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PTC Council may vote to extend Saturday night alcohol serving times

A proposal to extend Peachtree City’s alcohol serving hours on Saturday from midnight until 2 a.m. Sunday morning will be considered by the City Council Thursday night.

The change has been requested by local businesses so they can better compete with establishments in Senoia and Newnan that stay open until 2 a.m., city staff said in a memo to council.

Also, the change would help conference centers and hotels hosting wedding receptions, which are required to cease alcohol sales at midnight under the current ordinance.

The new ordinance would require any establishment serving alcohol during that time frame to install video surveillance equipment on the main customer and employee entrances along with the parking area, the memo said.

Hotels would be excluded from putting cameras on the parking lot, the memo said. But all establishments would be required to keep their video footage for at least 30 days in its original format in case it is ever needed for a police investigation, according to the ordinance.

The ordinance also would require a “last call” at 1:55 a.m. and for customers to leave the establishment by 2:30 a.m.

Currently the city ordinance does not require a nightly closing time during the weekdays. The proposed ordinance would require the 2:30 a.m. closing time each night, staff said.

The ordinance would also allow alcohol sales to begin again at 7 a.m. Monday through Saturday, and at 12:30 p.m. on Sunday.

The council will consider the proposed ordinance during its Thursday meeting.



why not just stay open all night, if you are not drunk by 2am drink till you pass out or puke. why in the hell somebody needs to drink until 2am i will never know. here's your chance for quotas mr policeman hope to god you're sitting at the doors.

The addicts need to drink longer. It is how they teach their kids to live. Good role models.

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Human beings are too stupid to make their own responsible decisions about what happens at a bar and how they get home. What we need is more government regulation to help these people live their lives.

What's best about this whole thing is everybody knows that if you kick people out by midnight, there's not enough time for them to get drunk. That's why no DUI's are issued to people that drink at these bars.

... ... ...

they can serve Sunday at Noon but unlike all surrounding areas have to shut off at Midnight because it's Sunday.

They stand to gain more revenue, and the city stands to see an increase in taxes with extended hours.

The establishment is also helping with any DUI prevention by helping their clients take taxis to and from the bar....

Should be easy to support this.

But Councilman McClarty told the AJC that Fayette county is a very conservative county that despises that ole Demon Rum and thats why we need to keep the ban on Sunday alcohol sales!

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32-22 was the vote. AMAZING that the age on enlightenment in Georgia and terror of the fundie political force looks like it's ending as the House is more certain and Deal has already said he'd sign it and the head honcho at the Christian Coalition said they aren't going to fight it in the House as it's a total losing cause now.

What McCarty thinks? WHO CARES? He needs to spend some time on his personal finances and clear up his 3 liens instead of worrying about voters being given a choice to make on Sunday sales. That's way above his pay grade.

Considering the polls that show Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas overwhelmingly favor it and rural areas definitely do not, this bill could actually be a piece of inspired legislation: the ones who want Sunday sales are going to vote yes in their locales. The ones who don't will vote no in their areas. mean a lot of people are going to feel satisfied over all of this no matter of they are pro/anti and it also helps business at the same time? How the hell does this happen? So, you'll have people getting what they want except for those who think alcohol consumption in and of itself is a "sin" or "wrong." Oh well, can't make 100% happy.

just isn't the same. The 12:30 rule on Sunday afternoon is ridiculous.

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