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E-verify already in widespread use in Ga.

HB 87, the most potentially effective and well-written state illegal immigration and employment enforcement bill in the nation, passed the Georgia House 113-56 [recently].

“Kill the bill” faxes from the business community started coming in to state Senate offices about 20 minutes later.

The heart of HB 87 — the Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act of 2011 — is the requirement that all Georgia employers with more than four employees swear to use of the no-cost federal E-verify program, making it difficult to hire illegal, replacement labor.

The long line of Republicans from all over Georgia rising to speak in favor of the bill included the chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, Tom McCall. He reminded other members of the House of their oath of office to uphold the law and added that “this bill is the right thing to do.”

[The bill’s author, Rep. Matt] Ramsey proudly recounts some important facts on the vote: “We got every single South Georgia Republican with the exception of one. Supporter Greg Morris, who represents Vidalia onion country, spoke on behalf of the bill saying, ‘I regret this bill is necessary, but it is!’ Rep. Jay Roberts, a farmer and E-Verify user himself, supported the bill,” he said.

Ramsey beams when he reports that four Democrats voted for his well-thought-out Georgia enforcement bill.

The common message from the entire anti-enforcement coalition of the Chamber of Commerce, the ACLU, the Farm Bureau and the radicals in the leftist identity-politics industry is this: We are against illegal immigration, but the solution is not enforcement – or use of the E-Verify system!

Another amnesty is their default “remedy.”

We should listen to what the anti-enforcement lobby tells us. Because they confirm what really works with their objections. Like E-Verify.

Some facts on the E-verify system that you will not read from any pseudo-political insider: Georgia has had an E-Verify mandate in place since 2006. All public employers and their contractors are already required to use the system. HB 87 would only expand that common sense rule.

By putting law into place to require use of E-Verify to protect legal workers — even in the private sector — Georgia would catch up with four other states, Utah, Arizona, South Carolina and Mississippi.

The current federally required “I-9” paper-based system of collecting documents from employees does not require a Social Security number. E-Verify does. With E-Verify use, all newly hired employees, including seasonal, temporary, and rehires, must actually have a SSN. This is not handy for illegal employers.

More than 243,000 employers representing more than 834,000 worksites currently use E-Verify and an average of 1,400 new employers enroll each week because the system is accurate and dependable.

An employer who verifies newly hired employees work authorization under E-Verify has established a rebuttable presumption that it has not knowingly hired an unauthorized alien.

A list provided by DHS as of September 2010 shows that about 16,000 Georgia employers are already using E-Verify voluntarily.

Another more recent list from January of this year only includes businesses with 5 or more employees. There are more than 11,000 employers listed there — which tells us that about 5,000 very small businesses are also using E-Verify because they want to avoid hiring black-market labor.

Georgia businesses that are already using E-Verify voluntarily include: Frito-Lay, Dunkin’ Donuts, Chick-fil-A, Baskin Robbins, PepsiCo-Gatorade, Hispanic Golden Arches, Con Agra, Fieldale Farms, Pilgrim Pride Inc., Gold Kist, Tyson Foods, Claxton Poultry, Tip Top Poultry, Vidalia Onion Farm, Turf Pride, Bland Farms, Glennville, Ga., Tifton Turf Farms, Georgia Power ... and The Dustin Inman Society. The ACLU? Not on the list.

The E-Verify automatic photo-matching feature that occurs automatically when an employee presents a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) or an Employment Authorization Document (work visa) as documentation is treated as a closely guarded secret by many arrogant media types. And Libertarians.

The same characters who continue to struggle to keep the fact that our agriculture industry has access to an unlimited supply of legal foreign workers under the H2A visa. The E-Verify system instantly clears H2A workers when they are hired.

There will be a few Republican state senators who will vote with the Democrats against HB 87.

They will all be voting from the left of President Barack Obama whose administration has repeatedly made clear its commitment to the E-verify system as “the right investment in building a viable tool to ensure a legal workforce in the United States.”

Watch carefully. And remember.

D.A. King

Cobb County, Ga.

[King is president of the Cobb-based Dustin Inman Society and a nationally recognized authority on illegal immigration. He actively supports HB 87 and is an E-verify user. On the web:]



The majority of Americans don't care which side of the world people come from to settle here, as long as they arrive legally? The Southwest has been invaded and unless the do-nothing US Government starts enforcing the 1986 Simpson/Mazzoli bill, as it was intended, we will just been washing billions of taxpayer dollars as down the eternal drain, as we have for decades. The Leftist climb on the bandwagon with pushing the racist card, because they will not examine the truth and are involved in this philosophies of world Government.; facts they will not disclose about spending taxpayer’s money and building larger government agencies so their agenda is successful. These Leftist want wide open borders, with no consideration for the taxpaying public. They can lie in the Liberal press all they want, but the truth is Americans are sick and tired of supporting the impoverished of other countries.

A letter from the promoters of corporate greed, doomed the first chance of fiscal American survival against the illegal alien occupation. The letter signified the influence of the major instigator, the US Chamber of Commerce, whom believes that discount illegal labor is an essential to our wilting economy? A Guest Worker program would alleviated this problem, if it wasn't full of visa loopholes? We already bring into America over a million and a half a year, so exasperating the process just make citizens and authorized residents resentful and angry. This is especially true when the company bosses do not drive on congested highways, they live in gated mansions or isolated homes and have no dealings with the imported foreign crime and the crumbling neighborhoods full of poverty-stricken foreigners. For Tea Party is apposed to any form of Amnesty, which includes so-called Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Rescind the birthright citizenship law, except one parent is a citizen, Any form of Dream Act or Sanctuary City policies, until the border fence is sealed tight and controlled by at least 5.000 military presence. We just cannot subsidize the worlds poor as its threatening especially the American workers on the lower scale, the State and federal economy and unrest in this nation.

