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2010 Census: Minorities gain in Fayette

Name Fayette County’s fastest growing city.

It’s Tyrone, with a decade-long increase of more than 75 percent, up to its current counted population of 6,879.

And Fayetteville grew to be nearly half as large as Peachtree City, coming in at nearly 16,000 persons — an increase of 43 percent — compared to Peachtree City’s slightly more than 34,000.

The demographic change in Fayette is dramatic, compared to decennial censuses for the past 30 years, with big increases in the Hispanic and black population and an actual net decline in white residents.

The white population of Fayette County has fallen by 2,789 persons over the past decade — a decline of 3.7 percent — while the black and Hispanic populations have doubled and tripled respectively, according to figures from the 2010 U.S. Census released Friday by the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Fayette County has a 2010 counted population — not an estimate — of 106,567 persons. Neighboring Coweta has an official count of 127,317.

According to just-released reports, Fayette saw a jump of 16.8 percent over the 2000 population count, while Coweta exploded by 42.7 percent.

Fayette’s black population doubled in 10 years to its current level of 21,117, nearly 20 percent of the total county population. That’s an increase of 102.2 percent, according to the Census. The black population in 2000 was 10,446.

Fayette’s Hispanic numbers also have increased dramatically — from 2,582 at the beginning of the decade to the current count of 6,760, an increase of 161.8 percent.

Coweta has experienced a growth in all segments: an increase of 34.3 percent in the white population, 36.2 percent in the black numbers, and 203.6 percent in Hispanics, the ARC says.

What is striking is that Fayette and Coweta now have nearly identical numbers of black residents — 21,117 in Fayette and 21,744 in Coweta.

In raw numbers, Fayette has 6,760 Hispanics, while Coweta counted 8,493 Hispanics.

Fayette is not alone in its declining numbers of whites. Neighboring Clayton County saw a decline of 46,468 whites; Cobb lost 32,986; DeKalb dropped 13,352; Douglas was down 5,198; Gwinnett lost 41,985; and Rockdale declined 16,279, the ARC report said.

Picking up the most in numbers of incoming white residents were Cherokee (46,314), Coweta (23,643), Forsyth (49,962), and Paulding (33,444).

Fayette’s housing units increased 8,067 units (24.7 percent) over 2000 numbers. The total number of housing units in 2010 was 40,793, of which 93.6 percent were occupied. In fact, Fayette’s empty house rate of 6.4 percent was the best — meaning the lowest vacancy rate — in the 20-county Atlanta metro area, the ARC report showed.

The full Georgia 2010 Census report is available for viewing and download at

In city data, the 2010 Census shows Peachtree City has fewer people that most current estimates have shown. The actual count shows 34,364 persons living inside Peachtree City, an increase of 8.8 percent over its 2000 population.

Fayetteville, the county’s second-largest city, came in at 15,945, an increase of 43 percent over 2000.

Tyrone comes in at 6,879 persons, an increase of 75.7 percent over the 2000 count.

Brooks actually lost population, dropping from 553 in 2000 to 524 in 2010.

And the county’s smallest functioning municipality, Woolsey, also lost residents. The rural community of Ga. Highway 92 south of Fayetteville had 175 residents in 2000 but dropped to 158 a decade later, the ARC report showed.



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Brooks and Woolsey seem to be the most stable communities in the county.

By the way welcome to the all the additional blacks and Hispanics in the county. We are glad to have you.

Please enjoy with the rest of us our rural setting and help us protect it from the ARC.


to all you "blacks and Hispanics" was please avoid taking any form of mass transit as it will result in us calling you "those people" or "them peoples", depending on BHH's edumacation.

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It is apparent to most of us that if anyone needed or wanted mass transit they would not have moved here in the first place.


That old truism about mass transit isn't always true.

Much of the "black belt" isn't serviced by mass transit:

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If I see data that disproves my theory that mass transit is only good for carting minority criminals to my safe town, my little mind can't handle it. I don't like to think too much!

