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8% income plunge looms for Fayette schools in '11

There was a glimmer of a silver lining in the financial report given by Fayette County School System Comptroller Laura Brock at the March 15 school board meeting. But the storm clouds of falling state and local revenues have a good chance of neutralizing a $3 million silver lining coming from unexpected local revenues and more cost savings measures.

Brock said what had been projected to be a June 30 year-ending general fund balance of $4.834 million is now estimated to be an $8.150 million surplus. That increase came largely from approximately $2 million in unexpected local tax receipts, said Brock, along with the proposal to cut an additional $990,000 in various operational costs.

Put with last year’s June 30 surplus of $4.509 million, the new year-end projection sits at $12.659 million in what was a $185.5 million budget back on July 1, now adjusted to $179.3 million.

But that good news may be only temporary since additional cuts could be in the offing from the General Assembly for the current fiscal year, not to mention those anticipated for the 2011 fiscal year that begins July 1.

And it is in FY 2011 that the most austere revenue projections in recent memory are poised to occur for school boards, city councils and county commissions across Georgia.

Brock in reporting on the best case scenario based on Gov. Perdue’s recommendations said state revenues could drop to $83.5 million, down from the original $93.9 million on July 1.

To make matters worse, local property tax revenues later this year are projected to fall seven percent with auto taxes falling 10 percent. Those totaled $91.59 million on July 1, 2009 compared to the projected $86.7 million for FY 2011.

Those translate into a $15.2 million decrease in state and local revenues for the coming fiscal year, with a $185.5 million FY 2010 budget shrinking to $170.3 million for FY 2011.

And that likelihood is what board members will have to reckon with at the April 13 meeting when they take up the issue of whether additional furlough days will be imposed before the end of the current school year or whether the board absorbs the cost of the furlough days and takes its chances with the uncertain financial outlook for next year. The board is hoping that by the time of the mid-April meeting the General Assembly will have cleared up some of that uncertainty.



Where were all these "cost saving measures" when you were begging for the ESPLOST??? I can't figure out why none of the board members were smart enough begin cost saving measures when the reserve funds bled dry years ago.

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The recent study by the CATO Institute reveals the hidden budget methods of school boards around the country. They know how to hide money when showing cost per student (LA shows $10K per when actual is $25K per); and when to show no money when time to cry for more. The annual exaggerated pink slips coming and the actuals are timely also. This is merely one of many coming infomercials for the next SPLOST.
Read They Spend What? here:
and never vote yes on SLPOST:

In the picture accompanying this article above are a whole passel of people with extreme white and silver hair.
Were these fun-time wigs or what? What did they want?

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The reason we were there was to let the board know that we as parents or grandparents of elementary, middle, or high school band children do NOT want the board to eliminate the 5th Grade Band Program. This established program is in danger! This program gives these upcoming middle school students the rounded education, social environment, and structure that they need. I and many other band parents don't wish to see this program disappear. We need more band parents and parents whose children wish to enter band next year in the fifth grade to come forward and tell the board that you don't want this program eliminated!

I would keep the band and dump the sports teams. While we are trying to save money because the state of Georgia has screwed the school systems by not following the law. Band and all academic classes are a must. Cancel sports. Yes I mean even football. Lets see what helps kids more , playing football or attending math or science class. If any of you say football then you hard not very bright. Our country needs education before we drop below 3rd world countries. Sports are fun but not a higher priority than real education. One more idea. Charge enough per student to play on sports teams so that NO tax dollars are spent on it. Thank you all and have a lovely day

or accomplish. To the best of my knowledge, the parents of children who choose to play sports pay dearly for it. Before you say they should be gone, a further investigation may be in order. Besides that, what do you tell the kids who get full scholarships to College for participation in their sport...?

I don't think Band should be cut either...hit the millage rate a little if we need it to keep Fayette at the top of the heap with our schools.

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