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Fayette wants input on transportation plan

The Fayette County Board of Commissioners and Department of Public Works is seeking public input March 30 on its “Fayette Forward” comprehensive transportation plan.

The event will be hosted in the county commission chambers at the Stonewall county government complex at 6:30 p.m.

The county began developing the plan in cooperation with the Atlanta Regional Commission in late 2008 and since that time has hosted three public workshops at different points in the plan's progress.

When the county and its project consulting team last presented information to the public in August 2009, only preliminary recommendations had been developed. This information session is intended to show a more refined version of these recommendations, focusing major project priority categories to guide the County in developing its transportation system over the next 20 years.

Input from this session will be incorporated into a final version of the plan recommendations to be presented to the Board of Commissioners in April 2010.

The commission chambers are located on the first floor of the complex directly across from the fountain at Heritage Park. The county government complex is located at 140 Stonewall Avenue on the southwest intersection of Ga. Highways 54 and 85.



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I really wonder why they are going through the motions because our county officials aka the Atlanta Regional Commission are going to do whatever their consulting firms tell them they need to do. I have been to these meetings and the consultants tell folks what it looks like we will be needing in the future. I told them I didn't like the idea of mass transit in Fayette County and the consultant said well I would go along with a train station in Tyrone, wouldn't I? He said that they plan to use the existing railroad lines and lease the train.

The Commissioners held an "Open House" meeting for the West Fayetteville Bypass and asked folks to fill out comment cards. 99% of the comments were negative. However, the only people who were invited to the "Open House" were folks who owned property and homes along the route of the Bypass. Nothing we said made a bit of difference. We were told, "It's a done deal." So, why ask for comments? Why even ask how we felt about the Bypass?

I suppose when they decided to build the WFB they also took into consideration that we were going to have a disastrous economic situation where people were losing homes, losing jobs, not able to buy new homes, and not be able to buy gas for their cars? I wonder if they took all of that into consideration when they built Rivers Elementary School and then weren't able to fill the school? It is obvious they didn't because they continue to plow ahead as if it were business as usual. Was it a consulting firm that advised the Board of Education to build Rivers Elementary School? Is this the way our government is run now; by consulting firms and by the needs of the Atlanta Regional Commission? Maybe when it comes to our next primary we should ask consulting firms to run for office. We could just eliminate the middle men (commissioners) and save ourselves a whole lot of grief, time and some money by electing our next consulting firm. All of that said, I will be there. It won't make one bit of difference, but I will be there.

By participating in the dialogue we have a role in helping to preserve the southern character. Small southern towns with the city center are the gems of the south. Through planning and strategic development we can preseve the timeless character of small towns and city centers across the county. The town square in Newnan, Downtown Senoia, Brooks, Sharpsburg, Tyrone, Fayetteville. It is a little late for Fayetteville with GA 85 and %$ running right through the center of town. The Bypass is a bad story for the families impacted. They should be properly compensated for their loss. But through their loss we can eventually reverse some of the damage and make Fayetteville and the other small towns in our county showcases for healthy living but routing heavy traffic around the town. We need to add a town center for PTC.
In historic New England they are strict about development and how it is done. GA is one of the 13 original states. We must protect our heritage as well.
PTC is best in class with the extensive cart path system. We can build on that with a multimodal approach to transport and mobility. Walking, Carts, Bikes, Roads, Street Cars, Regional Rail. We should use existing rail beds where it makes sense but we should not limit ourselves to existing lines. maybe it is poosible to link the towns in Fayette County and the South side before the oppressive gridlock of the northern suburbs hits us.


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