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FayCOG tea party meeting: same issues, new twist

The well-attended meeting of the Fayette Citizens for Open Government (FayCOG) Tuesday night came with a review of FayCOG’s ongoing concerns, but it also included a difference of opinion between FayCOG founder Harold Bost and Fayetteville Mayor Ken Steele on the history of the West Fayetteville bypass.

The Tuesday night event at Whitewater saw the meeting room packed with approximately 140 people.

The meeting’s agenda include FayCOG’s opposition to the 1-cent sales tax rejected by voters last year, the West Fayetteville bypass, the county’s defined benefits program and the continued presence of Commissioner Robert Horgan on the county commission after being arrested for using marijuana.

“We’ve tried to identify issues that we have information on to back up what we say is true,” Bost said. “We’ve spent hundreds of hours evaluating what we’ve found.”

Pertaining to the 1-cent sales tax, Bost said it was ill-conceived and thanked voters for turning it down.

Commenting on the three-phase West Fayetteville bypass, Bost said that, “When they get the whole thing built, where is it going? To the same place on the north side (Ga. Highway 92). In my opinion it just doesn’t make sense.”

Questions from the audience about who decided the project should be done resulted in a remark to Bost by Mayor Ken Steele.

“As memory serves, I think you were on the county commission way back then,” Steele said. “We prioritized a countywide plan. Our first priority was TDK, the second was the East Fayetteville bypass and the fourth was the West Fayetteville bypass. At the time all the elected officials said the growth would be in Peachtree City and Fayetteville and that if we didn't build a bypass it would never be built.”

Bost responded saying to Steele, “Your memory doesn’t serve you correctly.”

The two men squared-off politely but insistently on one other occasion a few minutes later, again disagreeing on the issue of when Bost served and when he was county commission chairman.

Other topics at the meeting included a presentation by Pat Hinchey of Hinchey Financial Group on what he said were inherent flaws with the county’s defined benefit plan for employees.

“Defined benefits is akin to a pension,” Hinchey said. “It takes a lot of money to promise it forever.”

The final agenda item dealt with Commissioner Robert Horgan and FayCOG’s past efforts to have him unseated after being arrested last year for smoking marijuana.



I don't really know what a fayCOG party is. Are they one of the splinters off of the Texas Tea Assembly?
As to them being against the SPLOST, the by-pass, and against serving in public office if caught with personal Mary Jane, and also pensions for County people which tax money would pay, and apparently people in the Teas don't trust workers to invest in 401-ks!
Well, I am also against most of those things also except maybe the Mary Jane issue which seems to me to be a religious feeling instead of something which would disqualify a county commissioner!

What was Ross Perot's party called. I forget. He just did in the republicans in that race---very few democrats voted for Ross due to his "let me finish, let me finish," which he never would! He was a great PC salesman however in the 70-80s.
TEAS will do the same thing as Ross did to the right-wingers (no abortions no-way-for nothin, no borrowed money,attend Sarah's church every Sunday somewhere, give the church 20% of gross pay (RIGHT), no divorces (except me), no gambling and drinkin, save 20% of salary every payday in AIG, buy Toyotos since they have no unions, no welfare by government--they will decide individually who to patronize, vote the TEA ticket only, ever, no matter the agenda, whip your kids--how hard depends, always talk the "line." Don't ever listen to any other ideas. Read only the KJV Bible and the Old Book for certain things (15 Commandments), hate all Muslims and those other strange eastern religions.
The Pope is wrong.

I think Bonkers has stumbled onto something here. Mr. Bost has taken something that is very good and legitimate like the Tea Party Movement and turned it into his own soap box. The impetus for the Tea Party movement is excessive government spending and taxation. From what I have read is the main goal of the real tea party organization is to educate, organize, and mobilize citizens to secure public policy consistent with core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets. Mr. Bost is a recycled ex-county commissioner who had to resign because he lied and got caught, he cost this county over $80,000 dollars for a special election that he caused. If Mr. Henchey can prove that the county’s move to improve the benefits for the hard working Fayette County employees (that include, fire, sheriff, public works etc.) then let him show it. Where was he when the county put this plan into effect. I think the reason is because he has nothing to show. Mayor Steel was correct, Bost was part of the board who put the West Fayette Bypass on the SPLOST. Again, the Facts that I have read was that the reason the current County Commissioners started with the West Bypass was because; GDOT did not live up to their part of the deal and provide matching funds for both the West and East Bypass. The county only had collected enough money to build the West Bypass and all the other traffic improvements. Bost has a personal vendetta against the commissioner who was caught with marijuana, on his own time in his own personal car. Everything that I hear about Commissioner Horgan is good, ya, he made a bone head mistake but he also helps people in this community, I always see him at events representing Fayette County, where I do not see the other County Commissioners. I saw him at the State Capital this week with Rep. Flud & Ramsey reconizing the Sandy Creek Football team.
I also think that not passing a new SPLOST for Fayette County will hurt us in the long run. Bost and his missleading information is going to cause more problems, just you wait and see.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

True he is hijacking a tea party sentiment and trying to get local issues woven in as part of the agenda. That's not appropriate. Tea parties if they remain pure to their root cause are very important.

And I forgot about the special election. What was his reason for quitting early? I thought he moved away. Why is he back. Why are we listening to him?

Go away Mr. Bost. You are yesterday's news. No one cares about your fringe issues. Or if they do - like the bypass - let someone with credibility lead the effort .