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Of course, if you travel Hwy 29 into Atlanta, or Buford Hwy up to Chambodia, you see all the minorities waiting on the bus with their grocery bags (rather than with big screen TVs). I guess all those criminal mass-transiters are breaking into houses and stealing groceries!

Red Dog

I like "people" transit better than "mass" transit.

Who keeps up with the numbers about what color and race live where anyway? The 10 year survey or does the Governor do that?

While on the subject of change, is it the right time to invade, I thought that we would wait until we got out of one or the other of the other two wars we are in---before we started another with Libya or Saudi Arabia. Guess not.

If we attack Saudi Arabia when the King is overthrown we would then be the keeper of the Haj stuff! And 35% of our oil supply!

This missive will require some thinking but most of you can do that when you really want to.

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If we play our cards right, we can bring these gas prices under control very quickly.

Possibly an unopposed re-election for Obama.


The joys of diversity!

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A 3.7 percent change for Fayette county. That doesn't exactly equate to "white flight".

We ain't scared.


Looks like we need more birth control.

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Hispanic followers of the Pope will not be able to participate in birth control, so they will win the population war sooner or later.

Well thats just plain ignorant if you cant take birth control. Why is it the poor have so many kids. They also all have cats and dogs they have to feed, they smoke and drink and spend a lot on lottery tickets. Oh wait thats why they are poor, kids,dogs,cats,cigarettes,booze and lotto tickets. Oh well happy first day of spring

Mudcat is absolutely right.

To House Rep. Matt Ramsey.....Will statistics like this quell your xenophobic zest in alienating the Hispanics just so that you can get your name out there for your future run for the Governorship? You introduced a bill to outlaw texting while driving by teens, but you did not extend that to adults. I can only deduce that you did not want to alienate voters. Good intention to outlaw the use of cellphones while driving, but gee you don't want to anger the voters by making it affect them, even though they are just as apt to cause accidents. There are laws made that really do improve the public well being, and then there are laws made to enhance political agendas. You should learn to discern the difference.

Bet we could cut that hispanic population by 3/4 if they check the immigration status and send back who is not legal here. Way to go Matt Ramsey. I will vote for you.

Fortunately most 'white' persons that I've met in Fayette County can express themselves without letting that insecure 'racist' attitude creep into their posts. As I've stated before, many Americans express some racist attitudes - but most of us are trying to move on - including me! The 'blacks and 'hispanics' that I have encountered in church, community organizations, local events seem very comfortable along side of their 'white' neighbors. Normal -I think your attitude is abnormal in Fayette.

you got that right

Start checking.. And then wait for the lawsuits. Either way, Ramsey is history.

I'm white, live in PTC and have no plans to move.

I think Fayette is a great county.

The article verifies something I already knew, Coweta is growing too fast to suit me, and its roads.

I'd be willing to bet 70 something percent of this growth is because PTC taxes are too high and people go to coweta to get twice the house they can in your fair city.

with you, but what's new?

Umm yeah acually it does.

"The white population of Fayette County has fallen by 2,789 persons over the past decade"....

It's not the diversity increase that causes "white flight", it's the increase in violent crime.
Statistics don't lie, in the recent past, when a community population starts to change from white to black, violent crime goes up and so does the increase in "white flight". If this did not happen whites would not leave.
I admire Bill Cosby, he admits there is a problem in the black community and is trying to do something about it, not deny it, like some in this discussion.
If you don't admit you have a problem you will not correct it.

Not all blacks are criminals. When a class of people who are under educated and unemployed move into an area-the crime rate increases. Statistics bear this out in all-white
countries and communities. The blacks who are your neighbors are not criminals - nor do they care to live near an 'underclass' white or black.

[quote=Davids mom]Not all blacks are criminals.[/quote]

Nobody stated that all blacks are criminals. It's just that they tend to commit crimes at a higher rate than whites.

. . .and the 'minorities' that choose to move to Fayette County do not want to live in a community of under -educated / unemployed neighbors. So if one assumes that those minotirties that can afford to live here are a criminal class - let them 'run'. Statistics say that most child molesters are 'white'. - but I don't assume that my next-door neighbor may be one- therefore I should 'move'. Why the talk of 'white flight'? Thanks to the bloggers who understand and welcomed us.

