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Tea Party takes over Fayette GOP

In a milestone for local politics, Tea Party-affiliated delegates took about two-thirds of the county officers’ slots when the Fayette County Republican Party held its convention Saturday in Fayetteville.

Though not an exact science in terms of affiliations and cross-affiliations, a majority of the 17 new party officers came from a combination of the Tea Party and 9/12 movement and from the Fayette County Local Issues Tea Party.

“We have an influx of new people and we’re very pleased,” party Chair Lane Watts said at the meeting.

Seats in the meeting room at Harvest Baptist Church in Fayetteville, former home of the old movie theater, were largely filled for the convention. And though some left as the afternoon wore on, there were plenty remaining to elect the 17 officers, 52 district convention delegates and alternates and the 40 state convention delegates and alternates who will travel to Macon on May 13.

The election of the 17 officers to the various positions showed that approximately one-third were affiliated with the original tea party movement, approximately one-third affiliated with the more recent local issues tea party group and the remaining third coming from the long-standing local Republican ranks.

Accounting for the influence of the Tea Party and 9/12 movement and the more recent Fayette County Local Issues Tea Party is far from an exact science.

The Tea Party movement, both locally and nationwide, began two years ago with the local, state and national 9/12 groups springing up almost immediately thereafter. The efforts of both groups were easily visible beginning with the initial rally on April 15, 2009 at Peachtree City Hall and at numerous meetings and events held since then.

The impetus that came to be known as the Fayette County Local Issues Tea Party originated in September 2008 with the Fayette Citizens for Local Government (FayCOG), an organization initiated by former Fayette County Commission Chairman Harold Bost and others. FayCOG held regular meetings, with attendance and membership totaling up to 40 participants.

It was at a FayCOG meeting in March 2010, one billed as addressing local tea party issues, that Bost at the meeting’s outset noted that his organization had incorporated the “tea party” slogan into that meeting because the model had resulted in public interest in topics of concern and was working well locally and across the nation. That meeting was attended by nearly 140, with many of those coming from the ranks of the local tea party and 9/12 movement.

“The tea party groups have been very effective. This meeting is not officially connected with them but we felt the model was working well,” Bost said at the March 2010 meeting, adding that the phrase “tea party” carried no trademark. “We’ve tried to identify issues that we have information on to back up what we say is true. We’ve spent hundreds of hours evaluating what we’ve found. This is not a meeting to bash Republicans or Democrats, so this is not a partisan issue.”



I'm not happy with the headline...and you know I love you Ben. I've been involved in the Tea Party for 2 years. I've been a republican for over 30 years! Why not "The Conservative Christian" takes over GOP?
Why not THE PEOPLE take over GOP! It was done for instant headline I know, but it probably did more damage than good. I love my country and am finally stepping up to the plate to not just grumble but to take action.
Yes. I am involved in the Tea Party. I joined the GOP because it desperately needed help as we've the most important election in 2012 and I don't want to look back and say...why didn't THEY do something. I'm a Republican citizen who hopefully will make a difference. That difference will come from me personally and will not be through the Tea Party.

Denise Ognio

I'm not happy with that headline either, Denise!

A much more appropriate heading might've been

<strong>"Tea Party" Parasites Infest Local Republican Party</strong>

The more the Repug party moves to the extreme right, the more we can Keep the Times a Changing. The more the majority of America sees the real Teabagger agenda the better. The implementing a "Christain" Sharia is certainly part and parcel. The attack on women's reproductive rights. The dissolution of unions because, "They've served their purpose & no longer needed." The total belief in Creationism. The total denial of a global warming phenom. Unecessary government intrusion thru the EPA, OSHA, NPR, IRS, abcxy&z. Hopefully we'll elect a Posse Comitatus sheriff in our 1 party general election. Yippee. Best news I've heard today.

Is it just me or has anyone noticed that not even Richard Nixon could get elected by these people. Just gotta love the ruckus in Utah. They might vote for Barry Goldwater but even he wasn't above drinking from the federal pool. I believe he once wanted the federal govt. to pay to dam up the Grand Canyon (pesky National Parks for elitist) to water Phoenix.
No Dirksen, no Chuck Percy, no Nelson Rockefller. Lindsey Graham is the only 1 that ever makes sense & they've gone after him w/ a smear campaign that (Oh, my gawd; he might be GAY). This is going to be 1 of the shortest pendelum swings in US politics.

"The Tea Party" ≠ "The People?"

These are the people Bost Hogg paid for. They came to the party with no experience or background and ran for high offices. Some lied about their credentials when campaigning. The one named Denise is a bully who ran over long time builders of the party to get her way. She had better watch out when she starts accusing and questioning the party lawyers.

Looks like the Tea Party gives all conservatives a bad name. There is a difference in conservatiive and radical. Some women just need to shut up. You don't always have to have the last word.

The best part of the GOP Convention was Lee Hearn was voted off of the delegate list and replaced with a 17 year old. That's a kick in the crotch!!!

