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PTC planners seek input on MacDuff Parkway rezoning

A rezoning request to allow 238 homes on 104 acres in Wilksmoor Village will be voted on Monday night by the Peachtree City Planning Commission.

The two parcels are located off MacDuff Parkway, including a 17-acre site that was previously set aside for a new elementary school that never came to fruition and an 87-acre tract that is zoned for industrial use and borders the CSX railroad.

The area is part of what was known as the West Village before annexation during the administration of then-Mayor Harold Logsdon.

Because the school site was required to remain open space due to a previous zoning action, a rezoning is necessary to allow it to be developed as a subdivision. To compensate for that allowance, John Wieland Homes officials said they shifted that 17 acres of open space to the 87-acre site that borders the railroad, bringing the total open space on that site to 40 acres. That open space will include pocket parks and areas for children to throw the football and frisbee and have unstructured play, company officials said. Part of the open space will also include a stream on the property that will be ideal for children to explore, officials said.

A representative of the Fayette County School System has told the planning commission that the school site, which was deeded back to Wieland after seven years passed with no school built there, is still a necessity for the school system, as nearby schools don’t have much room to absorb new students created by additional development in the Wilksmoor Village.

The commission is particularly interested in hearing public comments from residents in the area as the rezonings stand to add a number of cars to the often-choked artery of Ga. Highway 54 West, which is the only way in and out for residents of Wilksmoor Village.

The commission’s vote will be one of recommendation only, as the final say on all zoning matters rests with the Peachtree City Council. The meeting starts at 7 p.m. Monday at City Hall.

The 204-home subdivision would be age-targeted for residents 55 and up with price points north of $300,000 and the 34-home subdivision would not be age-targeted but would have price points upwards of $450,000, Wieland officials said.

Wieland representatives have said they are ready to move forward on paying for the company’s share of the MacDuff Parkway extension to Ga. Highway 74 north. The $8 million project will be jointly funded by Wieland and developer Brent Scarborough. The road, including a bridge over the CSX railroad, must be built before the city will issue any certificate of occupancy for future development on 782 acres annexed into the city north of MacDuff Parkway back in 2007.

The city has commissioned a study of the entire corridor of Hwy. 54 West, stretching from the county line to Willowbend Road at City Hall. The study is expected to provide several recommendations for road improvements to help traffic flow smoother.

Also the Georgia Department of Transportation is working on a new traffic signal timing system that will adapt to surges of traffic by switching to different timing patterns in an effort to maximize the efficiency of the existing road. While that will almost certainly pay off with some improvement in traffic, DOT officials have cautioned that there is only so much capacity available with the current road.



I don't see how they are going to get back to grade at 74 north after the overpass at the RR Tracks...any comments on this? Or is there more room there than I realize?

2ndly, make sure the builders are held to the ZERO CO's being issued until this connection is finished. PERIOD.

It appears we need room for an Elementary School too. Make sure we get the land so we will have it if needed. If nothing else, build a structure of some kind on said land so it will not revert back to the developer.

It appears that there was never an intention to build a bridge at Kedron Dr. South, just another intersection with a light. Additionally, Phase 2 of the MacDuff extension was to build a bridge at Kedron Dr. North.

I found another article which discusses extending Kedron Dr. North to Minix rd. also.

until, at the very least, the PTC and GDOT traffic studies are both done. This city needs to get clarity on how/when the existing traffic issues can be addressed. Not to mention what will be even greater safety issues for the FD for the west village when this area is further developed.

Weiland has placed federal and state Constitutional law challenges to denial or additional conditions placed onto this rezone and condition change (look it up under the agenda packet on the city planning website), so I want to see the results of these traffic studies before anyone says yes or no.

Nobody in charge wants to hear the Fayette or Coweta Counties. Build more access points between the two Counties. Until this is addressed, it will get worse, with retail on both sides of the County line, it is inevitable.

