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Rep. Westmoreland: Healthcare vote fundamentally alters nation

The Democrat victory on healthcare Sunday night “will fundamentally alter the nature of our nation by implementing a government takeover of healthcare that Americans don’t want and can’t afford,” said U.S. Rep. Lynn Westmoreland (R-Grantville).

The Democratic healthcare plan passed 219-212.

“This vote creates an expensive new entitlement that implements a government takeover of one-sixth of the American economy,” the Third District congressman said. “This law will raise taxes on all Americans, it will kill jobs in a lagging economy, it will put mandates on Americans and on businesses, it will put government in between doctors and their patients, it will raise the premiums of people who currently have insurance.

“The Democratic healthcare bill will add $2.6 trillion in new spending. There’s no free lunch,” Westmoreland said. “We’ll either tax ourselves to the point we’re not competitive internationally or we’ll simply add on more and more debt. Regardless, the bottom line is we cannot afford this new entitlement.

“We have bills that as a nation we can’t pay as it is. Now we’re adding on more stress to an overburdened system. Our debt obligations threaten to put our economy in critical care, and we’re crippling the ability of innovative Americans to create new jobs,” the former Fayette County resident said.

“There’s no doubt that there are many Americans facing tragic situations because they lack health insurance. Many more are underinsured and millions live in fear of losing their coverage. By opposing this legislation, we are not belittling or ignoring the real crisis in our nation’s health care system. Republicans have put forth responsible reforms that have fallen on deaf ears with this Democratic Congress and administration. No matter how great our desire to cover each and every American who lacks coverage, we do not serve the greater good if our actions bankrupt our nation,” Westmoreland said.



Did I see where Westmoreland didn't even vote on this bill? It was in a list of who voted for what on the bill.

This is a prime case of voting primarily to be able to stay in office. Without a doubt if Westmoreland had voted yes, he would have been defeated in his next election try. He wouldn't even be nominated. His district has no use for democratic programs or current Presidents.

It is about power, not whether the country may go broke.
It also will be paid for by devastating all of the excessive medical and medicine charges currently being done by the insurance companies and their cooperative providers, and by a 1% increase on some workers in the payroll tax----- later. Do you know how much money 1% is of all labor or profits performed and done in the USA?
So much it can't be calculated as of yet.

Actually, most conservatives actually want this program for Americans, they simply can't say so and get reelected. One term is needed badly!

How do other industrialized nations provide care and still compete? Why is the USA the only country not providing care? Not 1 Republican was ever concerned that not 1 red cent of Bush's worthless war in Iraq was funded. Every nickel went to the deficit. I only want the insurance he and Cheney have.

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It is called keeping costs down by rationing. Let's look at those countries:
In France, assessment of medical products is done by the Committee for the Evaluation of Medicines. Reimbursement rates are set by the National Union of Sickness Insurance Funds, a group that also negotiates pay to doctors

In Germany, the Federal Joint Committee regulates reimbursement and restrictions on prescribing, while the Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Healthcare does formal cost-effectiveness analysis. The Social Insurance Organization, technically a part of the Federal Joint Committee, is in charge of setting prices through a defined formula that monitors doctors' prescribing behavior and sets their practice budgets. In the past 12 months, the 15 medical products and services that cleared this process spent an average 35 months under review. (The shortest review was 19 months, the longest 51.)

Does that help you in your analysis? We will get there. It will be a single payer system before too long and then we can experience what many of the other industrialized countries experience.

Is there a shortage of doctors in FR or GR? How about nurses? Why did American doctors, AARP & Catholic hospitals support yesterday's vote? Follow the money. Who spent the most to stop this bill? Did that money have the average person's interest at heart? Bring on single payer; that's why Rush wanted to move to Costa Rica until he discovered that his narcotics wouldn't be covered at the qtys he requires. Republicans from Teddy Roosevelt to Richard Nixon have tried to pass this bill.

