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Coweta voters to decide on Sunday alcohol sales

The ability to have a glass of wine with dinner on Sunday or to purchase a six-pack on Sunday afternoon in unincorporated Coweta County is an idea whose time might have come. The Coweta County Commission on March 20 agreed to have those questions included on the July 31 ballot.

The unanimous vote to include Sunday package sales and consumption on the premises came after a brief discussion during which commissioners said voters should be the ones to make the decision on the issue.

“I’ve struggled with this. I’m against Sunday sales, people have six other days to make purchases. But it’s important to allow the citizens to vote on it,” said Commissioner Tim Lassetter.

Commissioner Paul Poole agreed, saying that voters should be the ones to determine the outcome of the issue.

Also sounding off was Commissioner Bob Blackburn.

"I’m not particularly in favor of it but the voters right to vote on it supersedes my opinion,” Blackburn said. “With the surrounding areas already doing it the cat is already out of the bag.”

Commissioner Al Smith followed that line of reasoning, noting that residents can make package purchases or have a drink with a meal on Sundays in businesses located in the city but not in the county.

“The voters need to choose,” Smith said. “It’s the right thing to do.”

The referendum will be on the July 31 ballot.



Now that's a common sense approach that doesn't seem available to the Fayette County Commissioners--question is: WHY NOT?

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The perception is probably more to lose than gain by openly supporting free choice and upsetting the undercover theocracy

Looks like Item #6 on the Consent Agenda of the Fayette County Commissioners meeting this Thursday is gonna make you happy.

"Approval of Resolution No. 2012-09 authorizing a referendum election on July 31 to determine whether or not the package sales by retailers of package malt beverages, wine and distilled spirits in unincorporated Fayette County should be allowed on Sundays."

Cheers, buddy!

Damn! About time they took action to correct the disadvantage merchants in our unincorporated were suffering! Thanks for the tip. BTW, u-pic strawberries at Adams are pretty good again this year and while in Florida last week, I had some pretty good sweet corn (available in one region or another yr around in Fla) but will wait a bit to look for good price & good quality here in our local stores. Also, if you're interested in fresh peas or beans, suggest you call Hatcher Produce, 404-361-6669 for availability. They're at theAtl Farmers Mkt, Bldg A, Units 1-6. They'll also have SC Peaches when available. If you buy peas or beans from a local produce place like Adams, they're just re-sellers at a higher price! I've bought stuff from Hatcher's for several yrs and have been very satisfied withboth price & quality.

Right back at ya for the tip on Adams. And on Hatcher. I could eat a peach a day year round if they were good ones. Blueberries, too, man do I look forward to good blueberries. I love this time of year, although the winds and cool has thrown me off a bit. I saw some good looking Fla. corn in Publix on Easter weekend, but it wasn't on the menu, so I passed it up.

You know, we now have a community garden here in PTC. All owned by locals. I wonder if any will be selling any of what they grow. Time will tell.

I read today that the long term outlook for weather is cooler than normal temps. Considering we had 90 plus days of 90 degree heat last summer, I can go for that. Maybe by August you can go on Sunday and get a cold one on one of the 90 plus temp days we might have coming up.

I know that.

It should have been on the first voting slot available.

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