One road between Rockaway and Palmetto-Tyrone Road, what do officials expect? Get together and fix it.

a road from lower Kedron Dr., cross 74, into and across the west side, and connecting over to Fisher/Minix intersection. One and a half miles of state road straight through. Think that might be a reason why this is coming so fast for approvals before GDOT comes in with their recommendations? Then, you could open up this area to office space, college, etc, instead of residential.

That would be a great route to by pass..but common sense is not known to GDOT (sidewalks up and down 74 that no one uses)

Can someone tell me why they can't extend tdk into coweta county?

But I agree with others, a point NORTH of Hwy 54 would be nice to have. One South of there is needed too. That said, DO SOMETHING or it will get worse.

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Some people and even big-government-is-always-the-solution people like Steve Brown are adamantly opposed to the extension of TDK Blvd into Coweta County because they think it is actually an extension of TDK coming into Fayette County. In other words they think it is a one-way street which will bring Coweta County people into PTC and increase our traffic, crime and maybe incest. Some, like Haddix, believe these people would be coming through PTC (and may be doing so now) for the sole purpose of getting to I-85 via. 74 north.

Of course both of them are idiots, but thankfully neither will have any say in the matter after the May 20 election.

Anybody with half a brain knows that the traffic problem is too many cars on too few streets or roads and that the solution is :
a. Carpooling
b. Banning gasoline cars and golf carts
c. Increasing gas prices
d. More stop lights
e. Forcing employers of the drivers to change their driving times or habits
f. Banning Cowetians from using our parks or lakes
g. None of the above
And my choice

Sorry for shouting, but things this obvious make me emotional.

And thanks for your question - I promise it will be asked during the Rotary election forum in early May.

Live free or die!

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There are a few salient facts that you omitted which add some important context to the TDK question.

1) That shortly after the Fayette County and PTC announced the extension of TDK into Coweta County, the Coweta County Commission approved a 3,000 home development with adjoining 600,000 square feet of office and commercial property (aka McIntosh Village). The developer's own traffic study noted that several thousand cars from the village would feed into HWY 74 daily from the planned TDK extension.

2) Because of the density of this proposed development, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) then determined that the planned two-lane extension was inadequate, and that a four lane road (and bridge) would have to be built.

3) And that Fayette County and PTC taxpayers would have to pony up the extra money for redesign and construction of this larger bridge. Or lose future ARC eligibility for funding support for other regional projects.

Under those circumstances, even the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce withdrew their support for the TDK extension. And shortly thereafter, so did then Mayor Logsdon.

What I will be curious to see out of this pending traffic study is what percentage of Hwy 54 traffic from Coweta turns north at the light towards Atlanta, versus what percentage continues on towards Fayetteville. That should shed light on weather the crux of the issue is better east-west access across the county, or better access to I-85 from East Coweta.

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I always thought the hysteria over TDK extension was overblown, but who knows. In any event it is dead now and can't be brought back because of that strip of land the city or the county created as a barrier.

Nevertheless, the solution is some other east/west road and it would be best if the new mayor and council knew this and appointed a task force with city staff resources to identify a couple of routes. Anybody who is counting on the MacDuff extension being the solution or even being built for free by the developers from whom we will withhold occupancy certificates until they spend $8million should not be on that task force or even allowed to vote.

So, forget MacDuff and start looking.

Live free or die!

But its not and you're actually serious! The whole time Logsdon was pushing this "Bridge to traffic nightmares" he kept saying it was for those handful of people who commute to and from Coweta and their jobs in south PTC. Trust him, hardly anyone else would even bother to use the road..... It was just pure coincidence that developers stood ready to build THOUSANDS of new homes on the Coweta side of that bridge when built and who's sole access would be via TDK and through PTC, and then when it wasn't built cancelled those plans immediately. Developers and unfortunately many of our elected officials care nothing of our quality of life whether they're actions are done in the name of 'progress' or 'fairness'. Progress towards what and fair for whom?

Before he was against it.

