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Local high schools seek more teaching time

The principals at Fayette County’s high schools Monday morning advocated for adding an Instructional Focus period at the three high schools that are not currently utilizing the extra time for additional instruction.

The called meeting came after the Fayette County Board of Education wanted more information on the 20-minute instructional period previously implemented by Sandy Creek High School and Fayette County High School.

Sandy Creek Principal Roy Rabold and Fayette County High School Principal Charles Warr in their presentations cited numerous benefits to having added the 20-minutes period within the school days in recent years.

Rabold noted that at Sandy Creek the 20-minute period is used for purposes of remediation, acceleration or study hall. Both Rabold and Warr said the Instructional Focus period is supported by staff and is beneficial to student achievement.

Proposals for the implementation of similar focus periods were introduced by the principals of McIntosh, Starr’s Mill and Whitewater high schools.

The proposal to introduce an Instructional Focus period in the remaining three high schools next school year could be a topic recommended by Superintendent Jeff Bearden at an upcoming board meeting.

At a recent school board meeting a number of school system staff advocated creating a seventh academic period to bolster students’ ability to take better advantage of remediation needs and additional course offerings.



Does anyone know the new high school hours for next year? I have heard middle school starts earlier.

My high schooler came home and said it would be 8:40 to 3:40. This means that the traffic at three complex's are going to be a nightmare after school. With parents picking up middle school children at 3:30 and then the high school students being dismissed 10 minutes later, it will be a mess. Besides this, how are the high school students to get to their parttime jobs work on time when most of them have to report at 4? I can understand the schools having to add the time, however I do not undertand why the high schools aren't the ones starting earlier. This just doesn't make any sense.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

Have the high schooler take his BMW to the middle school and pick up your daughter and maybe her friends and take them home. Or drop them at Mickey D's if they need to work.

You got to get a grip on this alleged problem and understand we are in Peachtree City, for crying out loud! Home of the rich and snobbish.

Live free or die!

I wonder about parent meetings. I guess they will all have to be at 8:00 as the twenty minutes that we will have after school will not be long enough. Oh well, maybe we can all talk really fast? hahaha!

I also am worried about after school help sessions but I guess the 20 minutes built into the schedule will take care of that. Mandatory help sessions?

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