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PTC man still in jail for fondling himself in front of 5-month-old

Fifty year-old Peachtree City resident Joseph Smirniotis remained in Coweta County Jail Monday morning after being charged with masturbating in front of a 5-month-old infant at the Newnan Barnes & Noble bookstore Thursday afternoon.

Smirniotis was charged with child molestation and public indecency, according to Newnan Public Information Officer Gina Snider. A $25,000 bond was set Friday but had not been posted Monday morning, Snider said.

The incident unfolded at approximately 2 p.m. Thursday at the Barnes & Noble at Ashley Park, Snider said. The infant’s mother was positioned a short distance from her child reading when she looked up and saw a man masturbating in front of the baby, said Snider.

The mother began screaming and the man fled, Snider said. Store employees and customers followed the man into the parking lot as he held his pants up while fleeing the store, said Snider.

Snider said the license number of the green station wagon was obtained by witnesses and relayed to Coweta County Sheriff’s deputies. Smirniotis was stopped near Thomas Crossroads and returned to the store where he was identified, Snider said.

Snider said Smirniotis is believed to be employed by the Federal Aviation Administration.



Gene61's picture

What an idiot.

mudcat's picture

My hubby's ex-TGF had one of those and I hate green station wagons for that reason alone.

If he really is FAA, what are they going to do? Let him take his daughter to work? Examine him?

This guy must be desperate for a warm meal and a place to sleep. There is no way this guy thought this was not going to end in an arrest. Its kind of like suicide by cop except instead of ending with death this guy got a free place to live and eat.

fiddle's picture

OMG! This man is out of control sicko.

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His wife is a special education teacher and is standing behind him. Isn't she suppose to protect children?

If you look here, you'll notice that the word 'protect' is not found anywhere on the page.

<a href=' Definition</a>

<a href=''>Oxford Definition</a>

<a href=''>Merriam-Webster Definition</a>

So, no, teachers are not supposed to protect children. They have a hard enough job as it is - don't try to harness them with responsibilities that have nothing to do with their job. The people who are supposed to protect a child are his own parents and the police.

rudegirl710's picture

so you're telling me if someone revealed themself in front of your child, you wouldn't be upset? I'm sorry, but that is just disgusting.

Your reading comprehension is terrible. I did not condone the action - I said it was folly to place an unwarranted repsonsibility on another person just because they're a teacher.

Stop spitting drivel long enough to think about what you type.

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