hannah Stephens, Anna Samson, Camryn Hand, Gracie Robbins, Emma Robertson, Anna Seppings, Sienna Milanowski, Casey Bunce, Kasey King, Mason Flury, Laney Bunce, Karah Duke, Sydney Golden, Kate Strickland, Ian Smith, Annaliese Bauer, Addie Metarko, Jessica Wheeler, Julie Wood, Caitlin Estes, Riley Estes, Skylar Smith, and Emery Thrasher.

Join Cast A this week on Wednesday and Friday nights at 7:30 p.m. and Saturday at 3 p.m.. Join Cast B on Thursday and Saturday nights at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday afternoon at 3 p.m. Ticket prices are $15 for adults and $10 for children 12 and under. Legacy is holding auditions for its summer production of “Peter Pan” on Mar. 19 and 21. They are also registering for their summer camp, Camp Legacy. Call the box office at 404-895-1473 or visit for more information


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