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in those Countries.. They come here for our Capitalist system.. But I guess they will soon go back..

Those others you mentioned have a vested interest.. Take the AARP.. they sell gap insurance and stand to make BILLIONs... Social Justice is good for all but the American People..

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

AARP is going to make billions off my $12/yr membership? Gee, hadn't read that one yet. Will it be free to join? How do you explain the doctors & Catholic hospitals supporting this bill? My guess is they want to get paid. Maybe paid something. I've had a couple of Cuban refugee doctors. I've had a Asian Indian engineer turned neurologist. My daughter saw a couple of African cardios; but haven't run across any French, German, Canadian or English ones yet, I'm sure they are as competent as the others mentioned.

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Didn't I say they sell GAP INSURANCE... Didn't the DEMS just PLEDGE to cut A HALF A TRILLION from the program... Guess who steps in to fill the GAP.. Yep AARP.. Get it now?

"<strong><cite>The Congressional Budget Office has previously estimated that the cuts to Medicare Advantage plans proposed in Democrats’ government takeover of health care (H.R. 3200) would cause millions of seniors to lose their current plan and enroll in government-run Medicare.
* Because the government-run Medicare benefit is less generous than most private health plans, the independent Medicare Payment Advisory Commission found in June that more than nine in ten seniors not in nursing home settings utilize some form of Medicare supplemental insurance. While many of these individuals currently rely on Medicare Advantage plans for the extra benefits they provide to seniors, many would be forced to purchase supplemental Medigap policies should their existing Medicare Advantage plans be taken away from them due to Democrats’ government takeover of health care."</strong></cite>

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

is a hard-core LIBERAL organization! Took me a few years to figure it out, but I scrapped my membership 3 yrs ago.

. . another 'just saying' comment.

<cite>While many of these individuals currently rely on Medicare Advantage plans for the extra benefits they provide to seniors, many would be forced to purchase supplemental Medigap policies should their existing Medicare Advantage plans be taken away from them due to <strong>Democrats’ government takeover of health care."</strong></cite>

Care to elaborate - using 'facts'?

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I don't know how else to put it. When it comes to hysterical lying and fear-mongering, the AARP is the pre-eminent special interest group out there. Yes, even over the environmental whacko's that were predicting in the 1960's and early 70's a global ice age or forced abortion/sterilization to head off an overpopulation crisis that never happened, but who also are comfortably entriched in mainstream "progressive liberalism" despite the fact that they were beyond wrong.

It's bad enough that a lot of religious groups prey on seniors, but what the AARP does with their misinformation and blatant dishonesty is beyond that. It's not about seniors with the AARP; it's a totally political kludge that makes a lot of people in this country take an unfavorable view of our senior citizens.

Between the loser teacher unions and the AARP, I'd go with the AARP as being more damaging to this country. They take advantage and exploit those in society who are vulnerable while it's our own damn fault that we let groups like the NEA ever reach anything resembling power by default because we were too lazy to raise our own children.

Some of the insurance products and gap coverage the AARP touts endlessly are worse than title loans or payday lending. When it comes to legal loan-sharking and screwing over the people they are supposed to represent, organized crime has nothing on the AARP.

You are missing out some good discounts. They still couldn't beat my car insurance. 15 yrs of loyalty I guess has its rewards.
Teacher union.. you know there isn't one in GA... right? You know the teachers turned on Barnes & put Sonny in.. right? They regret it but...

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just saying...

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

Never have known what "just saying" means! If you don't say it, then it has no meaning!

Anyway, what are you talking about? "New personality?
And to what does it refer?

I don't have time to research such stuff!

Regardless of your experience with AARP - they did not introduce the <strong>DEATH PANELS</strong> concept. Talk about fear mongering!!

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<strong>"I only want the insurance he and Cheney have."</strong>

Well, they got it by winning an election. Oh I get it, you just want it given to you. The liberal way.....

