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Community Wellness Day event needs your help

Dr. Matthew Davis of Crossroads Chiropractic in Sharpsburg participated in an event called Kids Day International a few years ago but the event grew and so did Davis’ scope of how the event could benefit the community. Kids Day International featured a lot of things geared towards teaching children about health and safety, but Davis felt that the parents, guardians and loved ones of the children who came to the event needed that information as well. Kids Day International became Community Wellness Day and the event has been a tremendous success.

“There’s information about safety, health, financial well-being and environmental health,” said Davis, who added that he expects attendance at this year’s event to top 3,500.

Reading and hearing about increases in childhood obesity and diabetes really gets to Davis who wants everyone to know how to build health from the inside. He has found a way to put information about nutrition, dental hygiene, protecting the immune system, the spine and nervous system and the importance of exercise in a fun atmosphere where people can also learn about safety. He and his fellow organizers and volunteers have been hustling for months, but the event can always use more help, either in the form of volunteers, sponsors or donations.

“The money we raise helps pay for the event and what is left over goes to charities like Coweta’s Safe program among others, said Davis. He added that it takes about 50 people to run the event.

“Last year, we had 25 and we were hustling,” Davis said. “We could use some manpower.”

Community Wellness Day, which is now a national event, will take place Apr. 24 at South Metro Ministries from 12-3 p.m. In addition to the wealth of information available at the event, there will be plenty of food, fun and entertainment. Best of all, it is free.

“The health care crisis is not going to be solved in Washington. It is going to be solved in our community through education, awareness, and people making lifestyle changes,” said Davis. “I continue to work very hard in our community to give people the tools they need to take back responsibility for their family’s health and well-being. It is for this reason that I am so proud to be bringing this event to our town.”

For more information on how you can support and participate in Sharpsburg’s annual Community Wellness Day, contact Dr. Matthew Davis or his team at Crossroads Chiropractic - A Family Wellness Center, by phone at 770-252-1848, by e-mail at drmatt@SharpsburgChiropractor.com or visit www.sharpsburgchiropractor.com


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