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Bypass bridge design project to be awarded

Design for two intersection projects also up for consideration

A contract to design a crucial bridge project for the west Fayetteville bypass is expected to be approved Thursday night by the Fayette County Commission.

The project will involve the upgrade or replacement of the bridge on Westbridge Road that traverses Morning Creek. The project also includes correction of the sharp curve near the bridge, according to a staff memo on the bid recommendation.

The lowest approved bidder for the design work is Heath and Lineback Engineers, Inc. at $18,229.

The commission is also slated to consider $4,200 bid from LAI Engineering for design of intersection improvements at Newton Road and Ga. Highway 92 and a separate $7,500 bid from McGee Partners Inc. for intersection improvements at Ga. Highway 279 and Old Ford Road.

Funds for all three projects are coming from revenues from the county’s special transportation sales tax.



Steve Brown's picture

The County Commissioners are proceeding with the construction of a road they cannot justify. Amazing. One of the most expensive locally funded road projects in Fayette County history and the commissioners cannot give us one good reason to build it.

Woody's picture

That bad curve and bridge on Westbridge Raod need changing, even if not for the bypass. However, this should have been done several years ago when the old bridge was replaced by the new bridge, which is now the new old bridge. Better planning would help, to avoid doing things twice.

Now, all the speeders on Westbridge fleeing the police to clayton or fulton can go even faster. It also means the clayton and fulton thieves can find their way to the nice homes in PTC to steal much faster.

Way to go county commission!

ginga1414's picture

According to the county government website under the heading of "SPLOST Project R-5 West Fayetteville Parkway Phase II" it specifically states, "Phase II runs north from Sandy Creek Road to Westbridge Road." Let me repeat, "to Westbridge Road." It does not say along Westbridge Road. It does not say up Westbridge Road. It DOES NOT mention the construction or repair of any bridge ANYWHERE. It DOES NOT state anywhere that the curve on Westbridge Road will be straightened as part of the West Fayetteville Bypass/Parkway.

John Gault's picture

How its bussiness as usual, here in Fayette County.. Be gone 5yrs and I am astonished Marta is not running through Fayetteville yet. Though I was at Wal-Mart at the Pavillion for the first time since being Stateside, and had to go back outside, for I thought I had made a mistake and was at the Riverdale location... Anyhow they have to straighten out the curve and widen the bridge for the Marta bus to complete its loop route from Old National Hwy, down west Fayetteville bypass to 54hwy into Fayetteville, and back up 85 hwy to hwy 314 and 279 ending the loop. It will not be disscussed at the coming transportation metting this Thursday night I suggest you all be there.. And ask some serious questions about hidden agendas and the A.R.C. I hope this explains why no one can account for why we need this road...

"Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination." Karl von Clausewitz.

ginga1414's picture

When did Westbridge Road and the construction or repair of a the bridge on Westbridge Road become part of the West Fayetteville Bypass/Parkway? I am asking the question here because it most assuredly won't be answered tomorrow night at the Fayette County Commission Meeting. The good citizens of Fayette County aren't worthy of having their questions answered in a public forum at our commission meetings.

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