So if you win an election.. you get top tier coverage? Is that your perception of democracy? The other misconception is that the USA has the "Best" healthcare. It'll be OK. Just take a deep breath. I am optomistic that now that this is behind us we'll move on to the other parts of the agenda. Too bad the vote wasn't take last summer. My prediction is that the Dems will do better than predicted (today) in Nov.
No Repub has cover on voting for a war with no funding adding to the deficit and helping No One.

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<strong>"So if you win an election.. you get top tier coverage? Is that your perception of democracy?"</strong>

Actually, it is not a perception at all. It is called REALITY. A place you obviously don't care to visit often. I have an idea for you bladder. Since your Dems are in control now, why don't you ask them to drop their top tier coverage and join us normal people or just give us all what they have??? I mean, since money is no object let's all get some health care bling. Wouldn't that be your perception of democracy? Keep us all informed on your progress with that....

<cite>just give us all what they have???</cite>

Please read what is in the bill. There will be those who will get exactly what our Congressmen have!

<a href="">See what our Congressmen get - and compare to what is offered in health care plan</a href>

I think many "got it" also by winning an election over a year ago!

Do you not understand the premise that 310,000,000 US citizens can't all "work hard" as you say and end up well off with good health insurance and a good house and a good car and good clothes and a good education at any college?

What are we to do with them? Let them riot sometime?

Does not all taxes ultimately get passed on to the taxpayer in the form of cost of goods and services sold? Even the interest we pay on Reagan's and Bush's deficit! Due to so many deductions nowadays, most people pay less taxes now than over the past.

I still say your exact problem is not excess taxes you pay, but the help some get who can't pay for all of it! You don't like that due to their attitude.

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No, I really don't understand the premise that everybody can't work hard. Meaning those physically and mentally capable. By the way, that last part would excuse you.

What are you still doing moralizing here Bonker$? You are a proven liar on these blogs. You have ZERO CREDIBILITY. You said you voted for McCain in 2008. You said later you didn't vote for McCain in 2008. Then when caught, you tried to weasel out of it. You took yourself out of the moralizing game when you LIED. Proven liars don't get to moralize, and when they try nobody listens. Get used to it old man.

I took myself out of nothing! I told you what happened.

You are complaining about a minor issue to cover up a decent answer to problems!
Same as the mixture of Tea People.

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While I agree your credibility is a minor issue, I would like to clear something up, you say you voted for Obama, was that a lie or was this a lie...
Submitted by Bonkers on Tue, 08/19/2008 - 11:16am.

Pretty weak criticism of Obama here. I will not vote for Obama but I will defend him when he is correct.

or this...
Submitted by Bonkers on Thu, 08/21/2008 - 12:00pm.

Has everyone nearly gone bonkers on here?
You obviously have Obama mixed up with some other minorities that you don't like! I'm not voting for him because he needs to prove himself a few more years, and that only

or this one, this one is one of my favorites...
Submitted by Bonkers on Sat, 10/17/2009 - 4:50am.

Muddle uses BB term. (subs for cussing).

Nobody questions Lincoln and nobody should question Obama. Then why do you?

Newspapers say? And old one of 1961 announced Obama's birth.
Are you speaking of todays papers doubting Obama's birth? I kinda agree (like FOX) anything newspapers print as they die is questinable.

So his Mother didn't look pregnant in a picture (what month, time) and what 64 and 80 BC didn't acknowledge him?

From the gitgo lying and bowing to Kings do look most bad! If they had happened.

Hey, I voted for McCain but Obama is the President!

You sound somewhat flaggelated, disturbed, mixed-up, conning, and ridiculous. When will Judge Carter (whomever he or she is) certify you? No discovery required.

Now you get back to me on this bonk$, let me know just which lie is the lie, then we'll talk about that credibility thingy again.

I yam what I yam

You are "hung-up like MOC, I see!

I'll say it one more time and then ignore the subject. Most of your comments above make no sense whatsoever as they are out of context.

