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PTC to replace library roof

A leaky roof can be expensive to fix, as the Peachtree City Council learned recently.

The library roof in Peachtree City has experienced a large number of repairs due to leaks since it was replaced in 2005.

And while the total cost of $261,4170 to replace it again sounds questionable on the surface, there is much more to the story that makes the expenditure possibly tenable.

Community Services Director Jon Rorie at the March 7 meeting of the council gave an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the often-repaired roof. And in the end, council members voted to continue the matter for two weeks.

Rorie explained that the roof came with a warranty, but the installer subsequently went out of business. As for the manufacturers warranty, that is in place though it covers repairs but not full replacement. The problem with continuing leaks is exacerbated because the roof is flat, Rorie added.

“We could go after the manufacturer but we would still have to continue to patch the roof,” Rorie said.

And that is where the problem lies. The continued need for patching puts the library’s interior in a position of vulnerability where it runs the risk of damaging books and other library materials along with the interior of the building itself.

The bid by Rycars Construction, Inc. to replace the roof came in at $261,470, though $100,000 could be knocked off that price because city staff have secured a state grant to cover part of the cost. However, the grant award expires in June.

The council is expected to review the issue in the coming weeks.



Here's a little help for the day.

1. Most commercial roofing projects require the manufacturers rep to visit the construction in progress to identify potential installation problems and confirm Installation is per manufacturers guidelines. The architect and city should have seen that this was part of the contract. If this was done then the city should have more swag to insist the manufacturer resolve the problem to their satisfaction. If however any maintenance people have left screws on the roof or dropped toolboxes onto the roof and damaged the roof then yes the city will have to replace at their cost because this most likely voided the warranty.

2. Roofers go in and out of business regularly and open up under different names with the same owners. Someone needs to do a little research and then go after them if they are still in business.

3. The general contractor, if refutable, Could assist or have some liability along with the architect if they designed the roof requirements.

4. Someone needs to inquire if there was a bond placed on the roof

5. People must also remember that going with the low bid does not always result in the true low cost especially when one uses questionable contractors and rely on inspectors.

6. Has someone initiated the services of a good roof and waterproofing consultant to see what the causes of the roof leaks are?

7. Get someone with a strong backbone to call the manufacturer every day until its resolved to the city's satisfaction.

8. When all else fails, hire the mayors attorney to fight them in court.

I am glad council has put this on hold. There are too many question marks to hand over money on a 8 year old roof.

The library is only 7 years old and is getting it's third roof at a ridiculous price. Something is really wrong here.
Maybe Peach tree City needs to stop hiring companies that use all illegal alien workers.
My house still has the original roof, 35 years old.
This is scandalous.

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