[quote=Spear Road Guy]The best part of the GOP Convention was Lee Hearn was voted off of the delegate list and replaced with a 17 year old. That's a kick in the crotch!!![/quote]

Oh this is just too funny.

I wonder if this 17 year old kid was the same jackbooted young teahadist thug at the counter-demonstration in downtown Atlanta a few weeks back.

Maybe that 17 year old is our own Joe Kawfi

<a href=" Obama makes March Madness picks</a>

What a freaking moron. This 'president' is totally detached from reality.
With everything going on in the world, this idiot spends his time on something completely worthless.

He should be impeached for blantant incompetency.

Impeached? Are you nuts?

That makes him a moron?

You being on here spouting crap is more likely a reason for your impeachment!

Impeach away, round-a-snout.

Obama is nothing but a man-child. He is not competent to lead this country. He was more engaged in the Gates kerfuffle and his beer summit than he is in anything going on in the world today.

He is an incompetent buffoon that should just resign so that the grown ups can take over.

You mean like the past triumvarant of Chaney-Rummy-& Duby? I bet if the Biden or the O-man looks in the bottom right hand drawers they'll find the plans to open the 3rd front on The War on "Terrorism". You just gotta believe Kawfdaffy has WMD's. Yeah, that's it, THAT's where SADman hide 'em


Yesterday pundits were noticing how difficult it was for Sean Hannity to find something new to blame on President Obama, and how Hannity rose to the occasion by blamin' President Obama for making an NCAA bracket (like millions of other Americans). <a href="

And now dullards like Joke Awfi are doin' the same thing! It's almost like Joke has a telepathic communication established with Sean....or maybe it's an email connection....

Even my boss gives me 2 15 min breaks. We certainly see how you spend your time.

What a nice picture in this article. It's a shame there's no caption identifyin' our new Republican masters by name...unless of course there's a good reason they don't want to be identified (outstanding warrants, back child support, Witness Protection Program...the usual Tea Party reasons)

Can someone identify these fine people so that we might add them to our nightly prayers?

Who are these folks? don't know but they look like they are well fed.

PTC Observer's picture

The man to the far left is Mr. Harold Bost, former Fayette County Commission Chairman.

That's the only one I can identify, now you can pray for Mr. Bost tonight.

Looks like Leisure Suit Larrys meet the Velour Vixens

NUK_1's picture


was any DNA like that left in Fayette county. Perhaps heavy representation by the Inman community?

Wow, some of you are so amusing. Way to go, mock people who get up off their butts to attempt to accomplish something in their government. Don’t they know they could just sit back and type a bunch of childish or pompous comments like many of you do.

I believe that Don Bush, CEO of the Bush Real Estate Group in Coweta, <a href="">said it best last year, when discussing the local Tea Party:</a>

[Quote=Don Bush]"...Typically, I'm somewhat apolitical. That is, until I see/hear/read anything representative of the Tea Party and their insane platform of hate, nonsense, and fruitcake ideas. From my point of view, you've aligned yourself with nothing more than nitwits championed by the likes of Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and a plethora of other lunatic fringe folks who appear to be on outpatient care after frontal lobotomy work.

In my opinion, the Tea Party movement, representing less than eight percent of the national electorate, is peopled by the fringes of lunatics, fear mongers, intellectual midgets, and just plain whack jobs. It'll be a cold day in hell before I will sit still for any candidate making inroads into representative government in my little part of the world that subscribes to absolute hate and delusion.

These Tea Party fruitcakes are a danger to true Americans and American ideals. They are racists, bigots, and want to return to the days of the Jim Crow legal system."[/Quote]

PTC Observer's picture

I wonder if Mr. Bush's business went up or down after this remark.

In the scheme of things, I don't think either your view or Mr. Bush's view will mean much in 2012. The only question is how deep a hole will we be in by then and will the majority of voters do something about it. So far, I haven't seen much action by the new Republicans on changing anything in Washington. Have you?

No, I don't belong to the Tea Party and have no interest in joining.

mudcat's picture

He's one of those technology-challenged Neanderthals that is in the recruiting of real estate agents game. Never was much of a game, but with 2 out of 3 agents leaving the business and the weaker companies giving up and merging with larger ones, his days are numbered. I doubt his political views hastened his demise as most real estate people are not political, although his limited intellect and childish rants may spill over into other business decisions he makes and that would turn anyone off. Don Bush is a useful idiot in that he shows the wild fear that exists on the left and how set- in-their-ways Democrats blindly follow the party's talking points. Not someone I would want to be around much less work for happily. And yes I do know him - or at least met him. Creepy dude.

I have no doubt the voters will respond by ousting Obama and many of the silly uneducated liberals in the house and senate in 2012. I also don't think it will make much of a difference. We are headed for permanent financial disaster.

Being amusing by mocking people and making childish or pompous comments is just one of our many talents! It is rumored that some of us Citizen bloggers even manage to hold down real jobs!

Swift Death to Evil!