I intended to vote for McCain in 2008 and did help him in his previous primary!
However, when John exhibited senility and inability to function in the job, I could not.
The Palin choice affirmed his problems.

I voted for Obama in the last election. There were only two choices!
He is now the President whether you like it or not, and will win again next time unless the foolishness by the conservatives and splinter groups (radicals) stops.
Being against the health plan and predicting the end of the world about socialism only indicates to most the foolishness by the fringe of what are really the needs of the country.

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By all means put it in context, of course you can't, because you lied , like you're lying now, so go ahead and ignore you LIAR. Feel free to prove I'm lying if you can. Of course you can't.

I yam what I yam

Prove you are a liar?
I have no need to do that! Anyway a lot of talk doesn't prove anything.
Only you know if that is true.
Is lying the same as bearing false witness?
If a person doesn't know they are lying due to context or ignorance, is that critical?
If a person wants to believe that they are not lying, could they still be?
Is calling the entire House of Representatives, "baby killers,' lying?

If there is a killing, would't that be the hospital and the individual, and that makes it a personal thing....none of your business. (religious interference again).

The Chinese Buddhists killed all girl babies (drowned them, like cats) for a long time to control population. So may people, many were starving! Yet, I never heard you or any like you call them that!

The government's job is to pass laws to protect the American Citizens, leaving them all the rights to do as they please as long as it doesn't seriously harm others.
Good health plans do not seriously harm others, just the opposition party.

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Oh yeah, you took yourself right out of the moralization squad. You got caught LYING. Then like a coward, you tried weaseling out of it. That made it even worse. Had you been a man, had you been an adult, and just said "well, you guys caught me. I guess I have to be more careful with my future lies" it would have blown over. But, no. You are a caught LIAR and it is obviously killing you. Otherwise, you would not keep talking about it and trying to deny it.

See Bonker$, again, here is your achilles heel:

<strong>"Mike: Facts
Submitted by Bonkers on Wed, 10/29/2008 - 2:39pm.
Mike, I am an Independent and have already voted for John McCain this time. I supported him the last time he ran. I also voted for Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. I did not vote for Reagan. I voted for Eisenhower and Truman. I didn't vote for Chambliss this time.
McCain can get more done in the area of health care, education, and our debt than could Obama.</strong>

And then some 17 months later:

Submitted by Bonkers on Sat, 03/20/2010 - 7:41am.
You are confused. I could never vote for Palin in any capacity. I have made it clear several times I did not vote for McCain the last time.</strong>

Let me help you sift through it. On the first one you said "..I am an Independent and have already voted for John McCain <strong>this time</strong>. Again, this date was during the early voting period. And, you go on to stipulate that you "supported him the last time he ran". That blows that weak, specious excuse you offered up right out of the water.

Then, less than a week ago you said "..I did not vote for McCain the last time".

Flat out lie. One of the two. Which is it? It doesn't even matter.

<cite>Well, they got it by winning an election.</cite>

<strong>NO!!</strong> They got it by working hard in school, in their communities, etc. - and then being elected! No one gave it to them. They got it <strong>THE AMERICAN WAY!</strong> Now we have persons/citizens who have worked hard, etc. - and are without health insurance, without jobs, etc. Is your brand of conservatism so shallow that you can't understand that?

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<strong>"Is your brand of conservatism so shallow that you can't understand that?"</strong>

Well DM, feeding off that your reading comprehension level so low that you can't understand what was said there?

See bladder said: <strong>"I only want the insurance he and Cheney have.</strong>

I basically said they got that insurance by going through the process of getting elected to a job that had those perks. He has not won that same election and just <strong>wants</strong> those same insurance benefits.

