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Who are commissioners serving?

At the last commissioners’ workshop meeting, Commissioner Steve Brown presented a resolution requesting the elimination of all planned public mass transit projects within Fayette County’s boundaries.

Commissioner Brown’s Resolution received thunderous applause from the entire audience. Once again the commission meeting room was filled with Fayette citizens.

Even though audience members were holding up signs in protest to mass transit in Fayette County, Chairman Frady and commissioners Hearn and Horgan denied Commissioner Brown’s resolution and thereby denied the citizens of Fayette County.

Chairman Frady and commissioners Hearn and Horgan have obviously forgotten who elected them. Former Commission Chairman Jack Smith didn’t work for the citizen’s of Fayette County either. He worked for the Atlanta Regional Commission. Obviously, Frady, Horgan and Hearn’s allegiance is to the Atlanta Regional Commission, also.

As a matter of public record, our former Board Chairman as well as our other representative to the Atlanta Regional Transportation Roundtable, Mayor Ken Steele, voted on Dec. 17, 2010 to approve a funding formula allowing up to 60 percent or $4.5 billion of our tax dollars for the 2012 Transportation Sales Tax referendum to be used for capital projects, maintenance and operations for mass transit.

Yet, Chairman Smith and Mayor Steele both said that they were not in favor of mass transit in Fayette County.

This past week, former Commission Chairman Jack Smith was praised, awarded and honored for his allegiance to the Atlanta Regional Commission. Where was his allegiance to the citizens of Fayette County?

Virginia Allen

Fayetteville, Ga.



Looks to me like Brown does a lot of Advocatinig for Steve Brown - acting like he is the sole championof the poeple in Fayette County. Implicit in this story and a dozen other like in the Citizen is the idea thathe has some chrystla ball - some magical insight that the rest of the people lack.

Implied here is that the the folks in a position of responsiblity in Fayette County and the surrounding region are corrupt and deviod of reason.

I reject the idea.

I think back to headline I read when I move to the area when Brown was mayor at PTC. Same senseless drama then.

I remeb er the readers comments about how he was arrogant and condesending to the ordinary people who can to speak at the PTC city council meetings and I think that is what cost him his re-election.

Now we are subjected to the same stupid non-sense.

The thing that bothers me is that "The Citizen" propogate the myth of Brown as savior for the poeple of FC. What non-sense. But to me the paper risks credibility in the community as the propoganda unit for "Brown and Company." When the whole thing unravels. Where will the paper be?


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The county commissioners tend to follow the city managers around like they have a ring in their noses. The trouble is that the citizens of the cities are also citizens of the county and have different objectives from those not in the cities. The cities are always looking for more development which equals tax base, urban sprawl and congestion. The citizens of the county mostly want to be left alone and no new development which is a futile endeavor, because of population expansion.


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Many of us tried to warn Fayette County that Brown serves only Brown. He will laud those who sing his praises and attack those who don't. Believe me, I know. But he is quite simply out to get Frady, Hearn, and Horgan, and, of course, Ken Steele. This is a personal vendetta as well as his way of installing himself as Commission Chairman. When he does he will take over as a full time chairman and micromanage the county offices. He will fire those he hates and install his servants. This is what he did in PTC. It is his agenda and he will stop at nothing to accomplish it.
He uses hot button items like ARC, the freeway exits, and WFB to enflame the people to support only him. He did this in PTC with Annexation, TDK extension, and Walmart/ Home Depot big boxes. Then when he was elected Mayor he went against most of his campaign promises.
Brown, as mayor, alienated all surrounding governments because they wouldn't adopt "his" ideas on how to run the world. Lots of examples there. But in doing so he developed the horrible contentious relationship with the County Commission. Now it is very unlikely that the big 3 will ever vote for a Brown proposal, and vice versa. But Brown also will never accept anything less than a rubber-stamping of any of his ideas. McCarty will always vote for Brown (if he knows what's good for him), and the other 3 will not. But that doesn't mean that Brown's proposals are right. Yeah, he will inundate us with his BS as to why only HE knows what is right. But maybe, just maybe, he is not right and the other 3 see this.
Anyway, his plan is working as scheduled. Stand by. He will win his Chairmanship and then the fun, VERY EXPENSIVE fun, will really begin. Then he will be ousted from office by a record turnout.

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There is always the option of City of Fayette. Then you know where you stand. Your representative will be working for you and not for another community.


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