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The case of the missing drone

Fayette County has its own missing aircraft, the case of the county’s first missing drone.

A reward is being offered for the “Quadcopter” lost this month while surveying construction work at All Saints Anglican Church near Ga. Highway 54 in west Fayette.

Newnan resident and church member John Stevenson was using his drone to provide church members a birds-eye view of construction activities at the church’s Ebenezer Road location off Hwy. 54

“I wanted to keep the excitement up about the church’s building project,” Stevenson said March 12.

Stevenson said he was taking video at approximately 2 p.m. on March 11 when he lost the drone. The drone was flying on a 55-degree heading with an altitude below 150 feet and with winds blowing 10-15 miles per hour in a northeasterly direction, Stevenson said.

“The drone appeared to have crossed Hwy. 54 at Wood Valley Road unless it hit trees before that point,” said Stevenson.

Stevenson said he activated the “return to home” function but the drone did not respond.

The drone had a full battery and, with a full charge, is capable of flying 10-15 minutes with a range of up to four miles.

Steven is offering a reward for the return of the Quadcopter and can be reached at 678-575-0311. The missing drone was reported to the Fayette County Sheriff’s Office under case number 51410394. Anyone locating the drone is asked to contact Stevenson or the sheriff’s office at 770-461-6353.

Stevenson said he purchased the drone to survey his farm in Alabama and to inspect storm damage.



and it took off to find Flight 370.

Either that, or it headed back to the farm in Alabama. Rogue Quad...look out.

Is subject to unexplained shotgun shells.

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This is a Phantom I Drone and it has a GoPro camera attached. The return to home feature never fails unless the pilot fails to engage the coordinates prior to liftoff. If the drone gets out of range of the controller, it will automatically come home. Unfortunately, it does so in a straight line. So, I would suggest to Mr. Stevenson to plot the last sighting and backtrack in a straight line from the home location to the last sighting. It is likely that it attempted to return home and ran into trees as it doesn't adjust for height but takes and direct straight line home.

Fly off's are common because of operator error. I feel sorry for this guy, they aren't cheap.

BTW, it's likely in a tree somewhere so look up too.

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with cameras cost about $1,200. I hope, for that kind of money, they have a locater thingy so you can find the bigger flying thingy.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

everyone who goes up in the sky in one of those big flying thingies should have one of those small locator thingies strapped to their belly, or thigh, or neck or maybe their own thingie. That way, heaven forbid, with a couple hundred pingies going off at the same time, should be easy to find 'em, you thinkie?

Of course, come to think of it, if your thingie is pinging, you really won't care if you don't have a dinghy, right?

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