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Forest products firm brings 65 jobs, S.E. HQ to PTC

Georgia’s largest lumber production company has announced plans to open a Southeast headquarters in Peachtree City in early May.

International Forest Products Limited, known as Interfor, will be coming to the 700 Westpark Drive office building.

Much of the expected staff of 65 people will be relocating to the office, but the company expects to hire for vacancies that occur. Interfor’s local employees will range from management and sales to accounting, administration and information technology, company officials said.

Interfor’s Senior Vice President of U.S. Operations, Joe Rodgers, said the city is a great location to support the company’s growing operations in the southeast U.S.

“It is a wonderful community for our employees and their families, and will allow us to better meet the needs of our customers and mills in this region,” said Rodgers. “Access to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport also supports Interfor’s continental platform and international markets.”

Interfor is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and employs nearly 800 people at its Georgia facilities in Baxley, Swainsboro, Eatonton, Thomaston, Perry and Preston. The recent acquisition of the Tolleson Lumber Company in Perry increased the company’s total lumber production capacity to 2.6 billion board feet.

Of that capacity, some 880 million board feet of the Interfor’s lumber production is in Georgia, making it the largest lumber producer in the state.

Interfor offers a divers range of structural, industrial and appearance lumber products, according to the company’s website.



You come to Georgia and slaughter thousands of trees every year.

Then, you decide to open your HQ in the most tree'd city in Georgia.

Should anyone be concerned here?

They can have all of my Pine trees and those with those silly gum balls that hurt your feet. Have at it guys.

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Most of these companies plant more trees than they cut - I know I planted many a tree for Chicage Mill & Lumber Company and years later helped with the harvesting.

this area. It is like saying someone that sells corn never plants corn.

corn matures once a year.

NUK_1's picture

You find something to bitch and moan about constantly every day of the year on here. Why not take a break and enjoy Spring and buy a can of Shut Up.

The master of bitching and moaning on here does so again. Kinda quiet lately though, got other things to occupy you? How about you not read my posts and I will pretend you don't exist. No need to answer, I already pinkie swear to my end of it. Now, go pick a few daffodils and give them to your spouse, nature lover. I promise you will forget you ever wrote this.

brewster's picture

Don't you dare encourage that. Them daffodils got the same rights as trees!

in your yard. Nukie will be over soon, keep the light on so he doesn't trip.

PTC Observer's picture

This response is surprisingly unlike you.

You must have had a bad day?

NUK_1's picture

I apologize to MLC and all for being too abrasive here without cause.

I accept your apology and I also apologize if I upset you or others on here. Read my post just before this one. I hope you can accept what I am about just as we all do with others on here, good, bad or ugly.

Hey, I just read that Arthur Blank now has a Fayette County fiancee. Maybe they can bring some jobs our way...:)

You have to plant it to harvest it, do you have any wood products in your home? Or do you live in a concrete hut?

metal and glass only. Used to but like the metal and glass better now. Thanks for asking.

yes, years later.

a few trees I have no use for in my yard? I really don't think they will be cutting down our trees and I am sure they replant where they cut. Anyway, good to see a new business coming to PTC. Don't bad mouth there here, we need the new blood and the new taxes.

We don't slaughter here in PTC, we are oh, so selective.

I know nothing about this company, other than it's stock price has risen 90% in one year. I wonder if the office here will be kept open when they are bought out, which will be very soon. They bought up a Georgia company in Perry the other day. Georgia dollars now going back to the canucks. What I do know is the irony of a timber company setting up shop here. Irony. Surely you and others get that. Kinda like the oil re-refinery over on Dividend. Oh so helpful for the economy, yet the emissions make you gag when you go by there and the wind is blowing it your way. They get away with it (so far) by being across 74. When that car wash and shooting range get built across the road and you are outside on a nice day waiting for your shiny clean car, you might have a criticism or two about it. A Photocircuits revisited, that will be their legacy here. Like the SANY jobs machine that closed up tight as soon as the feds realized what was about to go on over there (wink, wink). I won't go into detail in the timber harvesting business. I am very familiar with it.

I don't think multi-million dollar corporate decisions are made by reading this blog, either. I try not to overestimate the importance of my commnents unlike some others here. Irony, humor, sarcasm, comment, and discussion that's what I enjoy. If others don't, well, go pick some daffodils and don't read it. Or head over to your house to help you cut down a tree or two or three.

What in the hell does the nr of trees in PTC have to do with this Corporation? Great attitude to exhibit to others who may be considering PTC for a business location. Why not welcome them with open arms and encourage others to do the same. It's this sort of anti-business attitude that hurts YOUR CITY!

Those balls are from the sweetgum tree. There is nothing sweet about those prickly balls. We had a huge one in our yard when we moved here and I couldn't get it cut down fast enough. Nasty in a yard.

I contracted to have a bunch cut down within the next 2-3 weeks. They hurt when walking barefoot and get stuck in shoes with treads, plus they are difficult to rake. Looking forward to final having lush grass lawn.

You can inject a hormone into the tree that will make the flowers fall off and Presto!--no sweetgum balls! Go to and type in Sweetgum and see what you get!

meanoldconservatives's picture

I fight a constant battle with those stupid things. They constantly spring up in the trees lining my yard. The county agent told me they are basically as aggravating as kudzu and about as difficult to keep out. I finally located some brush killer poison that I have to apply 2-3 times a year. You can put it in a sprayer that attaches to your garden hose. I just have to apply a couple of bottles each time onto the ones that have started growing and it kills them in a couple of weeks. That is the best way I have found, clear them out initially and then routinely spray to keep them down.

I have tons of sweet gum balls

NUK_1's picture

Next time before I have them all cut down like I did in PTC(and the pine trees), I will try this.

I went to the site and looked it up. Too much work for me to treat the tree at the correct time each year. Guess I am going to have to pay to chop them down and plant something else.

Next question. What should I plant?

Anytime I want something cut down, cleaned up, or planted, I call Jeremy Leigh at Southern Scapes. He & his Brother run a tight & efficient shop and are very knowledgeable. Got all the tools & machines and a super crew. 770-253-5883.

I will call him. The guy that I got a quote from in December doesn't have a qualified crew any longer. He said they left to work in the oil fields.

Have about 12 in front to remove now and more in back later.

I have 11 in my front yard I want gone, the gumballs fonk up my zoysia.

Low bid was 3k, the next was $3300

NUK_1's picture

Make sure that price includes them hauling-of all the stump grindings or you're going to have a real mess on your yard all over the place. It's amazing how much a small tree stump can produce when grinded-down into a huge pile.

mudcat's picture

I am very sorry to shift the subject to a local election and the former mayor named Stumpy, but there it is.
Mess in the yard, huge pile haling off and stump grindings - all things to think about when voting for our next county commissioner.

And that's just using the words themselves, think about what you do by mixing up the letters in each word.

Either way, I think the former mayor nicknamed stumpy needs to go away. That leaves us the tall, strapping brown caped crusader vs. the slickey dog with the white teeth. At this point I could vote for either - since they are the only choices. Or neither, since they are both morons. Hard choice, mates. Say What!

NUK_1's picture

They do a great job at a good price.

And less sweetgums...I have ridded my backyard of sweetgums, now to the front..first need more $$$$$, #1 Tree has always done me well. Javier will negotiate.

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