See, it is a given that they worked hard. It is a given that they went to school. It is a given that those benefits were not just given to them. It is a given that that is The American Way. Well, it used to be anyway. <strong>THAT WAS THE POINT.</strong> He has not done all those things they did in order to get those benefits. <strong>He just wanted them.</strong>

As for your question, yes I know some people have worked hard and lost jobs. The point has always been, we are in no financial position to take on that massive entitlement. Believe all that BS about deficit reduction and cost savings you want. No government entitlement program ever costs what they estimate. No government entitlement program is ever audited to verify promised savings. Still think I'm shallow? I could care less.

It's a blessing that your shallowness is in the minority. Have a blessed day.

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My, you sure got feisty and high and mighty since the health care joke passed. Don't dish it out of you can't take it.

She always does that when she loses an argument.......

Another example of your superior analytical skills. :-)

after reading the exchange between MOC, Kawfi, DM: :-) Won't share it.

I haven't changed. No need to get 'high and mighty' - the bill passed! Now on to the next challenge - JOBS!! I don't think the Republicans can continue the 'just say no' rhetoric on that one. Good debate and working together for the American people will help Dems and Repubs in November - otherwise, there may be more 'unemployed' leaving D.C.

<cite>Don't dish it out of you can't take it.</cite> I've forgotten more than you have the ability to dish out!! :-)

So tell me....if you owned a small business, worked very hard, what would you do if your health care insurance was increased over 250% over the past 5 years....then, 2 employees get sick plus 1 had a sick child...your insurance company drops you, you have no health insurance and you go to shop for another insurance company and they won't cover your employees because 2 and 1 dependent have pre-existing conditions. What would you do???

Do you call this "entitlement"? Am I a liberal because I want to provide insurance for my employees and family?

It's nice to work for a large corporation that provides health care to all of their employees - you never have to think about this stuff..right?

I'm a Republican and I am glad that someone had the "balls" to address the health care issue....

5 years ago I was a selfish hard working business person who didn't want to pay anything out of my pocket to help anyone...Social Justice - BULL.

Now my employees and my family are one of those 32 million without health care coverage.

Wake up because this could happen to you too!

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Your post deserves a decent response. I have been slammed today and have apparently been very popular on this blog (as in being called out). I have to finish some things up and head to a hockey game. I will reply to you tomorrow.

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As promised, here is my response. You are correct for sure about the fact that it is nice to work for a large corporation that provides me health care, to an extent. They do not provide it for free, like they used to. See, our rates have skyrocketed also. Now, it is a choice we all make in our lives. Own a business and potentially make bigger money or work for "the man". Some of us have that entrepreneural risk in them, some don't. That comes with way more risk than working for "the man". Further, I can either work for the same company for decades and hold my insurance, or go play the field. I choose to stay there and maintain my benefits. It is all part of my compensation. You might say, well you're lucky you haven't lost your job and been on the street. To a certain degree yes, but there is way more than luck involved sometimes. I survived another round of layoffs just this week. So, you don't have to remind me what could have happened. You choose on the other hand to not sell your business and go work for a big corporation. Again, your choice but inherently your risk. I admire your guts. I need the security of a paycheck twice monthly and good benefits.

I lost my sister to brain cancer in the last two years and my girlfriend survived breast cancer last year. So again, I am aware of what can happen.

I was going to type a long essay about the rest of it, but if 1bighammer doesn't mind....see his post called "Yes I am Blessed" under the Forum "Health Care Victory For Obama". He pretty much states most of the views I have on the bill and makes it a waste of time to type my version of them.

Again, I sympathize with your situation as well as the people at my company who did not survive the layoffs. It is a risk we all take every day. Many of us believe there was a better way to attack this problem and that puts many of us at odds.

I too worked for a big corporation at one I appreciate what you are going through.

For over 90 years, presidents have tried to address this issue and with no success. Why? The health care lobbyists and the dishonest elected officals who take campaign money from those lobbyists.

There are many parts of the new health care law that are wrong, most importantly the needs to be paid for and should be paid with a tax that is fair to everyone like a junk food tax or soda tax.

To live in a country that has 32 million people who can afford health care or are denied coverage is a crime. The system hasn't worked well under the insurance companies and finally someone has challenged that.

