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Burglars make quick, clean getaway at Best Buy

Fayetteville Police are asking for information on the theft of several iPods in an after hours burglary March 17 at the Best Buy store at the Fayette Pavilion.

Video surveillance cameras showed that three black males wearing hoodies and masks were in the store at 10:40 p.m. for approximately two minutes before fleeing, said police spokesperson Jeff Harris. A number of iPods were stolen in that two-minute period, Harris said, as officers responded to the location from the alarm call.

The men had gained entry to the store by driving a Chevy Impala backwards through the store’s bay doors in the installation area at the rear of the store, Harris said. From there they gained entry into the main store area.

Harris said it unknown how the three men fled the scene, adding that the car had been left in the installation bay.

Several tags were found in the vehicle that carried a Florida identification plate, Harris said. No one has reported the car stolen, he said.

Anyone with information on this burglary is asked to contact Det. Whitlow at 770-461-4441.



Well crap. Black guys, hoodies, That is a reason to profile to me. If I had a business I would stop anyone from coming in with a hoodie on. If they dont like it well thats to damn bad. Just look around and see who is doing the stealing. Oh wait a minute I forgot about the senate democrats and the president. If they all wore hoodies this health care deal would make sense.

I think if you had spent as much time fighting the 1,000,000,000 dollars (one trillion) Bush spent on two wars instead of a health care plan for everyone we could have saved that money! It went straight to the deficit--no money was even accumulated to pay for the wars.

I'll never understand selfishness and prejudice as long as I live.

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<strong>"I'll never understand selfishness and prejudice as long as I live.

Isn't that ironic? I'll never understand stupidity or a sense of entitlement as long as I live.

<strong>"I'll never understand selfishness and prejudice as long as I live."</strong>

No doubt you understand affirmative action, naacp, sclc, rainbow coalition, congressional black caucus foundation, nat'l. black caucus of state legislators, 100 black men of DeKalb, 100 black men of America inc., urban league, uncf, nat'l. assn. of blacks in criminal justice, nat'l. black police association Inc., organization of black airline pilots inc., miss black USA, nabas, africa reparations movement... I could continue the list for days. Yet you make the above statement... what is it about "prejudice" you don't understand? The fact that there is an out of control growth of a segment of our society which think they are entitled to what I have worked for yet you don't understand "selfishness." I suggest that your pea-sized brain is very lost inside the extremely large and empty cavity located between your ears.

I have often wondered why they want all of the organizations with the word black in the title. They do have white members if you want to join!

If you are concerned about those different than you, the out of control segment, then you should also consider the Spanish speaking group (which the Spaniards created much like we did the black race here) and the Orientals as a coalition in about 20 years!

I don't know if you are aware that there are twenty times as many organizations where certain "groups" are yet not welcome (Masons, a big one;and many Germanic groups) and these that you mentioned were created for perceived "protection," of themselves.

Anyway, none of this has anything to do with the prejudice and selfishness I mentioned. I don't understand why some of us do not want everyone; poor whites, yellows, etc., and blacks, to have availability to proper health care! Those who work cheaply and for little pay; those are are simply poor, those whose are mentally deficient, etc.

If these punks would put half as much effort into finding a real job as they do stealing from others, they might turn out to be something other than the no good thieving parasites that they are. Just one more reason to put a checkpoint on the north end of Fayette County.

Make sure you are profiling as you go to the Pavillion, folks. We know what the enemy looks like.

In the words of Bruce Hornsby:
"That's just the way it is, somethings will never change", at least not in my life time. Here is what is happening to over simplify:
People that are doing this things in Fayetteville don't live in Fayette county BUT will make more and more people IN Fayetteville feel unsafe and leave before they would normally have left. If you want to call it white flight, go ahead but I think it is more a safety flight. Most black, white, red, yellow families want the same thing, a nice house, a good job, and the best for their family. The small minority of people that engage in this type of activities really paints such a bad picture of our society in general. God help us all!

Bonkers, you are. One issue (the war)has absolutely nothing to do with the other (B&E). If you think these guys were breaking in to BB because they "were poor and had no other options on making money but to steal someone else's car and steal iPods," then you're an idiot.

If the terrorist war had come to the States, you'd have been right at the front, complaining about how the government should have done more to prevent it from getting this far.

Those who do little to prevent problems are usually a part of it. Get over your own race issues and be concerned about the facts: crime is working its way into Fayetteville, and usually from outside the county. Be active and help the police by being aware of outsiders where they don't belong.

What are you talking about?
I don't remember saying anything about the article you apparently refer to.
What is B & E (breaking and entering?)?

What did they get at BB? (Best Buy?)

Jobs are kinda scarce right now!! But they could and should eat at the Salvation Army and sleep under the bridges, and leave BB alone.

Explain yourself, please.

"Three black males wearing hoodies ..." Once again, a disproportionately large number of crime stories have this type of phrase in the body of the write-up. Darn ... how racist of me for noticing. It sounds like a repeating trend to me ... one that shouldn't be ignored ... or perhaps we should get mad at the observer for pointing out this societal fact.

The issue is not the description of the perps. The problem is the lack of thereof. When another race other than black commits the crime the description of the perp is not given by this paper nor many others. I.E. PTC post office robbery, Car thief at Kmart, man shot at Walgreens no description of the perps were given until their faces where shown after the arrest (they were white). Please continue to provide the description black, white or whatever just do it the same for all.

Life isn’t fair. Deal with it.
The Obumbles administration is trying to legislate equal outcomes through failed Socialist policies. They are trying to divide America in the process, but they will be unsuccessful.

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