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April orders for Angel Food now being taken at Summit

The Summit Church, through the Angel Food Ministries program, is offering quality food at discount prices to members of the community. The deadline for the April order is April 12.

Angel Food Ministries ( is an organization dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality food to those in need. The organization is now operational in 45 states.

Angel Food Ministries’ service is available to anyone who wants to stretch their food dollars. There are no income requirements or program qualifications; the program accepts SNAP. There are no limits to the quantity of boxes per individual, nor are there any applications or qualifications for eligibility.

“In response to current economic conditions and lengthy unemployment lines, there is a greater need for Angel Food’s services nationwide,” a spokesperson said, “and expansion of these services is one example of the amplified need for quality, affordable food, which is at the core of Angel Food’s mission. Angel Food provides individuals and families with fresh, brand name food for a fraction of the retail price. By purchasing food in bulk, directly from some of the top suppliers in the country, food is discounted by up to 50 percent of retail.”

Angel Food Ministries is now offering a new selection of prepackaged boxes with more protein items. The boxes contain top quality food staples from every food group, including chicken or beef, milk, eggs, vegetables and fruits. Each of the regular boxes of food feeds a family of four for about one week or a single individual for almost a month.

The menu selections vary each month, and consist of both fresh and frozen items, saving Americans money with no sacrifice to quality. There is even a box geared towards the nutritional for people on the go.

For more information or to order, contact The Summit Church at or call 770-460-3335.


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