I do not favor big government and sure do not want to see a single payer health care system but someone needed to step in stop the madness that the insurance companies were imposing on the system. Some regulation was needed.

Personally, I am angry at my elected officials who only care about fighting with the other political party in order to regain control. They don't care about Americans...only their jobs and their lobbyists who financial support them...otherwise this issue would have been addressed years ago.

America needs to start to look internally to fix many economic and social problems..our economy needs to be repaired, government needs to spend less and we need to elect officials who work together for the good of America, not to whip up the American people into fighting with each other...and while we are at it...its time to dump the political pundints who do the same like Lambaugh, Beck, Hannity and the left wing morons as well that are stirring up people into through bricks, shooting in politicians windows and other illegal acts. Where is our "mankind" and civility.
Oh....Glen Beck calls that "social justice", I forgot!

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You have a basic disconnect with reality. Our Economy can only be propped up by the current spending levels..

You have a very particular view of what an American should do.. Shutting up and sitting down if we don't support your views is something we don't do well.

The only approved use of the First Amendment at least by your standards is if we all join hands sing Kubahya and let this all happen to us.. while bending over and saying.. Thanks sir, May I have another..

It's called personal responsibility. We all have it. Only some us seem to exercise it.

The problem here Galtant is that this Healthcare plan is a road map to Single Payer.. as I have shown Obama said it in his own words..

This bill has so many bad pieces to it that it should have been killed and a new one done. One with real transparency and input from everyone.

Like I said before this is not about Healthcare.. If it was the 16 million added to Medicaid roles would be added immediately not in 2014..

Taxes start immediately but benefits don't even begin until then so obviously this was not about anyones health much less care..

The "Kid Care" coverage had to be FIXED because the bill was so flawed it was left out!!!

Getting something in place just for the sake of having something in place is NOT better then having nothing.

If it bankrupts America it is not good for America..

Many major Companies like Cat, AT&T, and many others are now saying this is going to add MILLIONS if not Billions to their bottom line because it cuts of their drug benefits to retirees tax breaks.. Where do you think those taxes are going to end up?

It will be pushed down to the end product.. Lower wages, less benefits and higher prices.. Do you really think this is a good thing just for the sake of having "SOMETHING"?

"Whoever claims the right to redistribute the wealth produced by others is claiming the right to treat human beings as chattel."

-Ayn Rand

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...what "thinking people" (as DM would say) have known all along.

<strong>"Democratic Senator: Health Care Law to Address 'Mal-Distribution of Income'
After the Senate passed a "fix-it" bill Thursday to make changes to the new health care law, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Neb., chairman of the influential Finance Committee, said the overhaul was an "income shift" to help the poor.
As Democrats tout the moral underpinnings of the federal health care system overhaul -- ensuring health care coverage for nearly all Americans -- one senator appeared to go off message when he said the legislation would address the "mal-distribution of income in America."
After the Senate passed a "fix-it" bill Thursday to make changes to the new health care law, Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., chairman of the influential Finance Committee, said the overhaul was an "income shift" to help the poor.
"Too often, much of late, the last couple three years, the mal-distribution of income in American is gone up way too much, the wealthy are getting way, way too wealthy and the middle income class is left behind," he said. "Wages have not kept up with increased income of the highest income in America. This legislation will have the effect of addressing that mal-distribution of income in America."
That contrasted with the arguments Democrats have been making in the past year for reinventing the health care system: to expand health care coverage to 32 million uninsured Americans and tighten regulations on insurance companies while reducing the federal deficit.
But some Republican critics have suggested the overhaul is taking the country down the path to socialism. The nearly $1 trillion legislation pays for itself in large part through new taxes on the wealthy.
A spokeswoman for Baucus did not respond to an e-mail seeking more information on the statement.
Baucus' statement could give Republicans ammunition as they seek to repeal the law and regain control of Congress in the November elections.
Democrats have rejected Republican charges that they are trying to take over the health care system.
In Iowa to trumpet the benefits of the legislation, President Obama said, "We made a promise. That promise has been kept."
"From this day forward, all of the cynics, all the naysayers -- they're going to have to confront the reality of what this reform is and what it isn't," the president said. "They'll have to finally acknowledge this isn't a government takeover of our health care system."
GOP strategist Matt Schlapp, the White House director to former President George. W. Bush, told that Baucus' statement reflected the "duality" of a responsible Democrat who understands the ramifications of tax policy on Americans but has a "foot in the camp of the most radical and rabid big government activists that are advocating for some breathtaking policies."
"It's interesting," he said. "He's not the senator I would use as the poster boy for radical and misunderstanding of market dynamics."
But Schlapp said he's not surprised by anything said by a member of a political party that, he said, seeks "to take money away from people who are achieving and give it those who aren’t."</strong>

