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Gov. Perdue urges "NO" vote on pending federal healthcare bill

Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue issued the following statement Saturday afternoon:

Last Thursday, I wrote to Congressmen Sanford Bishop and John Barrow asking them to put the needs of their districts and state before their political party, and oppose the healthcare legislation pending before Congress.

Now that Rep. Bishop is poised to be one of the deciding votes in favor of the legislation, I am publicly imploring him to vote no for the good of our state.

Unlike Congress, Georgia is obligated to pass a balanced budget every year. In the midst of the worst economy since the Great Depression, balancing the state budget has been a monumental task entailing great sacrifices. Teachers and state employees have taken furlough days and we have been forced to close crime labs we would prefer to keep open.

All told, we have cut more than $3 billion from our state budget in the last 18 months. The state is now operating at 2005 spending levels, while serving nearly a million additional residents.

Congressman Bishop’s vote on healthcare will further devastate our state’s budget. It will eventually result in an additional billion dollars of Medicaid costs per year.

The state simply cannot provide basic services such as education and public safety with another billion dollars in spending forced on us by Washington.

We all know Congress thinks they have a national credit card with no limit, now they seem intent on roping the states into their spending rodeo.

What’s more, Congressman Bishop’s vote will delay our state’s economic recovery. Among the job killing provisions in the bill, Bishop is voting for is a requirement that triples the penalty for small businesses who do not offer health insurance to their employees.

Those mom and pop businesses, the backbone of Georgia’s economy, will have to pay an additional $2,000 per part-time and full-time employee. As a small businessman myself, I know that mandate will unbearably squeeze business margins and result in layoffs and delayed hiring.

The current bill also includes an extension of the Medicare tax on all non-wage income. This means that small business owners will see their top rate increased by 20 percent and investment income taxes will increase 60 percent. I can think of no better way to slow our nation’s economic rebound.

Sadly, most Americans are unaware of these and other provisions in the healthcare bill because Congress has kept the bill hidden from them and did not unveil until the last possible minute for a Sunday vote. We’ve seen backroom, sweetheart deals like the Cornhusker Kickback and the Louisiana Purchase, examples of what citizens dislike most about politics today. These provisions mean Georgians will pay not only for increased healthcare costs here, but in other states as well.

This Sunday morning as Congressman Bishop prepares to cast a deciding vote on healthcare, I join the majority of Georgians in praying he does the right thing and votes no.



He doesn't want Georgia congressmen (two of them ) to vote for the health care bill.
He brings in "teachers furloughs" as a good reason to vote against a health bill???
He says "eventually" Georgia will have to pay a billion additional dollars per year for Medicaid due to the bill. I don't know where he got that "fact."
He uses percent changes to small numbers to indicate a large increase! Instead of saying payroll MC charges will go up from 7.1/4 % for both worker and employer to about 4% each!

He is already blaming the new administration due to the fact that Georgia has lost income due to the great recession!!! He was a partner in that calamity!

He calls companies with over 50 employees, "Mom and Pop," companies, who will be required to help with health insurance for their employees!!!

He complains it is all secret, Sunday stuff, the final bill has been available to read soon for 72 hours as promised.
Has he read it?????
Typical stuff here.

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"The act passed by the present administration.... assumes Americans are irresponsible..."

"I am going to discuss the present act with utmost frankness. It is a glaring example of the bungling and waste that have characterized this administration's attempts to fullfill its benevolent purposes."

"In my judgment - and I have examined it most carefully - this law is unjust, unworkable, stupidly drafted, and wastefully financed."

"This is the largest tax bill in history."

"The Republican Party rejects any feature of the plan."

"There is no element of real help to the states in the present statute. There is merely compulsion."

"One of the most serious criticisms to be made of the... act is the haste in which it was constructed and the inadequate knowledge on which it rests."

"Do not forget this: Such an excessive tax on payrolls is beyond question a tax on employment. The Republican party rejects any feature to any plan that hinders re-employment."

Governor Alf Landon's speech against Social Security, September 28, 1936.

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Nicely done.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

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That's my son's dog "Jazzy".

Good and timely quote Jeff.

Alf Landon later as Governor actually called a special session of Kansas legislature to endorse the Social Security Act!!!!

False Ultra Conservatives (that attitude to get votes) would disappear with one-term elections!

The useful staggering and selective use of words has always been a trait, especially, of the right wingers.

In my opinion there are numerous Franklin Roosevelt ideas to resolve this "depression" ((maybe yet) to come before congress.
Foreclosures of homes, businesses, empty commercial centers, and certainly banks have more to come than has already happened!

Unbelievable that eight years of neglect didn't get the "mission Accomplished!" with anything.

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<strong>"The useful staggering and selective use of words has always been a trait, especially, of the right wingers."</strong>

An especially laughable statement coming from a pontificating blowhard who was caught red-handed lying this weekend. We showed concrete proof it is a trait of yours Bonker$.

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