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PTC Council eyes stormwater budget, oath of office

With a relatively light agenda Thursday night, the Peachtree City Council will discuss a proposed change to the oath of office administered to mayor, mayor pro tem and council members.

The idea for the language change came about from Councilwoman Vanessa Fleisch, according to a staff memo, because she wanted to adopt some of the phrases from the firefighter’s oath.

The proposed oath keeps a statement in which the office holder pledges to “support and defend” the Georgia and U.S. Constitutions along with the city charter.

The new oath also would eliminate language in which the office holder pledges to use his or her “best judgment ... to promote the general welfare” of city residents. That is replaced with the following statement:

“I will uphold my responsibilities with integrity, dedication and diligence to serve our citizens to the best of my ability.”

The new oath will require a change to the city’s charter and thus the matter requires consideration Thursday night before a potential final adoption at the April 4 council meeting.

In other business, council is expected to adopt a budget amendment to account for the additional $413,789 the stormwater fund will receive this year due to the increased stormwater utility rates that were adopted last month.

Most homeowners’ annual bills will increase between $44 a year to $99 a year, depending on the amount of impervious surface on the property.

City officials contend the rate hike is necessary to fund $7.4 million in repairs, including dam repairs which if neglected would endanger life and property downstream.

Among the major project estimates expected to be handled with the $7.4 million bond issue are:

• $1.5 million to line stormwater pipes that run beneath city streets and roads, along with other miscellaneous projects;

• $1.8 million to replace the drain system in the Harbor Loop area;

• $1.3 million to replace the drain system in the Golfview Drive area;

• $1.2 million to rehabilitate the two Kedron ponds;

• $911,000 for rehabilitation of the Rockspray pond;

• $450,000 for pipe lining in the area of Woodsdale and Lenox Road; and

• $120,000 for repairs to the stilling basin at the BCS Pond.



I think there are a lot more important issues to resolve before you start working on a pledge. How about dealing with real issues.

Especially a waste to incorporate wording from the FD oath. Not even funny what a joke that has been.

If this is the best idea she can bring to the table, she's probably not the best choice for mayor.

Is to run mouth, get sued personally then use City money to settle. :)

He's been quiet since his survey didn't pan out so well

He left town. :)

mudcat's picture

Not a pumpkin and certainly not a turnip. I don't know what the official vegetable of Argentina is, but I hope he's going there having one and does not come back.

Speaking of coming back from The Trail, do you believe that Sanford scum is actually coming back and going to Congress?

I am hesitant to criticize Intnl Romances as I was involved in one that terminated in marriage some 44 years ago! Hey, once you get that funny feeling in your tummy, it's all over! I predict Sanford will win the race for the vacant Congessional seat inSC! PS: they are now engaged!

mudcat's picture

I am less sure that he will be a poster boy for good old Republican family values. I was hoping Ted Turner's kid would win. He's sort of an Al Franken type.

The Democrats have put up a very popular and smart woman as Sanford's opponent.
Elizabeth Colbert Busch is a high profile executive from a well respected family. Sanford is using 1.2 million left over in his campaign fund but the Democratic Party is moving in to support with funds and fire power. Expect the Clinton's and others to turn out for her.
Sanford has name recognition but people are angry not over his affair but that he disappeared and lied about.
State republicans supported his impeachment and he has few friends in state Republican Party.
Remember too that District 1 was redesigned in the last election hugging the coast line.
The Democrats smell a real opportunity.
We shall see. Sanford will win the April 12 run off for sure. November will be interesting.

mudcat's picture

They sure do smell Larry.That district will vote for Adolph Hitler before they would vote for a smelly Democrat like Colbert. Oh wait, I forgot, Hitler was a Socialist Democrat. That's how the problems started. Hope we don't have a repeat in Obama's third term.

Colbert's sister has no chance. Sanford is in. He's a scumbag, but the voters there are knee-jerk Republicans.

Hey Mike, your stompin' ground--what do you think? Should Sanford buy a Pit Bull or can he win without one

Mike King's picture

The Charleston area is a bit south of my neck of the woods, but like Larry says they'll not likely vote in any democrat-especially one that's the sister of that Colbert fellow.
Sanford should buy a couple more pigs and threaten to repeat his budget grandstanding in the State House some years back.

Agreed....Sanford has the name recongition and he held that First Congressional District seat for 2 terms before becoming governor. He did ask Jenny Sanford, his ex, if she wanted to run and if so, he would not.

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