Wow, a refreshing return from "Wonderland". Somebody is going to get a spanking for deviating from the rigid script the Dems have passed out.

Oh, I was going to get this from somebody besides FOX as I realize that is a lightning rod to some, but I'll be just cannot be found on CNN or the AJC. They are busy with the bigger news stories about "24" coming to an end and Sandra Bullock's cheating husband.

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Who would have thought.

Now we come to the next battle; immigration reform.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

Better work together on jobs first. The battle of immigration reform will be more divisive than healthcare - and California, Arizona, and Texas will be horrific battlegrounds with their large population of Latinos. Am I wrong? Liberals will want a 'reform' - Conservatives will want all illegals and their families out now! Hopefully someone will come up with a just solution.

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You're right. There are several roads the demos could travel. Either one is laced with issues and the mid terms are just over 7 months away. This will be interesting.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

(Time Magazine)

• The Uninsured: Receive immediate access to coverage through high-risk pools if they are uninsured because of pre-existing conditions; children can remain on parents’ plans until they are 26.

•Insurers: Barred from removing coverage when a person gets sick, denying coverage to kids with pre-existing conditions and imposing lifetime coverage caps.

• Employers: Small businesses can receive tax credits to purchase insurance for employees

• Medicare Prescription-Drug Beneficiaries: Receive a $250 rebate when they hit the ‘doughnut’ hole’ gap in drug coverage (currently when enrollees pass $2,700 in costs, they lose coverage until they reach $6,154.)

• Insurers: Required to spend at least 80% of premiums on medical services

• Medicare Prescription-Drug beneficiaries: Receive a 50% discount on brand- name drugs while in the doughnut hole.

Taxpayers: Medicare payroll taxes increase and expand to include unearned income for individuals making more than $200,000 and families earning more than $250,000.

The Uninsured: Most Americans are required to get covered or pay a penalty; families can receive subsidies to buy insurance if they earn up to four times the federal poverty level (currently a bout $88,000 a year); individuals and small businesses can buy packages through state exchanges.

Insurers: Prohibited from refusing to sell policies and limited in their ability to set prices on the basis of health status.

Employers: Businesses with 50 or more employees must provide coverage or pay a penalty.

Taxpayers: High-cost employer-provided policies ($27,500)for family or $10,200 for single coverage are subject to a 40% excise tax.

Medicare Prescription-Drug Beneficiaries: The prescription-drug coverage gap is eliminated

Skewed priorities in my view. More jobs means more citizens who can afford to get their own healthcare insurance and won't need a Govt handout. About 14 months too late.

go home to Montana and talk that crap. You would think he would have learned by now that Income is NOT "distributed"---it's EARNED!

You have thrown me for a loop in my thinking about what happens to one's income.
If it were true that ALL income was earned, then it sure would be hard for many of those bankers, Wall Street shysters, oil execs, insurance execs, all those rich families drawing unearned dividends off of millions of shares of stocks and bonds willed to them by people who got them practically free in one fashion or another!

