Fayette County arrest reports — March 5 – 11

The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the period indicated. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty. Rather than the age of those arrested, only the year of birth will be indicated below due to law enforcement procedural changes.

Tuesday, March 5 - Monday, March 11

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office

Kayla D. Carter, born in 1995, of Betsill Road, Fayetteville, for furnishing/possession/consumption of alcohol by minor.

Richard C. Chavez, born in 1966, of Dorsey Road, Riverdale, for revoked or suspended license.

Maria E. Garcia, born in 1968, of Sams Drive, Fayetteville,for driving without valid license.

John F. Kendall, born in 1951, of Glazier Road, Senoia, for probation/parole violation.

Ashley E. Napier, born in 1990, of Ga. Highway 138, Riverdale, for bench warrant and probation/parole violation.

Thomas W. Parker, III, born in 1964, of Ragsdale Road, Sharpsburg, for contempt of Superior Court.

Savannah C. Sinkfield, born in 1942, of Joy Springs Drive, Senoia, for deposit account fraud.

Petronella J. Testamark, born in 1959, of Lake Estates, Atlanta, for probation/parole violation.

Jabari K. Washington, born in 1993, of Cutstone Court, Fayetteville, for probation/parole violation.

Phyllis A. Brown, born in 1978, of Linda Court, Jonesboro, for revoked or suspended license.

Katherine A. Carter, born in 1960, of Memorial Drive, Atlanta, for probation/parole violation.

William L. Hamilton, Jr., born in 1978, of Martingale Drive, Peachtree City, for wanted person.

Casey L. Mills, born in 1992, of Den Creek Trail, Fayetteville, for shoplifting.

Jeffrey A. Pate, born in 1981, of Northlake Circle, Peachtree City, for DUI alcohol, city ordinance violation and failure to yield to emergency vehicle.

Christian D. Perry, born in 1995, of County Farm Road, Blackshear, for shoplifting.

Felicia N. Pullins, born in 1972, of Cornwallis Way, Fayetteville, for wanted person.

Sharon J. Sweatman, born in 1957, of Ga. Highway 54 West, Fayetteville, for wanted person.

Hamidah A. Ali, born in 1986, of Glenwood Avenue, Atlanta, for furnishing/possession/consumption of alcohol by minor.

Rodney L. Booker, born in 1967, of Legends Drive, Fayetteville, for revoked or suspended license.

Trish A. Chastain, born in 1977, of Woodloop Court, Jonesboro, for driving without headlights on and revoked or suspended license.

Larry M. Duckworth, born in 1985, of Marlborough Drive, Jonesboro, for bench warrant.

Samuel A. Salisbury, born 1988, of North Hampton, Fayetteville, for probation/parole violation and simple battery.

Adam K. Sprayberry, born in 1984, of Walker Avenue, Fayetteville, for probation/parole violation.

Jimmie L. Brown, born in 1969, of Crossing Boulevard, McDonough, for revoked or suspended license and no insurance.

Jesus E. Gonzalez-Munoz, born in 1985, of Knight Way, Fayetteville, for driving without valid license, failure to register vehicle and use of license plate to conceal.

Khamron M. Pitts, born in 1995, of Woodbyne Drive, Fayetteville, for bench warrant.

Kyle S. Anderson, born in 1991, of Harbourtown Parkway, Fayetteville, for first degree forgery.

Albert J. Badger, born in 1969, of Gentle Doe Drive, Fayetteville, for DUI alcohol.

Broderick D. Bell, born in 1968, of Bouldercrest Road, Atlanta, for DUI alcohol and failure to maintain lane.

Shonquzz J. Bostic, born in 1985, of Washington Avenue, Swainsboro, for revoked or suspended license.

Frederick J. Brown, born in 1969, of Netherwood Drive, Jackson, Miss., for revoked or suspended license.

Thomas Elleerbe, Jr., born in 1981, of Guthrie Drive, Riverdale, for drug law violation.

Timothy D. Griffin, born in 1994, of Ga. Highway 85 South, Fayetteville, for probation/parole violation.

Jonathan L. Hendershot, born in 1995, of Laura Lane, Fayetteville, for furnishing/possession/consumption of alcohol by minor, DUI alcohol and failure to maintain lane.