So you are promising that as the number of blacks in Fayette County increases, crime will not rise?

. . , when you can promise that a 'white man' will not molest my granddaughter. Geez

But that's what you do, isn't it?

I can disabuse you of your idea that only white men molest little girls with one hundred links to news stories about black molesters. Can you give ONE shred of evidence of any town where blacks moved in large numbers where housing prices remained static or improved, education metrics remained static or improved and crime remained static or improved?

Let's take it out of the realm of stereotypes and examine empirical evidence.

Here's a few links to news stories about black molesters to get you started. Let's consider your tired old saw debunked:

Okay, now your turn ...

Drugs, assault, robbery. Not due to the small increase in minority growth. Your comparing my residency to a statistic regarding other communities is transparent not only to me but others. Take a ride one day to the only all black community that I'm aware of in the county. . . Country Lakes. I understand that the blacks in this development have been in the county for some time. But Evil- hang on to your statistic and ignore what has happened right under your nose. Minorities with common goals and aspirations have contributed to the county. Surely you are secure enough to accept this. (Maybe not).
Run Evil, run. You are convinced that only blacks lower home values. Run Evil - and I 'll buy yours. The value will go up in a few years - and I'll make a profit. Apples and oranges. Right?

Under educated/ unemployed tend to create more crime. Do you see a correlation here? This is why 'leaders' in communities emphasize education. And those who fear losing a supposed advantage would like to keep minorities and women 'undereducated'. Politically correct vs. Humanly correct.

Are you saying that a person that has chosen not to apply themselves and obtain a good education and therefore a job have an automatic excuse for committing crime? Is that what you are implying?

Individuals are responsible for keeping themselves 'undereducated'. It's past time for the black community to take responsibility for their actions.

It is also time for the white community (which I presume you are part of) to accept responsibility for its bigotry and arrogant attitude toward those who are of a different skin color or ethnic group. Being "educated" does not, by itself, produce tolerance or understanding. The postings on this site showing fear of mass transit, anything dealing with Atlanta or Clayton County are embarassing to many of us in Fayette County.


It is also time for the white community (which I presume you are part of) to accept responsibility for its bigotry and arrogant attitude toward those who are of a different skin color or ethnic group. Being "educated" does not, by itself, produce tolerance or understanding. The postings on this site showing fear of mass transit, anything dealing with Atlanta or Clayton County are embarassing to many of us in Fayette County.


As I read through the postings on this thread, I start to chuckle at the ignorance displayed by some.
Facts are facts!
The higher a city or county's minority rate, the higher the crime rate.

Look at the top 10 most dangerous cities in the USA. All (not most, but ALL) are majority minority population and "most" have a minority mayor who ignors the problem.
Look at the 10 safest cities in the USA... All, (not most, but ALL) are majority white with a white mayor.


As the minority population increase, so does the crime... WHY? I have no idea. Maybe it's because minority criminals think they'll go unnoticed and "blend in" when the minority population increases, where before, they would stand out more. Maybe thats what draw them in.

I have some wonderful neighbors that happen to be black. They're not very happy with the crime rate going up either.

But the one point that cannot be ignored regardless if you make all the excuses in the world, call anyone that points it out a "racist" or a "bigot", (assuming you know the difference) or whatever, the statistical fact across the board is still the same.

So why has the white population in Fayette County decreased? Isn't it obvious?

Now, somebody prove this wrong with fact (not feelings or emotions)

If you look at the top 10 most dangerous cities, the crime and blight are not results of racial blends, rather, you should note that all of those cities are run by Democrats......

I've asked you this before: Name one city where blacks moved to in large numbers where property values increased, education metrics improved and crime decreased.

You can't, because it has never happened.

Last time I asked you this, you pointed to the City of Atlanta's Dr Beverly Hall as evidence of improving education metrics. I'm sure you'll stand by that 2009 statement in 2011. LULZ.

