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Cross-county carting ahead?

Fayette may allow 15-year-old drivers in unincorporated county

A proposal to update the golf cart regulations for unincorporated Fayette County, allowing 15-year-olds to drive solo if they have a learner’s permit, will be considered Thursday night by the Fayette County Commission.

Along with the new regulations will be a $15 fee every three years for unincorporated county residents to register their golf cart, with the idea they will be able to drive it in Peachtree City and Tyrone as well without having to register their cart in either city.

County Commission Chairman Steve Brown has wanted the changes in an effort to make it easier for Peachtree City residents to be able to drive to the Starr’s Mill High School campus. However, such an initiative lacks a cart path leading from Redwine Road back to the school, as well as a separate parking area for golf carts similar to the golf cart parking available at McIntosh High School.

Children ages 12 to 14 will be allowed to drive a golf cart so long as they are accompanied by a passenger who is at least 18 years old and holds a driver’s license, according to the new ordinance.

The new ordinance also requires owners of gas-powered golf carts to make sure the exhaust system function is “in good working order” and failure to do so can result in revocation of the cart’s registration.

The matter will be discussed at the commission’s regular meeting Thursday at 7 p.m., at the county administrative complex in downtown Fayetteville.

The commission has specifically asked for public input on the new ordinance.



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is “in good working order”.

Yup, that's real enforceable.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

is online now. A working draft. Only had 8 months to get the details pinned down since this was brought up last August at the BOC meeting.

Looks like, if a reciprocal agreement is made between PTC and the unincorporated county, the city will lose the $60. unincorporated county cart registration fees. No income at all coming into PTC for this additional traffic onto city paths.

No income at all except $5.00 year for unincorporated county to maintain their paths.

PTC council will ultimately decide, as will BOE, whether this goes through. It will require changes to the PTC ordinance, too.

PTC residents have been complaining for years about added policing on the paths in addition to normal maintenance. Not against the idea per se, but PTC needs to think this through more.

Kind of surprised it's on the agenda. I think SB, has to dot his I's and cross his T's to look out for what's best in the city. This district voting thing more or less makes the position a second mayor in a way .

Last summer, this was touted as good for the teens who live in unincorporated county..not one person from PTC spoke in favor of this to BOC. In fact, looking at the Aug. 15th minutes, Scott Fabricious, president of Whitewater Creek and coincidentally, is the Chair of the Fayette Republican Party, spoke about how it is illegal for golf carts to cross Redwine from WWC to Highgrove, yet it is done all the time.
Is this change going to change that law, too, or will there be teens illegally crossing Redwine to get to/from school?

The subtlety here is hard to notice, but now the focus is on the teens of PTC, not the ones in the unincorporated county. This is now the official first political move directed at a new FC district. You nailed it, the mayor of PTC is now a second to the county BOC rep.

Just coincidence that one of the interns last summer who worked the recommendations to the BOC is related to a realtor who works for the same firm the mayor works for.

Those who spoke last August do not have a clue where the boundaries are between PTC and FC, they do not know the ordinances, they admit their teens do not know, either. They said we are one big happy family in FC and the path system is there for everyone, not just PTC. Funny, but didn't PTC Council just dole out over $40 thousand of PTC tax dollars to Keep Peachtree City Beautiful to clean up litter on the PTC paths that all of FC enjoy. We build 'em, we pay to maintain them and all get to use them. Not one county dime will go to our budget to support the added expense of maintaining the PTC paths with this additional traffic. Do it for the 12-15 year olds, they are suffering so without this access.

Really need to rally tonight to request additional time to analyze the ramifications. This really isn't a minor issue and tonight will be the first exhibition of territorial voting. SB, PTC's county mayor, needs to put his county duties in his back pocket and vote for what's in the best interest of PTC.

Most, I think, who are in the Starrs Mill district within PTC, are in Ognio's district now. However, I agree, this is a discussion related to the current election.

Ognio has a portion of PTC, but most of his constituants are county residents and if they want to tie into PTC's paths at little or no costs, he really doesn't have a dog in the fight because he is better off personally and politically to vote for the approval.

it...nail on the head.

Did his firm get any of the electrical work at Pinewood?

about that. The spousal unit I do believe has set up shop across the street there in the school that never was. All good, jobs flowing into the county, as promised. lol

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Seems like this subdivision had a problem with the potential traffic between PTC and Highgrove and WWC - they even put a gate over the path to stop traffic flow. It would be nice for some of the PTC kids to visit their school friends over in these subdivisions over the summer without having to worry about the FCSO staking out the path and handing out tickets.


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Just stay out of the left lane.

Moe's warning……. TURN YOUR VOLUME DOWN.

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.


Hey, tell me those ain't Starrs Mill colors..please...oh my gosh, what have you DONE, Cy?

my dog has laid bigger skid marks than that puppy..:)

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you mean redneck graffiti?

Anyways, I'll put some race'n tires on that buggy and coupled with a power to weight ratio of about 1 ounce per horsepower the acceleration will be……..well it would be breathtaking. Like this:

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

like this kinda breathtaking?

volume UP, smokin' and not just once...

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That's the Hoveround I want!!!!! It has two speeds - "On" and "Off". I wonder if i can get one for "little or no cost" just like the TV commercial (scam) notes?

Caution - The Surgeon General has determined that constant blogging is an addiction that can cause a sedentary life style.

I think The Scooter Store put a crimp in you getting one for little or no cost..seems those days are over, at least for now till the next scam comes around..the feds caught on to what was going on in scooter world and are probably watching other companies, too.

Little or no cost, sure, like everything out there now, right.? Gas going up to almost 3.50 I just we go again. I just got me 4 new golf cart tires and am ready for some warm weather. Life at 15mph, more my speed.


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