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Democrats dislike taste of their own medicine

We did it! Or rather, he did it!

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker pulled a Harry Reid and figured out a way to get the collective bargaining bill passed in spite of the DemocRATs’ typical subversion of democracy.

Just as Reid managed to keep the Republican majority stymied while his RATs were the minority party by dredging up and violating the intent of obscure Senate administrative rules, so the Wisconsin governor found the way to redraft the bill so it could be voted on and passed – HAH.

While the liars on the Left have decried this bill as “union busting” and the union thugs were bussed in like SEIU enforcers to DemocRAT Town Hall meetings to protest and disrupt, Scott Walker appeared to be up the creek without a Senate quorum.

But then, like taking a page from the anti-American DemocRAT handbook on circumventing the Constitution, he turned the tables on them and made their latest stunt completely ineffectual.

And by the way, all this bill does is require these crybabies to contribute to their medical and retirement plans, prohibit their “right” to hold the taxpayers hostage by striking and (gasp!) require yearly union recertification, opposed because once they have their hands around a throat they know that if they let go, many of those people will flee.

So how does the civil, liberal, gentle, sophisticated Left respond? In typical fashion, with death threats, violence, rioting, hatred – everything of which they falsely accuse the Right.

Now, if we can just get Mitch McConnell and John Boehner to craft some similar strategies to ram through meaningful budget cuts, repeal Obamacare, resume drilling for oil (and approve it in Alaska and the Midwest), start pushing nuclear instead of solar, wind, perpetual motion and personal methane reclamation, kill Cap & Tax once and for all and get this administration’s grimy, anti-First Amendment piggies out of the airwaves and the Internet.

Hey, here’s a thought – maybe a restoration of constitutional limitations, reversal of government’s explosive growth and their hijacking of the basic tenets of our republic will restore some stability to our economy and give businesses the confidence to resume expanding and hiring.

After two years (only two?) of “hope and change,” one can only hope.

Gary Rettmann

Peachtree City, Ga.



birdman's picture

You DO need to seek professional help. I can't remember reading anything written from such a perspective of paranoidal fear hate and total disrespect. You must be a very VERY unhappy person. You need to get a grip. I doubt that living anywhere near you is very pleasant.

Seriously dude, seek help now, before it's too late.

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