So, statistically, it's a no-brainer. You might prattle about how Fayette County will be the one exception to the rule, but it won't.

I have not read through the comments on this story, so I apologize if this has been addressed.

I really hate the headline of this story. I know they just want to move newspapers, but this is irresponsible. Growing up in Fayette county, I know how the semi-informed citizens of this county will react to the headline. "Yep, confirms everything I thought was going on in Fayette County. This place is changing, I gotta move farther south...."

As I read the actual numbers in this story, I see quite the opposite. A white traditional population with a large influx of minorities over ten years. Only 3.7% of whites leave. As far as I am concerned, this proves that white flight is NOT occurring. THANK GOD! Now I hate the whole "celebrate diversity" crap that is forced down our throats, but we have diversified and acted reasonably as a county. I think that is something we should be proud of. Remember, we are in the ultra racist south, we know nothing of diversity...

I have always known that we have a special place in Fayette County. Even though I am forced to deal with ugly Houston, TX for now, I want to come back. I am young, but I want to give my future kids the opportunity to grow up in a place like Fayette County. I HATE THIS HEADLINE because I know what kind of reaction it will get. It is misleading. It is divisive. Almost like the intention was to incite white flight. It will make ill informed people make bad decisions to leave this place. In turn, reducing property values further.

Stop it.

Tikigod. Your thought and your courage in expressing it is commendable. Evil Elvis: not all minorities are undereducated and/or unemployed. I didn't choose to move to Fayette because of the color of the skin of possible neighbors - but because of the commonality of life goals and achievement of those who reside here. You probably would not be able to afford to purchase a home in historic 'black' Atlanta's Cascade neighborhood. I would not want to live in an area of 'whites' who were undereducated and/or unemployed. Evidently you don't either. As for Dr. Hall: Unfortunately what happened in Atlanta is being uncovered in many school districts throughout our country. The buck stops with the Superintendent. But the goals of achievement should involve more than financial gain. Financial gain is at the heart of perceived success. . .and encourages some to act in unethical ways. We need to make sure this is not happening in our own backyard. There is a diverse group of citizens here in Fayette County who wish to preserve a healthy lifestyle for all of it's citizens. If you'd like to see a 'black' community in Fayette, visit Country Lakes. (279). If you'd like to visit a thriving mall - visit Camp Creek. Most new developments in Fayette are integrated. . . And sadly, my white neighbors who have left- lost their homes to foreclosure or business failure.

David's Mom:

I never said nor intimated that all minorities are undereducated and, or, poor. In fact, living near Atlanta, with the highest concentration of college educated middle class blacks in America, that is patently obvious.

But that really has nothing to do with the simple fact that statistics show that as the number of blacks in a city increase, so does crime. And while I'm absolutely certain that the problems in the black community over the past forty years (and I am old enough to remember when black families were largely intact, unemployment was low, etc) rests squarely on the racism and institutionalization done to them by whites, in 2011 I nevertheless see it as a "NIMBY" issue as it pertains to Fayette County.

It is reasonable to assume that most of the blacks that move to Fayette County do so for reasons similar to most already here. And if so, they will quickly become valued members of the community, as our motives for being here had everything to do with quality of life and nothing to do with ethnicity. However, as there is no example of blacks moving in large numbers to a city and improving housing prices, education metrics or lowering crime, I'm not holding out too much hope just yet.

I[quote]It is reasonable to assume that most of the blacks that move to Fayette County do so for reasons similar to most already here. And if so, they will quickly become valued members of the community, as our motives for being here had everything to do with quality of life and nothing to do with ethnicity. However, as there is no example of blacks moving in large numbers to a city and improving housing prices, education metrics or lowering crime, I'm not holding out too much hope just yet.[/quote]

If you feel that the above assumption is reasonable, then I question your motive for applying a statistic to the situation here in Fayette County. Statistics also show that an influx of poor, uneducated whites lower home values, etc. But don't worry Evil, we get your point. My hope is that the majority of my neighbors are not like you. Maybe based on your lack of 'hope' you'll soon move. . . And I'll have a neighbor who judges me for who I am and what I do -and not base their perception of me on a statistic. To the members of my church and the many churches that are integrated in Fayette County ; to the members of the organizations that my husband and I belong to ; to those who have indicated that trying to use a statistic to create fear of those of a different color is unacceptable in Fayette, I thank you.

