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PTC to meet on leash law, cell tower locations

Voice control may be on the way out

The potential elimination of the “voice control” option for pets will be discussed by the Peachtree City Council at a workshop meeting Monday, Apr. 12 at 6:30 p.m. at City Hall.

At the same meeting, council is expected to further discuss potential locations for future cell phone towers, as most of the few sites which meet zoning regulations are either owned by the city or the Fayette County Board of Education.

City staff has recommended the city require leashes for animals when on public rights-of-way. The voice control ordinance is impossible to enforce, Police Chief H.C. “Skip” Clark previously told council.

The city had a total of eight dog bite cases reported last year. Staff also will propose regulations for tethered dogs that are left unattended, citing statistics that such animals are twice as likely to bite a human compared to other dogs.

During the cell tower discussion, council will take a look at the areas around town where three carriers have indicated they have a need for new towers.
A recent city study showed that precious few sites are available in residential areas which would meet the needs of the three carriers who have chosen to meet with the city: T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon. Part of the issue is that it takes a rather sizable lot to locate a new tower and associated ground equipment while meeting the city’s setback requirements, city officials have said.

The fenced compound at the base of the tower cannot be within 200 feet of any residential property line at a bare minimum, according to city ordinance.
Currently the towers can be built on land zoned for open space, agriculture residential, light industrial or general industrial use.

No carrier has filed a formal application for a cell tower, but city staff have explored the issue with carriers in hopes of preventing a proliferation of towers in the city.
Interim Community Development Director David Rast has said the three cell providers working with the city want to build a monopole structure instead of the more typical “lattice” structure seen around the city now. The carriers also want to stay at or below the 200-foot height which triggers a certain type of lighting to be used according to rules of the Federal Aviation Administration, Rast has said.

Two other wireless companies have not yet provided information to the city regarding their potential for future expansion: Sprint and Clear Wireless.



It's about time that Peachtree City require leashes for dogs. The other day, I noticed a dog walking a good 200 feet behind the owners golf cart. Had this dog decided to attack my kids there was no way voice command would do any good when the owner is to busy on the phone and not paying a bit of attention.
Additionally, I think PTC ought to put a limit on the length of the leash as well. I'm sorry but I'm really getting tired of these lazy people who insist on walking their dogs while driving their golf cart and needing the entire path. Walking leashes should be limited to no more then 10 feet.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

A simple leash law is a perfect solution. I have 2 elderly neighbors who won't even go on the cart paths anymore because of the dogs running free. Many others carry sticks or barons as weapons. Easily enforceable - the dog is either on a leash or not. And sure there are some really good dogs (like mine) who can be controlled 100% of the time by voice control, but for everyone like him, there are 10 that run free and can do untold damage in just a second or two when the owner's attention is distracted.

Good source of revenue as well. Police on certain sections of the cart path on an ATV could write 10 tickets an hour. Good deterrent would be to park the animal control truck 50 feet behind the police officer.

Live free or die!

TinCan's picture

However, I would be willing to bet that each of those 10 other dog owners would have the exact same comment as yours. And therein lies the problem. As for me, I can't get our two to listen in the house.

Robert W. Morgan's picture

If you or I think our dog is exempt because he is so well trained, then no enforcement is possible under the current law. If the law is changed to "be on the leash or get busted" then both good and bad dogs are on the leash and there is no problem.

I promise that I will not go to a city council meeting where this is discussed and ask that a city-wide law be relaxed for my little doggie. Hope others can do the same.

I mean, how hard is it for you people to keep your dog on a leash?

Live free or die!

run on the hard surface paths.
It really hurts their nails and feet. Try tying the owner to the cart bare-footed and drag him behind a cart!

When the dog has a choice he only occasionally uses the road--it is also usually hot.

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