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Newnan man arrested for molesting runaway girl in PTC

A Newnan man was arrested Thursday for having sex with a juvenile female whom he had helped run away from home in another state, police said.

Ryan A. Walker, 19, of Highlands Point, Newnan was charged with child molestation,

interference with child custody and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, according to the police report.

The two were discovered Thursday morning by a police officer responding to the driveway of a home on Braelinn Creek Path on a report of two individuals “laying on one another in the driveway of a home.”

The report said that Walker “harbored” the juvenile after helping her runaway from home.

The report does not say how Walker first made contact with the juvenile, and police have said they are not releasing further information about the case at this point.

The reporting officer learned that the juvenile and Walker “have been sexually active within the past two weeks.”

The juvenile, whose name and age were not listed, was charged with “unruly-runaway” and “unruly-ungovernable” according to the report. The girl was released to the custody of her mother, the report said.

As of late Friday afternoon, Walker remained in jail without bond, but it is not clear if a bond hearing has taken place yet.



was she worth it? You done you and your family proud, now didn't ya? I don't see that smile on your face no mo', now do I? Can you spell L...O...S....E...R?

what's up with all the molesters and child predators around the Braelinn area? Please leave my neck of the woods immediately. I'm going to forever be creeped out as I jog from my house off McIntosh Trail past the three ponds where there are always numerous children playing, especially when the weather gets nice.

The way this story is told, it seems that it is almost a reminiscent memory of the Long case back in September. The consensual manner of this story means that he should be charged with statutory instead of molestation (understandably the unknown age of the "victim" IS the deciding factor). In the Long case, he got a lot of his charges dropped because the "victim" consented and got caught lying to officers and detectives. Who knows but the two of them right? He broke the law, thats no surprise, but to what extent really did he?

Judging by the high number of ne'erdowell 19 year olds I see running around town with 14 year old "girlfriends", I'd wondered if this was suddenly permissible.

Good to see some enforcement.

Fellas, stick to girls your own age.

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