Frankly, I think our traffic situation today would be better if it had been built....

Doing nothing is not an option that will help.

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Let's see: Brown was totally against it before being elected, got elected, became for it, then was totally against it again. Sort of like how he feels on most issues like district voting, Westside annexation and development moratoriums.

Coweta was going to build houses along that road. Is this something new to politicians? Where roads go, homes go close by. Shocking but true.

The TDK deal was at least a little less offensive than the complete stupidity by PTC in denying the sewer request from Senoia several years ago in one of Council's worst moments ever. Thanks Haddix, and good 'ol Steve who hated the idea too. So Senoia gets double the sewer capacity instead from Coweta and PTC/WASA gets nothing? Really brilliant thinking there.

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming of a bunch of people arguing with a raciallly-obsessed troll.

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[quote]Now back to your regularly scheduled programming of a bunch of people arguing with a raciallly-obsessed troll.[/quote]

Now I don't care who you are, that was funny right there!!!!! LOL

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If one assumes that the crux of the traffic problem is not lights, but the sheer volume of traffic trying to transit the 54/74 intersection, then the answer is clear. But expensive. You are going to have to change the grade of one of the roads, either by overpass or tunnel. Regardless of which option, the state is going to have to acquire a big chunk of land by either sale or by eminent domain. I guess from the southwest corner of the intersection, where Sonny's currently sits, since that is the space needed to get traffic from 54 heading north on 74 to Atlanta in the morning and home during the evening.

Because they are state roads, it is at least in the realm of possible funding from GDOT-with added money from the city, county and ARC.

One could opt to four lane MacDuff and use it as a bypass. But you are still left with fighting with the developer in court over the land, and the cost of an above grade crossing over the tracks. Worse, I suspect funding would be more of a problem. As a city road, PTC and Fayette County would be on the hook for most of the costs of building a road that would primarily be for the benefit of residents of Coweta County. Maybe the state could pitch in for the overpass connection to Hwy 74. But try selling that SPLOST to voters.

The 2014 Draft Master Transportation Plan for Coweta County does not call for widening/increasing the capacity of Fischer Road. I guess they don't see this as their problem to solve.

The sheer volume of the traffic is certainly an issue. The timing of the lights is a major factor however. I drive that road everyday. All you have to do is stand at the intersection of Huddleston/54 looking west at the light at Planterra/54. The light at Planterra remains red for a good 25 seconds after the lights at Huddleston and 54/74 Westbound have turned green (and traffic cannot move because of the red light at Planterra. The traffic begins backing up at Planterra, and creates a ripple effect eastward. Ever wonder why traffic doesn't seem to be as much of an issue in the mornings? The reason is because at that time the traffic is backed up westward from the Planterra intersection to beyond Fischer road, not as big of an impact here in Peachtree City. I believe if the state installs their sensors correctly, and at certain times of the day allows longer backups on Planterra to allow for longer greens on 54, this issue would be greatly resolved.
Additonally, I believe using Macduff as a bypass for 54/74 will have minimal impact (when you look at it from a cost/benefit standpoint), as the bulk of the traffic is coming from east and south of the 54/74 intersection. There would also have to be major rework of the Macduff/54 intersection in my opinion. While opening Macduff northward to Kedron would appear to benefit the residents of Wilksmoor Village, I am not so sure, it might present more of a headache than we already have. But thats another discussion.
I truly believe that if the city were to somehow find a way to open TDK a lot of these problems would go away. It would greatly reduce the number of Coweta vehicles utilizing the Avenue/Huddleston/Planterra as access pts. to 54 at quitting time.

This city is using, right now, $70,000. of our money to have Pond & Co. study 54 from Coweta line to City Hall and a small section of 74 in the 54/74 area. GDOT is using, right now, xx? (I think $30-40K dollars) of GDOT money to study this same corridor.

