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County OKs waterline relocation, bypass bridge design

The Fayette County Commission last week authorized spending $271,000 to relocate a waterline at the intersection of Ga. Highway 92 South and Hilo Road.

The work is necessary because of improvements planned for the intersection which include a realignment of the road and the addition of turn lanes and a traffic signal, according to county staff.

The Georgia Department of Transportation has sped up the schedule for construction and it is anticipated work will begin almost as soon as the waterline is moved, said County Public Works Director Phil Mallon.

The initial cost was supposed to be around $250,000, but a $21,000 cost increase was incurred after the county learned that DOT wanted the existing water pipes to be removed or filled with concrete. Going with the concrete fill is cheaper than removing them, said Water System Director Tony Parrott.

Funding for the waterline relocation is coming from the county’s water system improvement fund.

The commission also voted to fund an $18,229 design contract for a crucial bridge project for the west Fayetteville bypass.

The project will involve the upgrade or replacement of the bridge on Westbridge Road that crosses Morning Creek. The project also includes correction of the sharp curve near the bridge, according to a staff memo on the bid recommendation.

The lowest approved bidder for the design work is Heath and Lineback Engineers, Inc. at $18,229.

The commission also approved a $4,200 bid from LAI Engineering for design of intersection improvements at Newton Road and Ga. Highway 92 and a separate $7,500 bid from McGee Partners Inc. for intersection improvements at Ga. Highway 279 and Old Ford Road.

Funds for all three projects are coming from revenues from the county’s special transportation sales tax.



ginga1414's picture

When did the bridge on Westbridge Rd. become part of the West Fayetteville Bypass? The West Fayetteville Bypass/Parkway or whatever they are calling it seems to be a catch-all for whatever the county feels is necessary at the time. It has been a well known fact for many years that the only sensible solution to diverting traffic from the center of Fayetteville could be best accomplished with the East Bypass. However, that didn't pan out. What do they plan on doing if all those folks just plain don't want to go from Highway 54 to Highway 92 and Westbridge Rd.? Are they going to have police directing traffic to that point even if the folks don't want to go to that point? They are using millions and millions of our tax dollars to build this thing and they don't even have facts and figures to justify the construction, destruction and expenditure. So, is Morning Creek going to be yet another stream to be crossed and added to the mitigation costs?

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