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New north Fayette billboards come with a legal history

A number of Fayette County residents in the past few days have noticed the changing landscape of outdoor advertising along Ga. Highway 85 North in the area of the Fayette Pavilion. And the two large billboards being erected are generating complaints by some people. Attempts to keep out the billboards landed Fayette County in court where the battle was eventually lost.

The chain of events began when the county was sued by a billboard company in 2003. The company wanted to install 10 billboards and insisted that the county’s ordinance pertaining to billboards was unconstitutional.

A number of court battles ensued, including trips to the Georgia Supreme Court. Seeing the handwriting on the wall, the county’s attorney recommended that commissioners settle the issue. That settlement led to the agreement that the company would install two billboards, rather than the original 10, and be compensated $50,000.

The billboards are located on Hwy. 85 across from O’Charley’s near the Fayette Pavilion and at the intersection of Hwy. 85 and Ga. Highway 279. Neither of the billboards are situated inside Fayetteville city limits.

For a complete review of the situation refer to the “Minutes” of the July 24, 2008 county commission meeting.



I hope everyone remembers that back in 2003 then the County Commissioner Chairmen was Gregg Dunn and the County Attorney who wrote the county’s sign ordnance was,
The firm of McNalley, McNalley wrote the ordnance that was so bad, that is why we are getting these big billboards in our county just like Riverdale. I am so glad that the new county attorney at least held the billboard sign companys back. I can only think how bad it would be if we had 8 more billboards around the county!!!

be bound to include former County Commission Chairman Greg Dunn in anything negative. I asked you once before to pls help me identify where you continue to see his fingerprints on political issues in the county and you haaven't responded. Unless you provide some hard evidence of such, I will conclude that you have no credibility. In harsher terms, it's called "put up or shut up."

That MacNally bunch of lawyers was soaking us big time for hundreds of thousands of dollars of unnecessary and shlocky work. We probably save a quarter million a year by having that in house guy. Now those lawyers cruise around drumming up divorces. Oh well gotta make a living. Glad it ain't on our dime anymore.

That whole Pavilion area looks really bad. It's Ken Steele's (a RINO) legacy to Fayetteville.

Sir, I say what I say because at the time the sign ordnance was rewritten. It was under the control of Greg Dunn. At the time he was the county commissioner chairman and he directed and over saw what the hired county attorney provided to the county. I say it in a negative way, because Commissioner Greg Dunn was the controlling dictator of Fayette County at the time, and I feel that many problems started for Fayette County under the control of Mr. Dunn. McNalley did not do a good job, he left big holes for bill board companies to find and put up ugly billboards up in our community. It still up-sets me at the way commissioner Greg Dunn attacked then Sheriff Johnson and cost this county thousands and thousands of dollars. And now at a time of need, we sure could use that frivolous spent money on ego fighting. My only comparison that I have is looking at the current County Commission and see how they work with all the other city officials and elected officials in the county and it’s good. I just saw that a month ago the City of Fayetteville gave the current County Commission a proclamation, that was about how the city and county worked together on the behalf of us citizens. That never happen under the hands of Greg Dunn and crew. Is that what you are looking for. ATHOMEGYM? The way I felt that when Greg Dunn and crew where our controlling elected officials it was the good ole boy network. The people that are complaining about the West Fayetteville Bypass need to understand that the SPLOST that was passed and approved was authored by Greg Dunn who at the time was the Fayette County Chairman. The people that are in there now are only having to carry out what the past board of commissioner had passed on the SPLOST, that they put together in 2004 that was under the control of Greg Dunn. The guys in there now are only having to up hold the law and do what the SPLOST referendum requires them to do. They did not make up the West Fayette Bypass.

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