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Student, 17, charged with killing uncle

Fayetteville resident and Fayette County High School student Mustafa Madhi was charged with murder Tuesday morning in the stabbing death of his uncle.
Madhi, 17, of 395 Sylvan Loop, was charged with malice murder, felony murder and aggravated assault, according to Fayetteville Police Det. Mike Whitlow.
Whitlow said officers were called to the Sylvan Loop residence in north Fayetteville March 24 approximately 8:15 p.m. on a domestic argument. Madhi lived at that address, which is owned by his grandmother, Whitlow said.
Officers at the scene found Madhi’s uncle, David John Quincy, III, of Atlanta, bleeding from several stab wounds. Quincy was transported to Atlanta Medical Center by Fayette County EMS where he died, Whitlow said.
Whitlow said Quincy had come to the residence to help Mahdi and had offered to allow Mahdi to live with him. Mahdi and Quincy became engaged in a heated argument and Mahdi began stabbing him, Whitlow said.
Detectives recovered evidence at the scene as well as witness testimony which led them to the arrest of Mahdi.
Whitlow said Madhi was at the residence when officers arrived and was subsequently arrested without incident.
“Mr. Quincy was trying to help him and Mr. Madhi turned on him,” said Whitlow. “This is a terrible tragedy for this family.”
The most recent murder in Fayetteville involved a restaurant robbery gone bad last year in which one of the robbers was shot and killed by one of the robbery victims. The robber’s accomplice was charged with murder. Ten years ago, a man shot his estranged wife to death as she sat in a Fayetteville dentist’s chair.
Below, the location of the murder. Photo/John Munford.


What's up? Do we now call that Newdale? :)

Murders in Newnan--robberies in Peachtree City, many robberies and hi-jackings etc in Fayetteville. It sure is not the same place it was twenty years ago--but I wonder if anyplace is what it was twenty years ago as to crime. I get so sick of reading about almost nothing but robberies, murders, hold-ups highjackings etc. in article after article in the AJC and every news station seems to have nothing but the same or more of the same. I guess there is a Mayberry out there somewhere--if there is I hope no one learns about it because if they did and the influx started it would only be more of the same. Oh, well, guess I am showing my age tonight-longing for the 'good ole days' or at least 'the better ole days'. Like Scarlett, I think I'll just worry about that tomorrow---

Be vigilant...

The city council worries about a stupid stop light on 54. Wake up and protect the city from the blight heading our way.

I would welcome your input.

Our Police force does a great job, as does Fayetteville, but I think they would like to hear how you prevent a crime like this.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

If you mean anyone's own nephew, that almost seems out of the reach of the protective arm of our city council. They could I suppose require that the nephew's father always be present when the uncle comes to visit, but that's a bit much even for Peachtree City. Maybe you could require everyone register their nephews sort of like handguns and sex offenders - that way the city could keep track of them. - maybe a chip implant or something like that.

I guess everyone should think twice before offering their nephew a place to live. Or if you must make an offer to your nephew, carry your concealed weapon. It is a great equalizer in a knife fight. Hey, that's it! Have city council pass an ordinance that every resident with a nephew will be required to carry a gun. New slogan "Peachtree City, Plan to Stay and watch us regulate everything"

Live free or die!

Emma Bovary's picture

This young man is an orphan--both mother and father are deceased. This is his first year at FCHS. I know that these facts do not mitigate the heinous nature of killing his uncle, but the more you know...

Robert W. Morgan's picture

So then, how did the parents die? He seems like a nice kid and a studious student from his picture. So, why is he an orphan and how did his parents die? Simple question.

Live free or die!

Emma Bovary's picture

Sorry, but I really can't say more just now. I'm sure it will all come out, but what I don't understand sometimes is why this newspaper doesn't do any real journalism. Why aren't they telling us more? Why aren't they asking questions? They just read police reports and repeat what is offered there.

If he is guilty, he needs a date with ol Sparky.

That's not going to happen. The SCOTUS ruled minors can't face the death penalty even if tried as an adult.

Then he should spend the rest of his life in prison. If a mental illness is involved he should spend the rest of his life in a mental institution.

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The more you know?

You only need to know that someone took a life.

If it's this man that took the life, and it wasn't self defense, then what's the remedy?

There are no mitigating circumstances that justify murder.

Emma Bovary's picture

"There are no mitigating circumstances that justify murder."

I think if you read my post you will know that I said that the info I provided did not mitigate the facts of the crime.

I think that once everything is known we will find that he had a mental disorder. I believe that murder is never justified, just as you do. I'm only saying that there are circumstances here that only the family understands.

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If that is what you said then I agree.

This unforgivable sin may be forgiven but not by man, it's his only hope now.

My daughter went to school with him. Said she never saw anything that would make someone think he could do something like this. Yes mental illness might be a part of this and if so of course the court will use it as a mitigation circumstance. But I would think not in most cases. Few mental illness can be used in this kind of defense and even when they are juries tend to vote guilty anyway. The best a judge can do is delay a case while doctors work to see if it played a part here. When it's all said and done we end up with yet another young man in prison and another family destroyed. Wish I had the answers to keep it from happening again but I just don't. I do my best to raise my children right and think I have. But then so do a lot of parents who end up visiting the kids in prison.

The police did fine here. This wasn't a crime they could prevent. All they can do in these kinds of cases is to react after the crime is reported and they did just that.

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