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Brown: Fund East Bypass by ditching West Bypass

An effort to steer Fayette County’s remaining transportation sales tax funds toward the East Fayetteville Bypass — and away from the West Fayetteville Bypass — was introduced last week by Fayette County Commissioner Steve Brown and then tabled by the full commission.

Brown, who has opposed construction of the West Bypass, contends it should be halted for now so all funds can be used on the East Bypass. Brown has noted that all Fayette County governments agreed years ago that the eastern bypass was the “top priority” for the whole county.

The first phase of the West Fayetteville Bypass is complete, and the second phase is in the land acquisition stage, while a preliminary alignment has been approved for the third and final phase.

Brown’s proposal was tabled until the next commission meeting, since the related documents were not available in advance of last Thursday’s meeting, and Commissioner Lee Hearn said he wanted to review them before making his decision on the matter.

The East Fayetteville Bypass has been criticized as a $39.4 million “road to nowhere” since its southern terminus does not reach either state highway south of Fayetteville. Instead, the East Bypass ends at the intersection of County Line Road, south of Jeff Davis Road and Inman Road.

As such, it falls significantly short of reaching Ga. highways 92 and 85.

The northern terminus would be at Hwy. 85 and Corinth Road. The road also will intersect with Ga. Highway 54 east of Fayetteville.

Because of its location, some have argued that the East Fayetteville Bypass would help more residents in Clayton County than in Fayette.

The flip side of that argument is that if more Clayton residents were to use the proposed bypass, it would help reduce the crush of traffic in downtown Fayetteville.

Of the overall $39.4 million cost for the project, the county is anticipating that $21.1 million will come from state and federal funds. That leaves the county’s portion at $18.3 million.

The West Fayetteville Bypass, once complete, would stretch from Hwy. 85 south of Fayetteville at Harp Road up to Hwy. 54 near Piedmont Fayette Hospital, ending at the intersection of Hwy. 92 north and West Bridge Road.



The West Fayetteville Bypass does nothing but make the Rivers and Wyatt families rich and all of the homebuilders too.

Busy Bee's picture

I mean, are there any left?

John Wieland is in there. Brent Scarborough and Bob Rolader are keeping an eye on those sites too.

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If Clayton county residents benefit from this road is a moot issue because it will fix the problem no matter who is driving through our neighborhoods by giving them a better alternate choice. Our road system is not just for the benefit of Fayette county residents no matter which road you point to.

All this CRAP about Clayton county residents benefiting more that us is just snobby rhetoric by those who think of Clayton county as lower class. GET THE HELL OVER IT!

The fact that it doesn't terminate at a state hwy is moot because the majority of traffic ends before the state hwys. If the need arises in the future then it can be extended.


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You know, I rather liked reading posts by Spyglass and Mike King. Most of the time they were thoughtful and logical. Even if I didn't agree with everything they said, I could respect and understand their viewpoint. I get that the post that they were banned for went over the line, but that seemed to be an anomoly and was definitely not typical of their posts. Now BHH on the otherhand, tends to scream at everyone who disagrees with him(her?) and likes to use profanity to emphasize his points. I don't enjoy his posts nearly as much as I enjoyed the posts of the recently banned posters. He doesn't seem to get that the screaming (ALL CAPS) just makes me tune out and ignore his opinion.

So Cal, could you invite Mike King and Spyglass back (providing they promise to play nice) and ask some of these other "Loudmouth Schmucks" to tone it down? (I assume you get the reference to Foghorn Leghorn). Thanks.

And BHH, before you assume that I disagree with your opinion on the EFB, I honestly don't have an opinion since I live in West Fayette and don't even know if it makes sense or not. But your screaming will not convert me to become a supporter.

BHH's picture

I almost always preview my comments and that gives a chance to correct any problems.

I promise never to be vulgar. That's just crude.

I am passionate about some issues and try to emphasize as best as I can. The all caps is one of the few ways to emphasize. I can't afford to omit it. If you choose to ignore then that is up to you.

I agree that those you mentioned should be allowed to comment, but they should use some restraint if they are using vulgarities.


Robert W. Morgan's picture

Their suspension was silly. One "s" word or "d" word after decades of thoughtful intelligent comments gets them banned? Should not bee.

treesarepeachy keeps using the "p" word and she/he/it is not banned. What's up with that?

Cal. have some class. Let everyone back. Bonkers and the others. How about Hamster. Let the rodent back as well.

Let's have a do-over and all agree to act like adults. OK?

Live free or die!

Busy Bee's picture

Yes, he needs to come back too, although we all know he'll be back with a different nome de plume anyway. And it will be evident on the first post. Now I enjoy him too and don't quite get the total lack of respect that he seems to receive. Yes, he does say some fairly (OK, very) off the wall things, but there is often some good ol' common sense hidden among the inane statements that he makes. You know the saying, "Sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut."

