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Imker: How to cut $1.2 million

Peachtree City Councilman Eric Imker thinks the city can eliminate a projected $1.2 million shortfall in the 2011-2012 budget by enacting a series of cuts.

Imker presented options to cut a projected amount of up to $2 million to council and staff at Saturday’s City Council retreat. Among his ideas:

• Reduction in force of three full-time positions ($210,000 potential savings) although reduction by attrition is desired.

• Five furlough days instead of the workforce reduction above ($350,000).

• Department cost reductions of 2.5 percent, based on reductions implemented this year ($250,000).

• Implement new (higher) motel taxes ($200,000).

• “Measured” salary reductions for top 10 percent of city wage earners ($110,000).

• Ask employees to choose between defined benefit retirement plan or 401K retirement contribution percentage match ($180,000). Imker says the city currently offers both to every employee at a cost of $180,000 a year for the 401k match and $600 per employee per month for the defined benefits program.

• Implement recreation department fee and other revenue recommendations ($200,000).

• Implement utility audit to identify potential overpayments ($100,000).

• Reduce department contingencies, extra money allocated as a reserve for each department but not intended to be spent routinely ($200,000).

• Get a higher interest rate from a bank for cash on hand.



There are five members of the city council. right?

4 council-1 mayor

I love this guy. Finally someone with guts enough to tell it like it is. We are broke. Cut spending and stop raising taxes. To many in our government still dont believe it. They seem to be dumb as rocks, well then they are government employees so if the shoe fits. And Chief Ed makes an ass of himself. Come on Ed get with the program. Just remember the worst has not hit this country yet. The last 2 years was a warning. Better get it together now, no more chances. Cut cut cut.

If they would raise the fine for not turning your lights on in the rain to $200 bucks....oh yeah, your Day Time Running Lights aka DRL's don't count....this would entail the Cops having to get wet and actually pay attention to traffic. So it's probably out of the question.

Question: What's little and green and stuck to your bumper?

Answer: A leprechaun who didn't look both ways.

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