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Purple hazing at PTC Council meeting

Bedecked in a resplendent purple evening gown, Peachtree City Councilman Doug Sturbaum gets the once-over from Kim Westwood of the American Cancer Society at Thursday night’s City Council meeting. Sturbaum wore the dress to help promote this year’s Relay For Life ACS fundraiser that will be held April 29 at the city’s Falcon Field Airport. The event is dubbed the “Runway Relay.” Photo/John Munford.



Robert W. Morgan's picture

I think I would save this picture. Not sure what it all means, but I can see it on a direct mail piece.

Live free or die!

Look, if City Council members want to engage in cross-dressing, that is fine with me and PTCO (I would suppose). But, they should not be allowed to do it on city time during council meetings. This stretches out the meetings and runs up the power bill for lighting and microphones and such. A simple rule against cross-dressing at council meetings could save the city big bucks.

Swift Death To Evil!

I was a little disappointed. I thought this article was going to tell us that commissioner Horgan used his "resources" to treat his Ptc colleagues to some sticky icky.

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