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Bob Rolader is the Rivers Family front man. I know that for sure. We called and were told that we had to speak to Bob Rolader about the Rivers property.

John Wieland's property isn't listed in his name. It is listed in the name of one of his employees with the telephone number and address listed under John Wieland.

Green Development and Fayette Builders are both owned by Ed Wyatt. Ed Wyatt will get 3/4 mile of free road frontage for one of his pieces of property. The road will go through the middle of some of his acreage so he will get 3/4 mile free road frontage on both sides of the road.

When the West Bypass goes through one homeowners property there will be a non-usuable strip left that runs parallel to a huge piece of Wyatt's property. So the County will waste the homeowners property and Wyatt will not have his property wasted but he will get more free road frontage.

Remember that Ed Wyatt was a contributor to the campaigns of Jack Smith and Eric Maxwell.

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This kind of thing needs to be stopped immediately and those involved need to be punished.

More investigation into this is definitely warranted.

Criminal charges should be pending.

Something is very very wrong here.


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I live in North Fayette and drive regularly to PTC, so the West Bypass would help me. It provides a new link, cutting across the county and shortens that drive. I also travel regularly along the route for the East Bypass, but the proposed route simply follows existing roads and is of little value.

Since the West Bypass has been started, just finish it. Just make it a limited access highway so that the friends of the politicians don't put a lot of drives and new streets cutting into it.

If you kill the Good Bypass of the West, I'll get you and your little dog, too!

If you live in North Fayette, you can get to PTC much faster by taking Sandy Creek Rd. to Flat Shoals Rd. to 54 West. That's much closer to PTC than Phase II of the West Bypass. In fact, the WFB might take you longer, considering 2 lanes, roundabouts, and stops. Lee's Mill Rd. is also a good way to get to Sandy Creek. If you live South of Lee's Mill, Ginger Cake Rd. is a beeline to Hwy 54 West. I go to PTC all the time and haven't encountered any traffic problems by these routes, or Highway 74.

If Commissioner Brown kills the West Bypass, he should get the Fayette County Medal of Honor for defeating City Hall. The only traffic in this county is in PTC at the 54/74 intersection. That's where a bypass is needed. But we've learned that county projects are not always for the benefit of the public.

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I think the WFB is a good project but not at the expense of the EFB.

I was in favor of the original plan for The EFB that linked directly to 279 at 85 and cut straight through the sacred golf course. The 2 cemeteries could be avoided easily enough.

But I think the county realized that the plan would cut right across an old county dump site that would be very expensive to clean up if disturbed and began to backpedal frantically to avoid that can of worms. The golf course was a good enough reason to avoid that path for the golfers on the commission.


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So, Woody, what do you propose we do about the fact that all governmental officials in Fayette County and the voters chose the East Fayetteville Bypass as the #1 priority project for our SPLOST funds?

Do we ignore the fact that almost $1,000,000 has already been spent on the East Bypass? Do we just flush that money down the drain?

Do we ignore the fact that the East Bypass was supposed to be the #1 priority project and was voted on as such?

Should we ignore the fact that all of our Commissioners voted affirmatively on our latest Comprehensive Land Use Plan which included Public Participation and overwhelmingly the PUBLIC spoke loud and clear when they said the vision for Fayette County was to "PRESERVE THE RURAL CHARACTERISTICS OF THE COUNTY?"

Do we ignore the fact that when the West Bypass is built it will open up 1500+ acres to rampant development? If so, that will mean a great deal more traffic all over Fayette County. That means we will need more sewage and water facilities supplied to all those residents. It means more police protection, jail facilities, traffic control, schools, school buses and teachers. You will help pay for all that, Woody. MORE JUST BEGETS MORE!

What do you think all those new cars are going to do to your ride from North Fayette to Peachtree City? Shall we say gridlock?

Oh, and by the way, the Atlanta Regional Commission has devised a plan whereby they intend to route tractor trailer trucks from Fairburn along the West Bypass through neighborhoods, school areas, school bus routes and roundabouts. NOW, WON'T THAT BE FUN?

Who knows, Woody, the ARC, Ken Steele, Herb Frady, Robert Horgan and Lee Hearn just might find it necessary to build a new road through your home and property in order to alleviate all the new traffic from the rampant development, tractor trailer trucks, and buses along the West Bypass.

Don't wait for that to happen, Woody. Sell your house, now. If you wait, you won't be able to sell your house because of the disclosure clause. If you wait, your property value will be further diminished and the County won't give you what your property once was worth.

Woody's picture

Gigna1414, I don't remember voting for or against any bypass at all, but any options they would have offered at that time would likely not be what would be ultimately constructed. But, I see your points.

Okay, now I'm against both bypasses, I'm against the roundabout, and I want the eighty foot gateway wall erected across Hwy 279 at the Fulton County line.

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