Jason E. Hobbs, born in 1996, of Bunny Lane, Fayetteville, for furnishing/possession/consumption of alcohol by minor.

Leonard Joyner, born in 1960, of Trinity Avenue, Atlanta, for probation/parole violation.

Keri M. McMichen, born in 1979, of Shadowood Lane, Peachtree City, for probation/parole violation.

Jaysen L. Miller, born in 1970, of Jonesboro Road, Union City, for wanted person.

Joseph S. Reagin, born in 1991, of Brookshire Drive, Fayetteville, for fleeing or attempting to elude, driving without valid license, obedience to traffic control device and passing in no passing zone.

Matthew T. Rhodes, born in 1995, of Wakefield Place, Fayetteville, furnishing/possession/consumption of alcohol by minor.

Dantrell M. Richardson, born in 1987, of Fairburn Road, Atlanta, for brake lights/turn signals required and less than an ounce of marijuana.

Catharine P. Watkins, born in 1982, of School Road, Hampton, for contempt for Superior Court.

Fayetteville Police

Virgil E. Jones, born in 1969, of Innisbrook Drive, Augusta, for bench warrant.

Katheesha Y. Phinn, born in 1987, of Madison Place, Fayetteville, for child restraint violation, defective tires, failure to maintain lane, too fast for conditions and driving without valid license.

Michael C. Powell, born in 1995, of Moss Creek Walk, Fayetteville, for armed robbery by intimidation (2).

Justin A. Vitto, born in 1993, of Ovis Court, Riverdale, for failure to maintain lane, improper turn and driving without a valid license.

Marcella J. Wells, born in 1981, of Arrowhead Boulevard, Jonesboro, bench warrant.

Marquies O. March, born in 1993, of Oakley Road, Union City, for revoked or suspended license and speeding.

Brandi R. Ross, born in 1993, of James P. Brawley Drive, Atlanta, for shoplifting and less than an ounce of marijuana.

Peachtree City Police

Ronald F. Bauer, born in 1954, of Crown Point, Peachtree City, for wanted person (use of Internet to lure child).

Cornelious D. Favors, born in 1977, of Greenfield Way, Covington, for revoked or suspended license and failure to maintain lane.

Jabaar B. Fowler, born in 1980, of Lee Road, Senoia, for revoked or suspended license and window tint violation.

Alexander E. Moore, born in 1993, of Forest Glen, Jonesboro, for probation/parole violation.

Andrew N. Kovalcik, born in 1979, of General Longstreet LIne, Newnan, for drug possession/sale/manufacture and possession of drug-related objects.

Kenneth C. Schug, born in 1967, of Maple Grove Terrace, Peachtree City, for DUI alcohol and revoked or suspended license.

John W. Adams, born in 1978, of Overby Park Drive, Newnan, for DUI drugs, failure to maintain lane and failure to obtain Ga. license.

Dale M. Couch, born in 1994, of Portico Place, Newnan, for following too close, no proof of insurance and less than an ounce of marijuana.

Marcus K. Robinson, in 1982, of Champion Trail, Fairburn, for theft by taking.

Casey E. Schnitzer, born in 1986, of Hedgewood Court, Peachtree City, for wanted person.

Jamara M. Bennett, born in 1983, of McClaren Way, Lawrenceville, for less than an ounce of marijuana and expired or no license plate.

Taquzn J. Leblanc, born in 1990, of 137 Road, Rosedale, N.Y., for city ordinance violation.

Nireeca M. Pope, born in 1982, of Handley Boulevard, Morrow, for bench warrant.

Tyrone Police

Adella Moreira-dos-Santos, born in 1961, of Bentley Road, Marietta, for driving without valid license and driving in median or gore.

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Give me a crime report!

Remember innocent until proven guilty?
The people on this list must live with the fact that anyone Googling their name sees the charges and passes judgment, even if the individual is proven innocent.
What purpose does the arrest report serve?
Print what houses/ businesses were broken into ect.
Print a conviction report along with the sentence. This might make people think twice before breaking the law.
These two things are good information, so people can be vigilant knowing crime is happening in their neighborhood.
STOP VICTIMIZING THE INNOCENT by printing their names along with charges BEFORE a conviction.

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Hey tokeep out of the

Hey tokeep out of the spotlight do not break the law, now how hard is that?