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Cart path bridge over Flat Creek in south PTC opens

A new cart path bridge connecting homes on the southside to the city’s industrial park was completed this week.

The new cart path bridge over Flat Creek is now open for traffic, officials said Thursday. It links the Morallion Hills subdivision with the Gardner Park industrial area.

The project was completed by path paving crews from the city’s public works department.

This connection has been long-sought, particularly by some residents who are looking forward to commuting to the nearby Federal Aviation Administration air traffic control facility.

The rain has not been as kind to the city’s more high-profile cart path bridge over the CSX railroad tracks at Ga. Highway 54 West. Contracting crews are struggling to finish the project during the few available dry periods.

The bridge is only lacking approach paths that will link the bridge to a tunnel underneath the highway. Once complete, the project will allow carts and other path traffic to navigate between The Avenue and Marketplace shopping centers as well as the Wilksmoor Village shopping center and businesses on Huddleston Road.

The bridge and tunnel combination also will provide a crucial linkage for those in Wilksmoor Village who wish to travel further south in the city. That linkage will further improve when the city completes the path approaches to the new tunnel underneath Ga. Highway 74 at Paschal Road, a project slated to start in April.



Does anyone know if there are plans that go along with the road widening to finish a path to BSC from this bridge?

is actually scheduled to be extended into Morallion Hills up to and ending at the most recent former mayor's abode. It will be named the Harold Highway. His buds at the FAA bldg. will have cart races starting at their workplace, with a beverage rest stop in the woods next to the new bridge and a 9 hole round on the Braelinn Golf Course, all finishing up in a certain Morallion Hills home back yard for a likkered up discussion of how regulating insurance companies in Ga. can be compared to the FAA regulating airspace over PTC.

I think the brand new "Neighborhood Watch" sign just installed at the entrance tells us what the residents true feelings are of giving their neighborhood a direct connection to Hwy 74 and all that travels up/down it and could end up in their neighborhood.

At least my memory says that...

2ndly, you should go ahead and get it over with, and just ask Logsdon out, then after he turns you down, your hard-on for him would go away. :)

No one out there floats my boat less than that eyesore. Just keepin' the candidate's record honest till election time. Then, when he loses, he will never be heard of or from again.

You, on the other hand, will be able to continue on with your pottymouth.:)

I'm sure the 4-5 folks on here that see your comments appreciate it. Your one man standoff to Logsdon.

Pottymouth....that's a good one.

What about my serious part of the post? The tunnel under 74? I think it's on the plans...

Yes, the plans are there. The tunnel is going to go under 74 at the BSC and north going along the east side of 74 to Gardner Park, a distance of approximately a little over one mile.

So, what fund will the path cost come from? Or should I say funds?

Of course, this will all take place about 2-3 years minimum from now, after 74 widening is done. And we come up with millions for the paving.

Oh, and for an aside to all this, the Council is going to have a Grand Opening for the CSX/54 paths/tunnels!! Puhleeze tell me its for April Fools Day!!!! I just love a local government with a sense of humor!!!! Same day as the meeting...cut the ribbon right after the meeting!!!

They KNOW I have money riding on April Fools Day, so I say we give the 3 workers who are plodding along on this project a Starbucks Gift Card with unlimited caffeine on it to fast track it to April Fools. A mere 48 hours from now. I mean, who DOESN'T think April Fools is the appropriate opening here? :)

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