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GOP does poor job of convincing voters

As the newly elected chairman of the Fayette County Republican Party, I have been asked what challenges face the party and what is my vision for overcoming them.

There is no doubt that the conservative values of the Republican Party are under siege, not only on a national level, but also here in Fayette County.

It is easy to blame the liberal media or those Democratic leaders who misstate or misrepresent Republican positions.

And while that might be part of the problem, the lion’s share of the blame rests on those of us under the Republican banner.

We have done an extremely poor job of educating Independents and Democrats as to what our principles really are.

We must do a better job of explaining why all Americans benefit when there is smaller government, fiscal responsibility, free markets, greater individual freedoms, lower taxes, and a strong national defense.

We must carry the message to those seeking real hope and change that they won’t find it in greater dependence on the government.

We must explain what is meant by American Exceptionalism. We must help them understand that this is still the greatest country in the world, and the land of opportunity. We must make clear that any man, woman, boy or girl can achieve whatever they can dream if he or she is willing to work hard and use their God-given talents.

We need to encourage the best and the brightest from within our ranks to run for elected office. We cannot be satisfied with simply electing someone because they have an “R” behind their name on the ballot. We need men and women who share our conservative values and who have a vision to take our county upward and onward.

There are many things about Fayette County that I love, but we can do better. The fact that we live in the bubble doesn’t mean that we can’t think outside the box. Our leaders must be focused not merely on today and tomorrow, but the legacy to be left to our children and grandchildren.

Fortunately, I am not alone in embracing this vision. A new executive committee was also elected with me, and these dedicated men and women are committed to preserving, protecting and promoting our principles.

This diverse group doesn’t have much in common except for an uncommon faith in our conservative values. I do not question that they will make a difference and succeed. The only question I have is, will you join us?

Scott Fabricius

Chairman, Fayette County Republican Party

Fayetteville, Ga.



JeffC's picture

So, whose side are you on in the current Republican Party civil war? Rove, McCain and Graham or Dick Morris, Palin and Trump?

So many factions my head spins.
Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum tried to form a "unity" group to defeat Mitt Romney but they could not agree who would lead the group. Republicans in action or inaction.
They all remind me of the Know Nothing Party, another example of the American Exceptualism myth.
I have met many exceptual Americans but did not know that just being American makes one superior.

I am impressed with the tone of this article. I anxiously await the explanation of the Republican implementation of the following:

. Smaller government
. Fiscal responsibility
. Free markets
. Greater individual freedoms
. Lower taxes
. Strong national defense


I bet even YOU could get behind "". Give it a shot!

What a delight that our local Republican Party now has a new Chair and a new vision for the GOP. Only when the Tea Party and the Grover Norquist crowd are expunged from the Republican Party will it be a national party of consequence again. I'm tired of of the GOP being seen as the "stupid party" as Gov. Jindal described it.

Welcome aboard - and please make a clean sweep (including Westmoreland, Ramsey and Chance) so Republicans can be relevant once again.

There was an excellent candidate (Kent Kingsley) to replace Westmoreland last time out but Westmoreland has most of the money in the District tied up and Kent's attempt didn't work.

The Republicans will never be relevant again. They're a dying party.

S. Lindsey's picture

... there is no longer in difference between the Party Establishment and the Progressive Party.

The ONLY thing keeping them relevant STF is the Teaparty Candidates that were sent the last time.. Without them they wouldn't even be worth giving a dollar to..

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

Mr. Lindsey - I would like to see a reasonable alternative to the national Democratic party, especially in Presidential elections. Regardless of how conservatives feel about the Tea Party, their brand is poison to the national electorate. Because they have been so strident and uncompromising in every position they take, they repel all but the most conservative voters.

The Democrats used to have rigid spokesmen like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, George McGovern, and Fritz Mondale. But after losing every Presidential election except one from 1968 until 1992, they abandoned the blowhards and extremists. Their Presidential candidates since have garnered the majority of popular votes in 5 of the last 6 elections. Whether or not Clinton, Obama, etc. are actually centrists seems to be less important to the national electorate than if they are seen to be willing to compromise. It may be smoke and mirrors, but it is working very well for them.

The Tea Party cannot reform its brand because their leaders revel in their immutability. They don’t seem to care if they lose nationally as long as they make their points. Republicans must pick their poison I suppose, but I suggest looking for a brand change instead of repeating the same outcomes.

S. Lindsey's picture

[quote=stf]The Tea Party cannot reform its brand because their leaders revel in their immutability. They don’t seem to care if they lose nationally as long as they make their points. Republicans must pick their poison I suppose, but I suggest looking for a brand change instead of repeating the same outcomes.[/quote]

stf.. Principles... that one word is worth all the elections in America.
If you want to call that an immutable stance then so be it.. but without principle, winning is not really winning is it?

Better to lose while standing on them then to sink in the muck and mire without them...

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

I get it! You'd rather be right than happy.

The Progressives are behind this GOP stance 100%; it ensures them national prominence. I hope that the Republicans come up with a competitive strategy before 2016 or we will get more of the same nationally.

S. Lindsey's picture

Can you be truly happy by compromising your values and principles just to win an election?

If this is what being a Progressive or a Republican is all about.. well count me out.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

Then enjoy your view from the sidelines on the principled bleachers!

S. Lindsey's picture

Doing as you suggest leads to Big Corporations pulling a Enron and individuals doing a Maddoff.

sft- the answer to true happiness is being true to one self. Knowing that as you deal with others you are dealing with them as you would have them deal with you.. Sound familiar?

Principles are the bedrock on which we stand. Without them you just sink into the swamp with the rest of the swamp dwellers. You don't have to be a Christian to have them.. you don't have to even be Religious to believe in them.

