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Fire destroys F'ville apartment building

A Thursday afternoon fire in Fayetteville resulted in the total loss of an apartment building at the Weatherly Walk Apartments on Knight Way. No injuries were reported in the blaze.

Fire Chief Bill Rieck said the fire call came in at 1:20 p.m. and was initially reported as a brush fire and then re-dispatched as a commercial structure fire. Rieck said the first fire units arrived within four minutes, though the nature of the fire resulted in it being upgraded to a three-alarm fire.

The fire resulted in the 700 building being fully involved and subsequently a total loss, Rieck said.

Rieck said the 10-unit apartment building was searched and 24 people were displaced as a result of the blaze. Rieck said Red Cross officials were in transit to assist those who lost their homes. Rieck added that there were no injuries reported to firefighters or residents.

The cause of the fire will be the subject of an investigation.



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But the whole place should of been bulldozed years ago!

I have lived at Weatherly Walk Apartments for 2 years and have never thought or heard that it should have been bulldozed. Once in 2 years I saw a roach... ONE ROACH! The office staff contacted pest control and they treated my apartment the next morning! I hate living in apartments, but I must admit that I have enjoyed living at Weatherly Walk.

I was at home when I heard the "Wop Wop" siren and looked out my window - OMG! The building across from mine was engulfed in flames! Thank God no one was injured! I gotta go check my insurance policy and make sure they added Renter's Insurance like they said they would...

How sad. Less apartment space in Fayetteville. /s

When making comments about this show some respect to those who lost everything. Pets were lost in this fire and memories such as pictures. So if you are going to comment dont be negative. The article only states no humans were lost but there were animals who died abd they were family members too...consider how you would feel to see a couple of the comments made above.

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So true, these folks deserve our sympathy and support. Those that have lived in apartments must know that life is a daily struggle and to lose everything a real human tragedy for these citizens. Most can't afford rental insurance I am sure.

At the very least you can pray for them.

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I don't get the snarky comments about these people losing their place of residence. The fact that 24 people suddenly have no place to go really sucks for them and the fact that not a single person was injured or killed seems to suggest they were are all out working jobs and doing what adults have to do to get by.

By the looks of the photo I would draw the conclusion that a decision was made to let it burn.

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I'm the Mom to one of the residents who lost everything in the fire in the 700 building. The Red Cross was there in an hour of the firefighters being there. They handed out cards for the folks to stay at the Fayetteville Holiday Inn Express. The community has been very blessed with the outpouring of support, but as someone noted here, they were all working families, few had insurance, and the building is a total loss. If you FaceBook, you an go to the Weatherly Walk FB page to see what is happening and who is helping, and what is still needed. If you can, please help these families. My daughter is lucky, she has family close by, but re-fitting an apartment, wardrobe, posessions, etc., is hard on all of them, including my daughter. All 10 apartments lost at least one pet.

This is a tragedy, and for those who are snarky, I'm sure your Mom would be ashamed, and if she wouldn't be, well, there is the explanation for your behavior.

You can give to the Red Cross and tell them it is for Weatherly Walk Fire victims, and they will give the money directly to Weatherly Walk to disperse among the residents.

Now if someone doesn't like the apartments in Fayetteville I would ask them what have they done about it? Other than post their drivel on this website.

There is a proper time and place for complaints, but not in this situation, IMHO.

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