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Obama administration attacks our Constitution

On Wednesday, March 6, 2013, John Kerry, the neonate American Secretary of State, was reported to have said in the context of a discussion of Freedom of Speech that in America people have the right to be stupid — that is, to say stupid things.

Mr. Kerry’s trivialization of Freedom of Speech is not only itself stupid, but also reflects badly on his office, on America, and on the Bill of Rights, in which the First Amendment to the Constitution provides Freedom of Speech.

This is yet another example of a politician “poisoning the well.” Mr. Kerry has anticipated criticism of himself and his master by branding future critics as “stupid.”

This tactic of pre factum, or “before the fact” demonization of those who might speak against them has become a hallmark of the current administration.

However, what is even more troubling is that Mr. Kerry’s trivialization of a fundamental constitutional right is indicative of the administration’s attitude toward the entire constitution.

On one front, they are attacking the Second Amendment: witness “Good Old Joe” Biden’s speech to a group of his brain-dead sycophants that no one needs an AK-47 to hunt Bambi.

This is, of course, a strawman. The Second Amendment doesn’t deal with hunting or Bambi. Biden’s statement obscures the real issues (freedom, for example), but provides a laugh for his audience and a sound bite for the media.

Remember that the “strawman logical fallacy,” when used deliberately, is a lie; when used unknowingly is a sign of ignorance. I am not accusing the Vice President of ignorance.

Now the administration is attacking the First Amendment.

Do we not remember how successfully smoking was demonized? Do we not remember how successfully drunk driving was demonized? Do we not remembers how “big Pharma” was demonized (until Obama worked a deal with them to support the Unaffordable Healthcare Act)? Do we not remember how “the wealthy” have been demonized? Do we not understand how doctors are being demonized? Do we not realize that this same tactic is being used against the Constitution?

I am not defending either smoking or drunk driving; I am defending fundamental rights, including the right to speak freely against our government, which we must take back from those who would destroy it.

Paul Lentz, curmudgeon

Peachtree City, Ga.



PTC Observer's picture

too late. The attack on the Constitution has been going on since its ratification.

There were two turning points in this attack, the passage of the 16th and 17th Amendments. One funds the unbridled growth of the central government, the other took away the right of the legislatures to select Senators.

Now that the socialists and their ideology are firmly in control, next is the Bill of Rights. Democracy, marches on! Forward!

If you want to "take it back" Mr. Lentz, all you have to do is repeal both Amendments and pass a balance budget Amendment. No small task even for a curmudgeon.

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