But you do have to have Honor and Integrity to stand by them.. This is why so many Politicians and their sycophants don't.

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

That was well-written, Mr. Fabricius, and I applaud the honesty. The Republican Party, indeed is a bit on the ropes right now, but it doesn't have to be that way.

My opinions are usually based on evidence I gather, as I try very hard to avoid making political decisions based on emotion. It's rare that I vote against my own best interests, although I have been disappointed in myself at times. For the record, I voted for President Obama both times, along with John Kerry, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, and Michael Dukakis. So, yes, I have yet to vote Republican, but that might not always be the case. With that said, here are my two pennies as someone who considers himself a moderate/liberal, but who also sees many valid arguments from the right:

1. Nobody likes to be called names. Liberals have been called communists, anti-American, and a host of other insults. Regardless of whether these inflammatory remarks aimed at liberals are complete truth or totally false is irrelevant. It's just bad policy, and I'm surprised anyone thought it would work. Note: Yes, both sides engage in name-calling, but it won't do much good to ponder that. It's better to move on and embrace others kindly in order to gain their trust. They'll be much likelier to listen.

2. Consider terminology in making arguments. For example, instead of trashing the government as a bad thing (which sounds like anarchy), instead continue with terms like "limited government," "smaller government," etc. Simply complaining about the government doesn't make sense. We need government. Government is necessary for a civilization to exist.

3. Always be receptive to the fact that you can be and will be wrong on some issues. Never take a hard line on something just for the sake of a political party. We are modern, civilized people. Our ancient ancestors may have needed to safety of tribes and clans, but in our modern age that isn't necessary. Tribalism served its purpose, and still does in much of the world, but in the USA it's ineffective.

4. Be willing to call your leaders out while their offenses are in progress, not years down the road. George Bush, Dick Cheney, and all others who pushed for those wars were wrong. They never validated their claims, and their own party should have held their feet to the fire at the time, not after the fact.

5. Don't make assumptions about others. Just because someone votes Democrat or a third party shouldn't lead you to believe that they are looking for a handout from the government. If you are under the impression that conservatives are more successful in their lives you might want to back that up with solid evidence. Mitt Romney assumed that half the nation just wanted to be taken care of by the government. He was wrong, and he lost a lot of votes as a result.

6. Be consistent. If you are upset that Obama is ignoring parts of the Constitution (as I believe he is), then call out the guys in your own party when they do the same.

7. Give up all prejudice. It's either now or later. Women did get the right to vote, blacks should have been given the same rights from day one (All Men are Created Equal didn't specify skin color), and people who are gay aren't going to stop being gay. Every gay person in this country was the result of two straight people producing offspring. Forget the argument that it's a choice to be gay as nobody is really listening anymore. Just let that one go as it's too late to turn back.

8. Always be prepared in debate to furnish real evidence from the least biased source you can find. This isn't easy, but the more sources you have, the better your argument.

9. Compromise is a good thing. It works. I'm still married after 18 years, so I know it works.

10. Finally, keep in mind this basic truth: Most voters, regardless of party affiliation, just want safe towns, good schools, friends, a steady paycheck, and extra time to enjoy their families. There isn't some big right wing or left wing conspiracy to destroy America. If liberals hated America they would leave, and so would conservatives. Accept that we actually can get along regardless of our differences.

Have a great week.

I had stated earlier:

[quote] I anxiously await the explanation of the Republican implementation of the following:

. Smaller government
. Fiscal responsibility
. Free markets
. Greater individual freedoms
. Lower taxes
. Strong national defense[/quote]

I guess they're waiting for unanimity before answering.

Citizen_Steve's picture

As it should be, the gist of this letter pertains to telling a story ("convincing", "educating", "explaining", "carry the message") and very little addresses actual action or performance.

An effective message, paired with a targeted disinformation campaign will win over the gullible in the electorate. And the gullible is the largest swing vote. The success in the past 2 presidential campaigns was achieved on only a feel-good message and upon targeted disparagement of the "other side". Win over the gullible and they'll do you the triple favor of sending you their money, repeating your talking points as the gospel, and of course, voting for you.

I think you'll do well Scott.


Maybe the leadership in Fayatte County can share this with the voters:

What are the Principles and Values that the Republican Party wants to clarify to the American voter. Please hurry, 2014 is almost here!

Citizen_Steve's picture

I might have added that an effective message can cause some number of the gullible to become fully indoctrinated to the extent that party and identity become as one, and discernment and judgment henceforth are forever bound to party doctrine.


The Independents. The younger generation is just not that gullible. IMO

The GOP does NOT have a message problem. Those of us who are not Republicans have heard the GOP message loud and clear and reject it.

We have heard the GOP's extreme social issue messages on abortion, anti-gay marriage,guns,and immigration and reject them.
We have heard the GOP tax and economic policies that oppose even the slightest tax increase on the extremely wealthy but instead want to reduce benefits for the poor and middle class.
We have heard the GOP message of governance which is to oppose anything President Obama proposes. This includes stupid filibustering in the Senate of almost any bill and appointment. In the House it means bullying Speaker Boehner so that bills are not brought to a vote if the minority Tea Party caucus does not approve. The message is that the GOP does not believe in the democratic process.

And every time the GOP says it wants to reach out--then some GOP leader puts his/her foot in their mouths. Today it is the Georgia GOP Chairwoman who has made national headlines with her opinion that straights may pretend to be gay and marry to get government benefits. Then there is Rep. Steve King of Iowa who introduces a bill to make English our official language just as the GOP says it wants to reach out to the Hispanic community.

I could go on and on. My point is that we know exactly what the modern GOP is. It is not attractive--both in what it claims as principles and in the leaders it has chosen.


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