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Five PTC residents arrested on drug charges

The Fayette County Sheriff’s Tactical Narcotic Team (TNT) on March 11 arrested five Peachtree City residents on drug charges after a drug buy on Crosstown Drive

and the subsequent execution of a search warrant for a residence on Perch Point.

Ryan William McDonald, 20, of Peachtree City, was charged with criminal sale of marijuana, possession of a Schedule II narcotic, possession of a dangerous drug and possession of marijuana less than an ounce, according sheriff’s spokesperson Brent Rowan.

Tyler Joseph Moore, 21, of Peachtree City, was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, possession of a dangerous drug and possession of a Schedule II narcotic.

Andrew Drake Wilson, 20, of Peachtree City, was charged with a traffic related offense and possession of marijuana less than an ounce, Rowan said.
Also arrested were Sebastian Prange, 21, and Ashley Hall, 21, both of Peachtree City, on charges of possession of marijuana less than an ounce, Rowan said.

While conducting their investigation, TNT agents made two arrests which led them to obtain a search warrant for the Perch Point residence, said Rowan. McDonald was arrested after an undercover TNT investigator purchased marijuana from an individual in the Kroger parking lot on Crosstown Drive, Rowan said.

Wilson was arrested while TNT investigators were conducting surveillance on the residence on Perch Point. TNT investigators made the arrest when a traffic stop was made on a vehicle seen leaving the residence, said Rowan.

Rowan said these arrests lead TNT investigators to conduct a search warrant on the residence on Perch Point. TNT investigators at that location arrested Prange, Hall and Moore, said Rowan.

The suspects were taken to the Fayette County Jail.



PTC ATV's out on the paths and this would be a drop in the bucket for what goes on out there, I do believe. Springtime in the PTC and all hell's breakin' loose.

Wonder how long it took the TNT to get around those darn roundabouts to find these criminalees...


I keeps tellin ya'll thats it's 'those peoples', thems undersiables, that rides mass transit that brings all da problems en drugs and stuff.

Better lock your plasmia TV to da wall as da take dat tooo.

now you know that these were local yokels. Don't go telling stories to scare the bejesus out of everyone. They drove themselves to the finer parts of the ATL to go get them some stuff.

Half of this story is accurate, the other half is not. Moore did not have cocaine and he wasn't even at the house.
I have faithfully followed the citizen for all my PTC news but as someone who lives and is integrated pretty strongly in the area i'd say half of these stories are inaccurately reported which makes me believe 1. you don't double check your facts before running to print and 2. you don't mind battering someone when they are already pretty boned anyway.

You were also inaccurate in the house fire off Scatterfoot dr. a few months ago, in which a good friend was taken. The story was quickly put off to print with many inconsistencies and I even checked back to the story to find no mention of the mistakes, just random, unverified info.

So props. Either way, these guys are pretty screwed. But instead of busting pot dealers how about going after the sesspool of disaster that is Harmony Village, oh my bad, Colonial ... I respect our police force but you guys bust the obvious people. Where are all the dangerous drugs? COUGHharmonvillage, gables court, and Twiggs corner COUGH but I hardly ever read about busts happening there.

You could not have said it any better. The only thing completely correct in this article is McDonald's age. These guys will do anything for a juicy story. Thank you "The Citizen" for unnecessarily bad-mouthing a group of harmless kids to boost interest. Such a shiesty thing to do. Being a close friend to some of those involved I can assure you that Moore did not possess cocaine. Maybe if TNT used a testing kit like they should have, the story could be set straight and a felony would be dropped. Sure, they are screwed either way, but there are much more important things to worry about in PTC than a little bit of pot. Good job wasting tax dollars TNT. I know you're pissed.

so you consider folks who violate US law "harmless" and if ages are correct, they cannot be considered "kids". You can argue whether or not the drug laws are smart or not, but I'm betting they knew they were doing something illegal. The justice system will handle it.

