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County warns of 'aggressive' pit bull dog in Lees Lake area

Fayette County officials are warning the public about a loose pit bull dog in the area of Lees Lake Road that is acting aggressively.

In a news release issued Friday afternoon, officials noted that a resident on Lees Lake was grilling out one evening and came face to face with a large pit bull standing next to his grill.

The resident, Charles Mitchell, said the dog's “mouth came open and he started towards me growling,” Mitchell was quoted as saying in the release. The county noted that Mitchell was thankful his grandchildren were not playing in the yard.

Commission Chairman Steve Brown said that residents have a right to defend themselves "including taking down a dog if they feel threatened."

In this case, deputies searched the area for the dog but were unable to find him, officials said. But deputies have previously had to shoot aggressive dogs. Brown recommends calling 911 the moment an aggressive dog is found running loose.

“We have seen an increase in the ownership of pit bulls and pit bull mixes over the last couple of years as the dogs have become status symbols with young men,” said Brown. “The problem is many of these young owners don’t know how to train a dog and aren’t fully aware of the lethal power the dogs can generate.”

The county government will be researching what other jurisdictions are doing to protect their citizens in similar circumstances, officials said.



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