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Bakery cafe in Peachtree City is even more 'Delightful'

Something Delightful Bakery Cafe in Peachtree City is in its third year of operation and owner Mary Jane Hollister said year three is all about expansion.

“We made it through our first year and refined things in the second year,” Hollister said. “Year three is the time to expand.”

While the space isn’t getting any bigger and there are no plans for another location, the expansion comes from the delicacies the bakery offers. Known at first for their delicious cupcakes and mini cupcakes, Something Delightful has recently added cookies and brownies to their menu. They join the regular cakes and cheesecakes that have been growing in popularity as more people have discovered the bakery cafe.

“Our name is more familiar now and there has been a lot of word of mouth,” Hollister said. “We have great customers.”

In addition to making treats for bridal and baby showers, Something Delightful has been catering events like the recent Rhapsody in Blues event for Fayette Senior Services and providing desserts for area restaurants. All of these things get the name “Something Delightful” in the area and the taste and beauty of the items brings more people to their door.

Hollister has had more time to experiment with new items and more intense design thanks to her staff.

“I have a great staff,” she boasted. “It’s one of the biggest hurdles for a small business and my staff has given me time to do more wedding cakes and toy with new menu items. I wouldn’t be here without them.”

One of these new items is the Elephant cookie, a chocolate cookie with peanut butter chips.

“I call it an ‘Elephant cookie’ because it is unforgettable,” said Hollister. The brownies, which are moist and fudgey, containing almonds as well as candy bar pieces, have also been very popular since hitting the menu. Another new addition is a gluten free version of their red velvet cupcake.

While a lot of their products are taken on the go for special events, Something Delightful has also become a place to stop for dessert after dinner on Friday night. And with free wi-fi, Green Mountain coffee and seats inside and outside, they are also a hot spot throughout the day.

Hollister and her crew are always working on new flavors of cupcakes, like Banana Split, which looks like a sundae and features a banana cupcake and a cherry on top, but some items like the Red Velvet, Pot O’ Gold and Italian Cream are standards and always part of the 9-12 flavors featured each day in the display case.

There are also mini cheesecake bites available now.

“We’re just trying to keep things interesting,” Hollister said. “We like to experiment and have a good time.”

Visitors to Something Delightful Bakery Cafe can experiment with the different desserts and are sure to have a good time too, whether they park themselves at a table and give themselves a treat or take them home to enjoy with friends and family.

For more information about Something Delightful Bakery Cafe, phone 678-519-0038 or visit

The hours of operation are 10 a.m.-6 p.m. Tuesdays through Thursdays, 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Fridays and 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturdays.



Go to McDonalds on Hwy 54 in PTC (in front of The Fresh Market) and whatever you order today, keep your receipt, and you can get the exact same items for FREE on any one day in the month of April if you show today's receipt. How's that for a different kind of deal?

There is a small cardboard sign on this around the back of the drive in, but you don't see it till after you get thru the ordering area. I asked the mgr., Efrain, why the sign is in such a bad spot, he said Code Enforcement came thru yesterday. He said he had a big banner out front and they told him to take it down. They told him he could put the sign up out back, but no banners out front.

I agree no banners, but thought some on here might want to know about the promotion. I asked the mgr. and he said this is only valid for this location.


anyone know when they closed? Or if it was for any reason OTHER than the crappy economy?

Go Tim Hudson, GO!

nice. We'll take that.

Great for folks who don't like real meat for Breakfast!

tell me more about the real meat vs fake meat, please.

It's all chicken sausage & turkey bacon.


Where is this place---no location mentioned---not in phone book!
What is a 519 number?

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Located right behind Mellow Mushroom on Highway 74. Wisdom Pointe Shopping Center. Phone is 678-519-0038. Apparently the prefix of 519 is what the phone company is assigning new business phones in Peachtree City.


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Really....if you are going to profile a local business in PTC, might be good to tell folks where it is located:

277 Highway 74 N., Suite 200
Peachtree City, GA 30269

This is right behind the Mellow Mushroom in the shopping center off of 74.

I just went over there and they never showed up to sell.

From around these parts anyways. It's been warm, but not for that long. Enjoy them when they do show up.

this is from Peach County, Ga. A hundred miles south of here and they don't even have any yet. the first part of May would be harder than a baseball and the color of cantelope skin!

Maybe ome of those South American bad tasting, half black inside peaches are around!

What did I miss? Not seen anything about peaches for sale. BTW that .25 Fla sweet corn still available at Publix---and strawberries are essentially finished at Adams Farm. And in case anyonw wants to get in on early freezing, Hatchers Produce at the GA Farmers Mkt has fresh Butterbeans and Cream Peas (White Acre) from S. Fla---$26.00 a bushel, shelled. A bushel will run 10--12 lbs.

The average bushel of garden food is about 40 pounds, includes apples, etc.

At $26.00 a bushel that would be about $.65 a pound---I wish.

You must mean a "peck."

wrongo dongo! I have purchased & weighed too many bushels of SHELLED peas & beans to know better. Think you missed a couple of common-sense pills!

It is now apparent that you don't know what a bushel is!

Look it up under "weight of a bushel of...."

And just where did you purchase a bushel for $.65 a pound?

There are four pecks to a bushel.

Could I interest you in selling to you one atom of hydrogen at a million dollars per pound? Only $.000000000000000000000001.

From the Learn-something-new-every-day department:

<a href=">Standard Weights of various vegetable/fruit bushels</a>

A standard bushel of peaches is 50 pounds.

I put a post on here this morning saying that Carroll Farms from Woodbury would be at the PTC farmers mkt. today from 9-1pm selling peaches. I got that from an email from the mkt. I went there late this morningand they were a no show, and others had been by looking for them. When I got home I edited my post by deleting the original post and updating it. Sorry for the confusion.

I still have some Adams berries. Very good, I will miss them. Thanks for the information.

I am being delayed on some of my posts here, so who knows when they will show up. Seems the queue police are out in force the last few days. They've really done a number on Spy, I can't stand how nice he is now. I'm probably next. I better watch my p(eas) and queues!

I've been buying peaches from Carroll Farms for several yrs. Don't bother with the first ones. Here's a hint: about the middle of June, call and ask if they've got any "#2s" and ask if they will save you a bushel. They are the next grade below what they sell to Grocery chains and are cheaper and absolutely just as good (it's the "appearance" thingy). Some folks don't like the drive down there--doesn't bother me--not when I want some good local peaches at a decent price! I will admit,however, that overall, I like SC peaches best and have had some very good ones from Hatcher's Produce at the GA Farmer's Mkt.

I like Gregg Orchards in Hollonville, they had a good year last year. I went to Carroll years ago, haven't been in a while. I don't mind a few marks on them as long they are sweet and juicy. Considering the price of gas this year, I might just be limited the number of visits I make and buy them by the bushel as you recommend.

Filled up at Sams today, $3.89 a gallon. Half a tank full $30.00...I have a small car so I try not to cringe too much, as there are usually plenty of SUV's and big*@ trucks in line with me. I feel their pain.

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