Yes they knew what they were doing was illegal. I'm not saying they didn't. When you really think about it, they were kids. Ages are not correct, but age doesn't say anything about a personality. I'm not arguing about drug laws, I'm simply stating that there are much bigger problems here than some kid selling weed. Why not put investigation and tax dollars into a more frequent and more problematic crime like violence and theft? There are around 5 crimes a day in those 2 categories that go unsolved. Having lost a friend to meth/pills, and another friend gunshot, I blame the police department for not keeping up. Moore got caught with weed, and he should be punished for that, but no one has ever lost someone because of it. And to rush to print without facts like Nelms did, well that's just a journalistic failure that will jeopardize his career. That's the only point I was trying to get across.


People get caught and then they holler to look at what everyone else is doing. Typical. Why can't you just admit that you or your "friends" were wrong? It doesn't matter how much drugs were found. Apparently, they were there. They should go down for it. I hope they do get locked up for selling a "little bit of pot." Get a real job. Even if the ages are not correct in the article, you are still old enough to know right from wrong. 20 and 21 are not kids. Sounds like its young people that refuse to get on board with the real world and do what they are supposed to do to survive during hard times. No one forces people to sell drugs. I cannot stand it when people talk like this is how they HAVE to live. Like they have no choice. I was young and dumb once and have made my mistakes. Eventually you grow up and you get past this type of stuff. There are some who don't. Those are the same ones that are McIntosh alumni that can still be found at Tavern every single weekend. For the past 10 years...........

LOL if the MHS graduates that frequent the local watering hole bother you then you need to get a life. It's not just MHS grads. As an MHS grad, I avoid that place bc of the old men who try to hit on me. shame on 40-50somethings trying to hit on a 20-something. Kinda funny. But that's besides the point. It's marijuana. Sorry if you didn't know it's actually proven as medicinal in some places besides the good ole south. It's too bad georgia can't get with it. We still have sunday alcohol sales banned for archaic reasons. I'm not making excuses i'm simply pointing out that the original story posted was extremely inaccurate. Maybe one day it'll happen to you and your name will get smeared all over the very city you live in. I can't say these guys were the brightest or made the most logical decisions but I know enough to defend a few of them and say that it's not as bad as reported. My original point was this story was extraordinarily sensationalized and as a decent person I would want someone defending me if they read something false about my character.

don't forget about the 45-50 something year old women hitting on the young men:) I agree that pot should be legal but a group of people disliking a law does not invalidate said law. I just can't feel sorry for someone who knowingly violates the law and then gets busted. Especially these guys. They were not just causal pot-heads in addition to pot they were holding and probably selling cocaine. The deserve to go to jail.

That the TNT should not have wasted tax dollars on the 3 raids in the past 6 months. A friend of mine had his house busted in on a while ago, his entire family was put in handcuffs, guns were pointed at children, and all for a misdemeanor charge. This happens way to often. The Moore case was really just a lucky catch if you ask me. On top of all that, Moore is indefinitely going to get the cocaine charge dropped as well as the firearm, so expect to see him around again. I don't feel any remorse because they got caught, but I do feel remorse for them on account of the libel and slander that they might read. I agree with Kobra. No ones character should be demeaned because of a silly article in a local newspaper that surprisingly people actually pay attention to. I know that where I used to live, barely anyone kept up with local news. All I'm really asking (The Citizen) is for you to be more like an actual newspaper and get all the information right, and not get small facts and run them to the press just for a tasty story.

Your local watering hole is a cesspool of drug dealing and the same rotating door of people for the past 10 years. Mostly MHS alumni. I too share your view on marijuanna and it's medicinal purposes but for now, it's illegal. Regardless of how you feel about it, you still go to jail for it. And the 40-50 something year old men that frequent the place hitting on 20 something year old girls are there because they know that the 20 something regulars are going to get completely hammered and make out with anyone who buys them a drink. That is just the way that it is. My name wouldn't be smeared because I don't put myself in postitions that that MIGHT even happen. I am an advocate for accurate information and have seen in the past stories that do not tell the whole truth but when you deal with bad business, bad things happen.

total waste.

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