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Libya war an abuse of presidential power

I seldom feel an impetus to join the bandwagon of Obama criticizers in this obsequiously Republican section of the country. Nonetheless I must decry the government’s recent decision to attack Libya, placing ourselves once more in the vanguard of half-witted nations.

Putting aside the fact that we have no casus belli; that Ghadafi has done nothing more to warrant our use of force; that we have no historic or vested interest; that we have no political, or really any connection with the people rebelling. Putting aside the fact that we are cutting school budgets while launching million-dollar cruise missiles for no particularly good reason. Putting aside the bloodshed being visited in our name, we must wonder at the process.

Executive power to launch military operations in the name of “emergency” has been abused constantly over the last 60 years. While President Bush at least had the decency to lie to Congress and the American people, he did in fact take his falsehoods to the people. The fact that they were not able to figure it out as a falsehood is as much a slight on them as on him.

In this case President Obama said little before he started launching and the launching continues. I believe his Secretary of Defense said it well: “You don’t establish a no-fly zone without going to war.” Unfortunately our video game presentations on television give our disinterested public the idea that this no-fly thing is no big deal. Well, it is.

We are killing people and while many of them are people who need to be killed, we are doing so without our consent nor the consent of our elected morons. This must stop.

All presidents must understand they cannot wage war without giving us a damn good reason and that reason had better be both real and right. This is an idea which transcends political loyalty. The fact that the Republicans will make political hay after all the disingenuous crap they have pulled is beside the point.

We Americans must demand that this President and every President follow the intent of the Constitution in acquiring our consent before waging war. If it has to stop under a Democrat, so be it!

Timothy J. Parker


Peachtree City, Ga.



Gort's picture

Colonel Parker, come on now, aren’t you even a little bit happy to see the end of Kadafi’s days in power?

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote Democratic.

Considers this action by NATO as requested by the Arab League - an action that hopefully ends the killing of citizens by their leader. Not one NATO troop was lost on the ground. The action did not last for 10 years - just six months. The US is a part of NATO - and many believe that this President made the right decision in helping. There are still parts of the world that look to the US as an inspiration for freedom. It is a unique situation when part of the Arab world asks for assistance to dethrone a terrorist leader like Quadafi.

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..or however the hell is named is spelled this week, but the fact is that he hasn't been a threat to the US or Libya's neighbors for a pretty long time now so I don't see what benefit it is to anyone besides Libya's citizenry.

Considering the utter disaster that bombing Bosnia back into the stone age has done for their citizens and how the only people that seemed to benefit were the Russian Mafia and scum involved in the human sex trafficking business, just what is the goal in Libya besides regime change? For all we know, we may have helped depose a has-been demon and get the Devil in return. Considering that one of Momar's son has been "killed" twice only to still be walking around and another son is "captured and escapes" within a day and the assassination of their own rebel leader leads me to believe the opposing forces are pretty clueless and simply financed greatly by NATO for the purpose of......who knows? Some cobbled together govt that will still be hostile to the West and entrenched with an archaic rule of sharia law?

If the Obama policy is World Policeman and Promoter of Democracy Everywhere(hey sounds just like Bush!) , NATO should be bombing Syria right now, a country that IS a threat to the US and its allies and actively training terrorists. Oh wait....we don't believe in these higher ideals when they run into conflict with Russia and China being Syrian allies who aren't going to let NATO bomb Syria and won't even support "tough talk" with the UN over it.

Libya just looks like another sinkhole to dump a lot of money into for no return besides an eventual spit in the face, cries of "Western Imperialism!" and some flags burned. Wonderful.

Gort's picture

“Joe Kadafi” and my “No-More Gadhafi” mixed up. Both disagreeable personalities in their own right but I meant “No-More Gadhafi.”

So far we kept US ground forces out of Libya. I’m hoping we continue the trend. Italy is Libya’s largest trading partner, let them get some skin in the game if Libya needs ground forces.

Let NATO take care of Syria too. Turkey shares a border with Syria and is most threatened by a dysfunctional Syria. Right now they are negotiating with Assad and hopefully the events in Libya will help him focus on getting out alive rather than trying to hold on to power. Maybe Assad can get his old dentist gig back in the UK! Say Ahhhhh!

Remember: If you think Social Security and Medicare are worth saving, vote Democratic.

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