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Plant expansion to bring 120 jobs to PTC

A 180,000 square foot addition to a Peachtree City industry was approved by the Planning Commission Monday night.

Beyond that big addition, the project is anticipated to make way for 120 or more new jobs at Gerresheimer, located off Ga. Highway 74 South in the city’s industrial park.

Gerresheimer is known as the European market leader for manufacturing medical drug-delivery plastic systems. It also makes other glass and plastic products used by the pharma and life science industry including complex drug delivery systems.

The plan includes an additional 251 parking spaces including a handful more in front of the building to handle more customers. The site is 16 acres and the project will be built by Tiernan and Patrylo.

The Gerresheimer campus is located next to Hoshizaki America and also abuts the Flat Creek Nature Area. Currently the company has a 61,000 sq. ft. manufacturing building.

In addition to the four proposed buildings for the site, the plan includes adding a deceleration lane to Ga. Highway 74 that would lead into a new driveway to allow truck traffic to be separated from the rest of the vehicle circulation pattern, noted City Planner David Rast.

The property is already zoned for the expansion and would not require any further approval by the City Council.

The plant, formerly known as Wilden Plastics, was acquired by Gerresheimer in 2007.

Planning Commissioner David Conner noted that he wants to see each significant planting area on the site to be “well above and beyond” the city’s minimum landscaping requirements. The plan will need an encroachment variance from the city council to accommodate some of the additional parking spaces in front of the building.

Commission Chairman Frank Destadio thanked the company for not just operating in Peachtree City but for undertaking the expansion and new job creation.

The conceptual plan for the expansion was approved with nine conditions recommended by city staff.



Gerresheimer. Would you also consider an Oktoberfest, too, please??

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Ich bin ein Sudetenlander !

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Moje rodina je česká - Jirak, Bina, Mastek - all good Czech names!

Egads! We're overrun with Monterey Marys!

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...you've now seen about half of the Czech I remember!!

Well, that's more than I know! I did carry a 3/3 in German (self-taught)and am capable of social conversation, avoiding politics & technical issues--and of course I remember Mr. Morse's language! Did that at 25 WPM at one time but would be lucky to hack half that today.

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...is about as fast as I ever copied; maybe 24 on a good day.

Well I never actually copied 25 because I got X-trained as a DF guy as soon as I got into the field. There were 23 of we Dit Chasers in the class, all block allocated to Germany and all sent to Bad Aibling. They used a sophisticated selection method to Determine which 5 of us would become DF'ers--they took the last 5 alphabetically on the order! With a last name starting with "S", I was a lock!
Actually it turned out to be a great move because I made E-6 in 3 yrs 2 months as a Detachment NCOIC.

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...those wannabe Hawgs!!! ;) At least you weren't a no-skill Kilo!

If I remember right, they took all who couldn't pass 15 or 18 and moved them into "K" school. Conversely, at some point they took all who had passed 18 and accelerated them. I started in Class #18, finished in Class #12. Then when we graduated, they took the whole class, put us on a bus and took us to Idlewild AP, where we boarded anancient Twin Constellation and flew to Frankfurt.

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...and that was still pretty much in effect in 1987 - except for throwing us all on an old plane! The downside was those d**n Kilo's had a promotion rate that was a lot faster than us, for whatever reason!

Yeah, that may have happened but there were some good guys who were Ks too-I had one as a roomate in the BEQ in Bad Aibling 64-65 named Dave Bontly. One good person--now deceased. You ever hear of a Dit Chaser named Jim Reese? Best I ever worked with--when there was a comm change,that sumbitch would work 18 hrs straight, moving from pos to pos to make the recovery. All an op would have to do is hit the key twice and Jim would give you the Case Nr! Later worked for NSA inspecial projects at Vint Hill. The days of guys like that are gone (just like manual morse!)

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