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Police: no charges for PTC kid photographer

Peachtree City police have decided not to file charges against a man who caused a stir last Saturday by photographing several juveniles in the Mark Style subdivision and walking away before the childrens’ mothers could question his actions.

The photographer did not intend to commit a harmful act against the children, and as such police and the victims made a joint decision not to file charges, police said.

The photographer, whom police have not identified, could have been charged with violating a Georgia law which prohibits people from taking photographs of minors without parental consent, police said.

A Fayette County magistrate judge also determined that there was enough probable cause to file a search warrant in the case, officials said.

When the incident was first reported late Saturday afternoon, the photographer’s identity was unknown and police conducted saturated patrols in the area, particularly on the cart path system and roads in the Braelinn Village area, in an effort to locate him.

Residents in the Mark Style subdivision were also interviewed by police, but none could remember seeing a man meeting his description being in the area.

The suspect was successfully identified by police Monday, and he spoke with an investigator, police said.

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a good outcome.

or at least I have not seen written anywhere, why he was taking pics of children without permission and even scarier why he left when parents approached him. If I missed seeing these answers somewhere would someone please enlighten me? thanks

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Where have you been?????????????????????????????????????????????/

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stuff that's been on here lately and content to just read. Too many male hormones floating around for me. Glad to see the old goat is still well--okay, well for him--not sane, just well, Keep looking for that handsome guy in the biker shorts as I am out and about--haven't found you yet--at least not that I could be sure about. Stay well and behave yourself; I read all you write. Lots of older posters seem to have disappeared--maybe they too are shirkin' and lurkin'.

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I agree that this does not pass the smell test. It fails Occams razor as well as an explanation of events. regardless, I am glad the family is good with the outcome. And BTW, the subdivision is called "The Marks", not "Marks Style" which is a street within the subdivision. Why does the news keep getting this wrong?

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After reading the article I also wondered why the guy left if he intended no harm? Why didn't he go over to the adults that were in the area and speak with them first? He took off for a reason,still unknown.Piece to the puzzle is missing.

Who said he "took off?"

Exactly what did the ladies say happened?

Maybe they went screaming at him with pitch forks?

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The "victims"/complaintants stated that he took off. They couldn't catch the guy. They tried. I know from a first hand source

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that this guy doesn't show up taking any pictures of kids anytime soon. If he does, then we have a problem.

Good police work here.

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"A Fayette County magistrate judge also determined that there was enough probable cause to file a search warrant in the case, officials said."

There's pretty much ALWAYS going to be a determination of probable cause to file a search warrant... sad state of affairs, especially considering the only real recourse is if you actually have contraband. If you're an earnest citizen, with no illegal items at your house, an executed search warrant looks just like a burglary, and you've got nothing to do but sue (and likely lose) for your time, patience, and lost property.

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