This obscene amount of money being spent on these 2 studies, at the same time, on the same road(s), had better get us some relief from this clogged artery. Not just for the city, not just for the county, but all those who travel through this route and are affected by the backups. I am including, most urgently in all of this, the safety of those who live and work in the Hwy 54 West corridor. Timely access for public safety should be first consideration. Traffic backup relief, a close second.

TDK should never be an option, as has already been decided. The focus should be on GDOT and on Pond & Co. to get solutions on the table from these 2 studies.

Anyone who travels (residents, workers, visitors) 54 West should be flooding city hall with comments and observations and photos right now of what you witness and experience along this corridor. Send it to

Not much else can be done, other than add access to and fro from Coweta to Fayette...THAT is the Gorilla sitting in the corner which no one seems to want to address. Hopefully this study will put some wheels in motion in that direction. I know lots of folks who live in Coweta, and must come this way for work in the AM and they complain too about going home. It is an issue for BOTH Counties..we need to work together with the GDOT to find fixes.

That said, I know when to travel these roads for the least delay.

Or just load the 4x4's on the golf cart roof. :)

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Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

although the kiddos left back at the ranch might not enjoy it so much. The spousal unit, either. Me? If not the 58K model, surely this one below will do for around 3500. Basket, dual rear view mirrors and cupholder included, of course.

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all those models come with the federally mandated back-up warning system..beep, beep, beep. But, for a few dollars more you can upgrade that system with one of <a href=""><strong>these</strong>.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

next time...I had my volume all the way up and fell off my chair!! Now I know that is also the sound my cat makes when I fall on top of him...and the sound I make when I fall on top of him...great catch, Cy! You da bomb!

5 friggin light cycles to get thru 74/54

Planned community?

I avoid it until after 3 or so, or golf cart it.

in 64 degree cloudy weather? I think NOT. brrrr.. Some things you just can't avoid, or should not HAVE to avoid in your hometown. Or so it used to be..

Would love to see the police standing out there giving tickets to the schmos that get stuck in the intersection and hold up everyone else. I was going to Sams so the golf cart was out of the question.

Anything good happen at the BOC meeting?

But Huddleston has a much shorter wait on the weekends...

But traffic was fine......

Until 74/54

Just keep saying to myself. It's only once or twice a month. Lol

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I had the unfortunate need of going to the "Orange" store for my never-ending home remodeling exercise. it was a true PIA experience getting through the 54/74 jam.

Oh, and after assurances from the store staff that the thingy I needed was in stock; well lets just say it has been a rather disappointing day. Grrrrrrrrrr!

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I feel your pain

from Senoia. Starting today, instead, you could have taken a leisurely ride out there and taken the brand spankin' new 2 hour Senoia On The Big Screen Walking Tour for only twenty bucks. Down the hill next to the nursery.

I watched Scotty Tigchelaar (sp) walking down the sidewalk on Main St., just about no one knowing who he is and how much fun he must have listening to the touristo's while they snap the photos of the rr tracks and Woodbury.

Tomorrow night, the finale of TWD. Gonna be a gut wrencher.....:)

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Now you've gone and let the cat out of the bag!

if you suffered through the first hour and a half of awards given to every one who has 2 nostrils in the county, then you were rewarded with SB and the others saying the path system is now a county path system, not city, and he is king of all BOE issues since he has had multiple discussion with the principal there, blah, blah , blah, then yes, all is good with the world of Fayette. Sorry about you and Cy's journeys thru the heart of the beast today. Some days, you just go home and...well, just go home.

I like it in the 50's for open....

69 is better, I must say. I like windows open, too. Just not in my 50's. Or in the 50's. Did before my 50's. Will let you know later about after my 50's. In the 40's and below, no go. In the 60's and above, yes, coming soon..

end of the month PAYDAY....PAYDAY.... everyone out and about to spend, spend, spend!
Hey, think those Pond & Co. and GDOT workers are out and about monitoring and studying the WEEKEND traffic right now? I think NOT.
Good, necessary feedback, H&F.

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