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Rep. Westmoreland to speak at April 6 breakfast

Business leaders and Fayette residents are invited to hear an update from U.S. Congressman Lynn Westmoreland a breakfast sponsored by the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce Tuesday, April 6 from 7:30-9 a.m. at the Wyndham Peachtree Conference Center in Peachtree City.

Rep. Westmoreland will brief participants on healthcare, transportation and other core business issues. Advance registration is required. The cost is $20 for Chamber members and $25 for non-members.

To register online, visit

Westmoreland serves on the Transportation and Infrastructure, Small Business and Government Oversight and Reform committees. Serving on the Small Business Committee affords him the opportunity to consistently focus on ways to enhance the business climate for one of our nation’s most important economic engines. Within the Small Business Committee, he is the Ranking Member of the Subcommittee on Regulations, Health Care, and Trade. This subcommittee examines the regulatory activities of issues that affect small businesses, as well as oversight on health care coverage and trade issues. He is also a member of the Subcommittee on Investigations and Oversight. This subcommittee works to oversee the Small Business Administration.



Pretty expensive bacon and eggs?
Does this chamber ever sponsor a democrat at a breakfast? An Independent?
Are all of the members sworn to loyalty to the republicans?

If any simply members of the public attend would they be allowed to ask some good questions and get an answer?

I think I have reached a conclusion as to just how places like this immediate area become 80% republican (the other 20% are yankees).
Could it be something that began around some cities during the 1960s?
Now many of these people at one time were southern democrats (dixiecrats) but in order to keep getting elected (some for 50 years)they had to change their affiliation politically to republican. I won't name any big names here but they happened.

I always thought that the Chamber was a non-affiliated organization both legally and actually! One learns something every day!

<cite>I think I have reached a conclusion as to just how places like this immediate area become 80% republican (the other 20% are yankees).
Could it be something that began around some cities during the 1960s?</cite>

Ya think??

I've met terrific families here who were 'undercover' integrationists during the 60's - this area was a stronghold for the 'dixiecrats'. There are still some wonderful individuals who keep their political affiliation 'secret'. Sad.

mudcat's picture

He is the only one in the entire county that is our elected U.S. Representative. In other words we are in his district. Would you rather get an update from whoever Westmoreland beat in the election? David Worely? I think a timely update on what is happening in Washington right now (the dumbing down of America and the socialist takeover) is something we need to hear about. The $20 only half pays for breakfast, the rest goes into his campaign so we can be sure no liberal Democrats ever get elected from here to represent us.

And no you fool, Westmoreland won't be taking any questions and will not say anything relevant, I mean it is Lynn Westmoreland for crying out loud. Its not like he got smarter since he's been in Washington.

By the way, we are #7 in the country as the most conservative county, so that probably means 93% conservative with 1/2 the black population and JeffC and David Worely and 10 others registered as Democrats. The old Southern (Democrats, one and all) Dixiecrats have died off, thank God.

If you want to try and sell equal time aka the Fairness Doctrine - boy the Dems are good at naming things so they don't sound like what they actually are - anyway, if you want to try and sell that crap to the Chamber of Commerce, join up and get on a committee. Warning, they usually meet after happy hour starts, so you may have to lay off the sauce a couple nights a week.

he is your rep.
Couldn't you have done better picking someone else?
Isn't Steve a Republican? He doesn't cater to fools much.

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