BTW, the headline has changed since I initially posted my comment. I believe it originally stated something similar to, "Number of white residents drop, Hispanic and black populations soar".

BHH's picture

This 3.7% doesn't seem high to me. This number of people could have grown up and moved away to college and better opportunities along with some who passed away or just moved to some other place for their retirement.

It does seem to indicate that fewer whites chose to move here. But it doesn't prove that none have moved here. It very likely could be a normal transition of a stable white populace. And I prefer to think that it proves stability.

This county is a great place and is uniquely positioned to avoid the pitfalls of urban expansion. If we do things right we can mirror the prosperity that Roswell, Alpharetta, Dunwoody and Sandy Springs have achieved in spite of mass transit. Our area is not ready for and does not need mass transit at this time or in the foreseeable future.

Now, if we want to continue this stable growth in our county and manage our resources to our best advantage let's get out of the ARC before they do force "white flight" in the area.

And yes the headline is intended to grab attention.


Why is it most of the comments are against DM? This whole thing is ignorant. We all bleed red....If you say you are a christian, did not Jesus die for all of our sins? We all at one point have formed racist thoughts, because we are imperfect. Change will never take place unless you and I look in the mirror first. Atlanta is no longer the south. People from the North and West have moved here. I agree that Atlanta is made for Black men and especially Black business women. North Fayette is majority Black. If you look at the facts: The Black professionals are moving towards the south end of town. Regardless of RACE, no one wants to live with thugs. DM is RIGHT about child molesters (not saying black men do not do it),but most are white. Also most serial killers are white middle age men. What good is it pointing the crime on the other race? When are people going to take responsibility for their actions. Everyone is accountable for the choices that are made. You can either sit back and do nothing or you can get your butt up and make a change for yourself. FYI: The Black Americans that live in Mid-town, Buckhead, and the North side of ATL make more than most white men.....they also have masters and Doctor's degree. You really want to see racial tension: Walk in a Black Woman's business in North Atlanta and see how cut throat they can be. If you think it is black on are is Black on Black trash talk most of the time. Get a grip people and really look inside your heart. God is a spirit not a color!

PTC Observer's picture

Let's don't kid ourselves, what is happening in Fayette also happened in Clayton. The question is will the residents of Fayette County have the wisdom to stop running and start accepting? Will they have the courage to fight or will they decide to run?

As the middle class leaves the county they will take the schools, services and quality of life we have here with them.

Those are the stubborn facts.

Are you making the assumption that the blacks who move to Fayette are not middle class?

PTC Observer's picture

The same middle class that moved from Clayton County into Fayette County and are now moving out of Fayette County.

The middle class has nothing to do with color - it's an economic class.

You seem to equate everything around color don't you DM?

It is my understanding that some of the 'middle class' in Clayton is still there. (Eagles Landing, etc.)It is also my understanding that the influx of blacks/minorities to Clayton came with the displacement of Atlanta citizens in preparation for the Olympics. There has been no such influx here in Fayetteville. The friends that I have who happen to be 'white' and have left Fayetteville left due to job loss/change; foreclosure and/ or business failure. I have also had minority friends who have left for the same or similar reasons.These are hard times. No one denies the statistics , but to assume that 'white flight' is what is happening in Fayetteville or Peachtree City is disingenuous. Actually, the statistics as presented in The Citizen do not support the occurrence of 'white flight'. And you're right, if an influx of uneducated or unemployed 'whites' settle in Fayetteville. . . . I'll move to Buckhead or Stone Mountain or Alpharetta They seem to accept the presence of the 'green' that blacks bring to a community. <strong> but I'm not planning on leaving-- I love Fayetteville and my neighbors!</strong>

hutch866's picture

Eagles Landing is in Henry County.

I yam what I yam


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