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PTC to begin hydrant flushing next month

The Peachtree City Fire Department will be conducting its semi-annual fire hydrant testing in April, May and possibly extending into early June, in accordance with national requirements.

These procedures may cause the water in your area to contain some sediment and you may notice that your water may be brownish in color. Every effort will be taken to ensure this situation does not occur.

If such discoloration should occur, however, the situation can be resolved by flushing your home’s system until the water is clear again.

Residents should check their water prior to doing laundry to prevent any dirty water from entering their washing machine.

The department realizes this critical maintenance is somewhat an inconvenience to the public and asks for your understanding in the matter. The testing is important as the department continues to ensure your safety and provide you with the utmost service possible.

If you have any questions, contact the PCFD Fire Marshall's Office at 770-631-2526 or email ccampbell@peachtree-city.org.



for my own good. I saw the photo and scanned the headline quickly and thought it said, "PTC to begin flushing next month".

Two quick thoughts crossed my mind.

1) Since those are FD members in the photo, I thought, "Gee, I thought they just did that" (two have just been flushed, please let there be no more)


2) With 17 inches or more of rain in the last 3 months, and our sewer lines being inspected by little robots, I said to myself, "Are they going to make us all flush at the same time to test it now or maybe they have a rogue robot roaming the lines below that needs a good push to get out?"

When I re-read it, correctly this time, I comprehended what I should have comprehended the first read. Thank goodness this is what it is and not #1 or #2 above (or below, if you get my drift....):)

P.S. No disrespect intended to our FD, you are great!

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