The business industries find ways negate the tax code, but the men and women taxpayers have no such political advantages. Ordinary Americans have no special privileges and cannot attribute, but a few dollars to political campaigns. Only united voices as with the TEA PARTY can fix the hardships of all the populace, by stopping the "Tax and Spend" Liberals, who a major part of bring more illegal aliens to our shores and borders.

Leftist -Democrats and even some Republicans opposed the advancement of the-REAL-fence and placed obstacles so the E-Verify system of catching foreign nationals, before they were hired. However, the Leftist portion of our government haven't been able to place obstacles in the way of Secure Communities as yet? Just about every newspaper calls illegal aliens--undocumented immigrants, or other De-Facto name, when in truth they are foreign aliens and have no right to be here. The TEA Party knows this and will fight against the Liberal progressives and any other crazy scheme, thinking that Americans are not going to stop these parodies of our laws. Scrutinizing the papers today, one article accessed the growing population of Arizona. We accept high demand skilled workers, but their is no financial room for people who need public welfare. The Bloomberg E-news states When talking about the Arizona census population:

Tests of the limits and effectiveness of immigration policies and procedures are underway in Arizona, where the Hispanic population increased 46.3 percent between 2000 and 2010 to account for 29.6 percent of the 6.4 million residents. Of course the US Census didn't distinguish between honest Legal and illegal persons which Obama’s Leftist Czars and thought was justified. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS! They are illegal as they broached the sovereignty of our border. If there was any true intention to seal our border from economic migrants, including the instant birthright baby, entry would have classed as a felony. Its illogical to think that the Greatest nation on Earth, cannot control the inflow of foreign national.


All the US government has to do, is throw conniving business owners in prison, when they hire illegal aliens. Cross-Reference all documentation for person applying for welfare, seal the borders with troops and the double layer fence and amend the 14th Amendment. In addition every sponsor of family chain migration must be held accountable. Becoming a member of the Tea Party in your district will elect more positive thinking Candidates, to stop the bleeding of State treasuries, federal coffers and your rising taxes. Plain and simple-we cannot support the poor and indigent no more or we too will be sinking to a third world society.

when it is obvious that many citizens see the common issues and solutions to this problem and agree on the causes?
Electionitis-and the desire to divide and conquer? There are many who agree with aspects of your essay. Would you share your vision of the consequences of your solution?

Take a look around the world. Those who are gaining on us are not a 'white' populace- but countries that are focusing on educating their young to succeed in the future. The winners of the future will not be too concerned with skin color, but how a group uses their grey matter. We are in a mess. I hope we have the vision to work together as Americans to find solutions that are representative of American principles.

TinCan's picture

You mean like calling those who disagree with you racist? One word answers are acceptable.

That explains it.

wildman's picture

You may (or may not) know, Latin people are technically "white". Since there are only 3 recognized "races" and Mexican is not one of them!
And, you continue to talk education. Every kid does not need to go to college. Our high schools need to teach more on real life experience. Many of YOU are educated beyond your level of intelligence!!! We need more workers in this country & not more managers. You need to teach your kids to work!!! They cannot earn a living playing games & watching TV. Work is an education.

As Mexico is a nation and geography cannot determine race, you are kind of correct -- but probably for reasons you did not intend.

wildman's picture

Yea, and you are kind of incorrect, as geography did, originally, determine race!!
Race is not the problem, but rather apathy.

A third world country is one that has an uneducated populace. We are becoming a 3rd world country not because of the color of the skin of our citizens, but because of the lowering of our educational achievement - as measured by high school achievement. A 'manager' will not be successful with uneducated workers. We will be competing with countries that educate their students 6 days a week, 6 hours a day. We must have workers who are proficient in language, math, and science. Out of the 50 industrial countries in the world, we are nowhere near the 'top'. No one in the world will want an uneducated 'worker'. Don't denigrate game playing - some of the most successful young people in today’s world play games. Some of the world’s greatest military leaders are/were proficient ‘game’ players. Winning at ‘games’ requires the logical use of knowledge.

wildman's picture

And there you prove my point. You read too much and understand too little! You have no logical thought process, so that "college degree" is useless, as with so many other educated idiots. I could write a book on your paragraph.
Our economy is no longer based on industry, but service- finance, health & education. We do not produce tangible products, not even food like we did just a few years ago. Do you think China's 100 billion people are proficient in math, language and science? They are NOT but they do know how to work! They are producing products, not promises. Have you ever helped David plant a garden or been camping or allowed him to take apart the lawnmower?
I'm sure David is headed for college but is he getting educated in something useful? David may become a doctor and make enough money so he never has to change a flat tire. But, most kids with a basketball will never be an NBA star!

Mothers pray that their children will be proficient in all things. Mine are proficient in those areas that bless mankind, and for that I'm grateful. Our responsibility to the young is to give them the tools to further their proficiency in whatever area their talent requires. No one needs to feel inadequate because they lack a college degree. It is frustrating if one does not have the tools to best express their talent. Education and health provide the necessary tools. God bless you. We are all 'workers" in the vineyard of life.

wildman's picture

TV is the greatest education medium ever invented. There are probably more tv's in the U S than all other countries combined. We would have the most highly educated populace in the world if we could get our kids to watch science, history, etc. instead of the mindnumbing crap advancing "politically correct agendas" of those in charge.

It is hard to comprehend why the same people want NO ILLEGALS but are also against a program supplied free that will keep them honest!

I suppose one side is for votes and the other for cheap labor.

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