Observerofu's picture

If they can't argue in the arena of ideas they just belittle and insult. They are still stinging from the massive butt whipping they got in November thanks in large part to the teaparty.

Just ignore them. The voters did I am sure we can too.

"Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt"
-Samuel Adams
Illegitimi non carborundum

PTC Observer's picture

It is interesting how frighten the left is of the Tea Party folks, if they are so extreme as some suggest then they have nothing to worry about. On the other hand if their tenets capture the imagination of those voters that believe in them, then the left has plenty to worry about.

The problem with simple concepts is that they aren't easily distorted.

The Tenets of Tea Party Patriots are:

- Fiscal Responsibility
- Constitutionally Limited Government
- Free Markets

I am not too sure what is so difficult to understand about these positions, but I do understand why those with a vested interest in government largess attempt to distort them.

NUK_1's picture

I'd agree with all three of those bullet points, but I don't know how many in the TP actually believe that themselves without a few more thrown in like

-God and Country or you're a damn commie
-Gays are some kind of sick freaks
-Let's have a war somewhere
-"Social values"

I also noticed that some of the Repubs in GA who have tried to hitch a ride on whatever momentum the TP has going for it also voted against the Sunday Alcohol sales bill in the GA Senate and that tells me all I need to know about these same 'ol Repubs trying to masquerade as "conservatives who believe in limited government." No, they don't. They think idiots like Palin, Angle, Bachmann and McDonnell are good candidates for office instead of the nuthouse.

Observerofu's picture

you have fallen for the hype not the reality. Not the first time you have done so.

Now granted are there individuals that espouse what you claim, well of course.
But that is not the main theme present nor the general feel of the crowds.

You find the same fringe elements everywhere. You find them even in our party the Libertarian party. Do fringe individual elements make up what the group as a whole believes of course not. Show me where the platform/message says anything like you stated.

You apparently hate the teaparty. Why? If as you say you are a libertarian the TP espouse most of the beliefs you claim to adhere to. Now unless you are an anarchist and would rather have no Government then you are right. The TP is for limited Government not no Government.

As a side note I notice you seem to have an intense dislike of the women that some/most TP support, but seem to have no comment of the TP supported and elected Representatives currently serving. Do these merit your ire as well or is it just the women?

"Neither the wisest constitution nor the wisest laws will secure the liberty and happiness of a people whose manners are universally corrupt"
-Samuel Adams
Illegitimi non carborundum

NUK_1's picture

But from what I am seeing, they are drifting right back into the old social conservatism wing and neo-cons of the Repub Party. What started as a movement based primarily on fiscal issues is now becoming the same neo-conservatism of the past as they are being hijacked by the right-wing fundies. Look at the House where most of the TP-leaning reps are and how they are trying to attach social riders to any bill they can find. The various TP groups are having a fit over the Defense of Marriage Act or attacking Libya(which a no-fly zone means as you have to knock out Libya's air defenses) which has nothing at all to do with fiscal conservatism. If they had just stuck with fiscal conservatism, the TP would be on the rise and not the decline in the public's eye.

Women of the Tea Party? I just pointed a few of the awful candidates and it's a coincidence that they happen to be women. The supposed TP crowd in the GA Senate who voted against Sunday Sales and apparently don't think limited government is a plan are all men like Seabaugh and Shaefer.

I don't fall for the "hype," especially if the hype is coming from here by people very pro-TP or a few screechers the MSM gives a lot of airtime to.

If the elected TP politicos and future candidates show once they are in office that they REALLY mean it when they say "limited government" by their actual votes, then I will start believing it.

The most telling of the Sunday Sales vote:
“This is not an easy day,” said Sen. Josh McKoon, R-Columbus, who voted against the measure. “There are core principles that are really at war with each other in this legislation.”
Is the core principle Freedom & Less Govt or imposing the Christain Sharia?
AND why is it we have always been able to gamble (Lotto) 24/7?

Robert W. Morgan's picture

If the Tea Party sticks to the 3 basic point Observer posted - fine and dandy with me. Social issues are idiotic when the economy is on the brink. Even at other times, social issues are best handled by churches and charities.

Republicans on the far right will ruin the Tea Party. They will force meaningless social issues on candidates like abortion and gay rights. The Tea Party needs to stand on its own and not be influenced by anyone or anything - other than the 3 basic principles. And not as a true third party either. They don't have to do anything but support fiscally conservative candidates - both Democrat and Republican. I don't rally care which party is in power, I only care that those that are elected vote to limit government and curb spending.

You got to face up to the fact that there are many Congressional districts and some states that will only elect Democrats. Fine. I'd rather have a fiscally conservative pro-abortion, pro-gay marriage, anti-war, aethiest Democratic congressperson from San Francisco, Boston or Madison WI, or even DeKalb County than a typical tax and spend and redistribution liberal. At the end of the day, all that matters is how many votes are there to cut spending.

Live free or die!

I know it is hard to believe if you are reading the comments here, but there are many, many behind you. Just remember this, when the flak gets really heavy... it means you are near the target! Keep up the good work! -GP

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