Banker's work 9:00to 3:00 USUALLY, IF YOU CALL THAT WORK, Wall Street comes in to work, most of the time, by noon and takes a two hour martini lunch.
Hard, hard work.

I don't think you mean "earned" money, I think you mean "fortunate" money!

Now some kinds of work (time at office) does pay better than some other real work. The very worst jobs pay the least however, and the very hardest.
Chicken gutting requires 600 guttings an hour. Hip boots are required to wade in the floor blood and guts.
Turkey slaughtering comes next in November and December, where one must grind off the complete head of a turkey every five seconds. Palin made a film in front of one of those guys once.
The slaughter of cows and sheep has civilized some in recent years, the fellow with the hammer or bolt exploder shaft is lying down overhead and they don't know what hit them. He does about 180 per hour.
Roofers can only work about ten years in the sun before cancer or back problems sets in or they fall off. They must do a large house a day. Mostly work Americans won't do at all, or if they do it takes a week, constant griping, leaks, and they make three times as much.

You know, I think being born intelligent with intelligent parents has more to do with it than anything. They are professionals and that word alone is worth $200,000 per year.

Yet, it all does get distributed----what else are people going to do with it. If you put it in a bank the invest it in bad developer deals. If you buy stock the stockseller makes good money but you may lose most of it.
If you bury it in a Mason or Kerr jar, I might find it.

Is Montana where those bad dudes live in the woods in a cabin with a gun pointed out the window at all times?

Didn't they shoot it out with the FBI once? They lost, of course.

Is that what will happen to him if he goes to Montana---get shot?
Thought a fellow could vote his conscious if he wanted to do so without fear of retaliation except at the polls.

Sounds like bragging about "whut I'll do ifn aye kin" talking to a bunch of redneks.

To infer that income is "distributed" is likened to actually believing that somewhere there is a huge pot of money and some unknown person or persons decides who should get what portion of it, based on unknown factors. Some folks have better paying jobs than others and consequently earn more. Some folks work more and harder than others and earn more. You want to put a "unequal distribution" label on that sort of income? Income caused by and earned by labor? I call that label a reach for a label to justify taking from some and giving to others. There's another label that better fits such an ideology and you know what it is. Stand by for your Social Security benefit to be reduced and "re-distributed" to someone else! Oh, and Montana is where the Congressman (for now) happenes to live. I spend some time there every yr and they don't put up with much foolishness. I suspect he'll be in trouble next election cycle.

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The powers that be. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc. Are growing restless, and are soon to come to collect their dower and curtesey, from the puppet leaders of the world, as they manipulate each market and currency to force the powers at be to turn on each other and plunge the world into conflict once again, so that that may play each other behind the scenes and prosper and redistribute the worlds wealth as they did in WWII... The greatest generation has had the last 60yrs to prosper and live in peace.. Unfortunately the BOOMERS that they unleashed on society have pillaged and pilfered and squandered this great nation.. The circus act in Washington is just misdirection in an attempt to hide the ugly truth, that we will be the generation that the check was passed too, and now that America is bankrupt, we will be the ones who must pay. I hope all who read this take this to heart while I know that not all BOOMERS are bad.. Most were to busy living the me, me, me lifestyle. And that its not my problem mentality.. Kind of like the Ostrich putting its head in the sand and hoping the danger just passes it by.. Only now are they starting to pay attention, for one reason or another. Because they had to reverse Mortgage their home, to keep the lights on. Or Junior and his wife and kids had to move back to the nest cause they ended up out in the street after they lost their home.. Or gee the HUMMER or CADDY got repo. The bottom is we are all in trouble at this point. The world is laughing at us.. And while the soap opera unfolds daily in Washington. There are events unfolding around the world that are left unchecked by this administration that I liken to the Three Stooges: Larry=Reid Curly=O-DOG Moe=Pelosi. PEACE

"Pursue one great decisive aim with force and determination." Karl von Clausewitz.


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