Live free or die!

I am proud of people like Mr. Boost, those whom care enough to get up on their soapboxes and make a difference in our community. These issues are important and remember it is government for the people by the people. We all should be more aware what is going on in our community and take a more active roll. It is great to see the average person coming forward and holding our elected officials to a check and balance system.

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I think you might want to brush up on your Fayette Co recent history before you continue to assume Harold Bost is just some average citizen who suddenly is now speaking up. Ugh.

FayCOG seems pretty intent on re-hashing the past instead of looking forward. Trying to coattail-ride the tea party movement isn't a bad political idea, but when you are still harping on Horgan's pot arrest and the defined benefit plan that already passed as well as the sales tax that failed....time to move forward a bit and at least give the appearance that you are more concerned with the future than grinding an ax over past issues and personalities.

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Fayette County is a perfect test case for the TEA Party lobby. Do they have influence? Does one of the most conservative Republican counties really want small government and less services? I've seen a lot of people talking the talk. Now it's time to walk the walk. If the TEA lobby can't influence the politicians here then they are basically worthless. It's easy to whine about Washington DC. Here's a natural constituency. Is the TEA Party a viable political force where they might have to actually deal with real local issues and live with the consequences or just a bunch of malcontents railing at Washington from afar? Cut taxes? Reduce the size of government? Cut money to schools? Stop the developers ridiculous West Bypass? Go for it! I don't believe it for a minute. And Hogan? That's their issue? If they reduce the local government and cut taxes then it suits me if they smoke pot at the commission meetings. I would welcome being proved wrong about the TEA Party but I'm afraid they're all hat and no cattle.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

And Bost is certainly the clown of this circus. He's taking the name of a legitimate national cause and hijacking it to confront some local issues that have absolutely no place in a national discussion.

And no JeffC, this is not a test case to see if the Tea Party movement is valid, this is a drive-by shooting from a washed up politician who cost us a fortune for a special election a few years ago. No Jeff, the Tea Party movement is fine, it is Mr. Bost who is all hat and no cattle.

BTW, latest prediction for November - 80 seats lost by Dems. That sounds like a lot, it probably both House and Senate, but even half that many speaks volumes about the mood of the country. And best of all, the Dems will have to blame someone and the obvious choice in Nancy Pelosi. So who would take her place as House Minority Leader?

Live free or die!

Just remember, once you step in elephant dung, you're in the Circus forever!

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I'm not talking about Bost specifically. I'm referring to the generic TEA Party here. This county ought to be a natural for them, overwhelmingly Republican and conservative. Forget about Bost. Can the TEA Party actually deliver? It's easy to sit on the sidelines and complain and moan and whine. Let's see some results. Let's see an election and then let's see the electees actually stand up to the heat and implement a TEA agenda. Your implication that the TEA Party is national but not relevant to local issues seems like a giant cop out, anticipating its failure when the task is to actually do something besides whine. If the waste of money on the west bypass (if I may be so bold: one of the stupidest ideas I ever heard) doesn't fit the Tea agenda then what does? If all the TEA Party aspires to is whining, why don't you all just join NOW?

I saw the 80 prediction and I ain't buying it yet. Average should be 28-32; I'll be surprised if it goes much higher. IMHO that 80 includes a lot of liberals who'll come home and it doesn't take into account the actual opposition candidates that have yet to be selected. If you nominate a bunch of extremists, that number will sink like a stone. And your Party is poised to do just that. I'm not wedded to that position though. Let's see the opposition and I'll re-evaluate.

I have no idea who might take Pelosi's place. Seems like I have a vague recollection that she would become Minority Leader unless she declined the post. Would she have the decency to do that? I'll flip a coin, you call it while its in the air.

Frankly I prefer the Coffee Party (no kin to Kawfi). They are already bigger than TEA and just want consistency form congress.
Tired of 59 to 41 votes all of the time!
People do not matter, only the congressmen and their contributors.

If we had it any other way where votes vary depending on the subject, then it might stop some of this polarization!

If money for the congressmen wasn't involved one would think maybe 10% or more of the conservatives and maybe 10% of the liberals would vote with the other side!

If they didn't have to get re-elected, that is the way it would be.

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The task at hand is to neuter the big dog in the White House by getting control over one or both of the bodies in Congress. Scott Brown's campaign was pretty simple - He'll vote no on the Democrat Control Your Life bill aka health care reform or health insurance reform or whatever.

That's what needs to happen in November - more Scott Browns emerging. It is not a party thing because the Republicans are a sorry bunch clinging to religion and not taking advantage of the dangerous Democrat's agenda. Sure either party will spend like crazy, but with at least one opposition party in Congress it will be slower and the checks and balances (remember them) will be in place. Clinton didn't do too much harm after he wobbled back to the center after the 1994 mid-term elections because he was forced to govern as the Founders set it up. I doubt Obama is capable of governing (as opposed to campaigning) but I"ll settle for 2 years of lame duck without being tax for "Health care reform" that doesn't kick in until 2014.

That's my main beef with Republicans (and don't assume they are my party) they won't point out obvious flaws like those dopes in Washington are in such a hurry to pass something that won't happen for 4 years. Obviously designed to collect a bunch of tax money that they'll probably spend on something else and not have a report card until 2 years after the 2012 election. Is that at all sane?

Bost and the bypass have nothing whatsoever to do with this.

Live free or die!

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