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PTC Swoozie's part of nationwide shutdown

Peachtree City chain specialty shop Swoozie’s, located at The Avenue shopping center, is going out of business along with the company's 42 other locations across the U.S. The niche retailer specialized in unique presents, paper, printing and personalization.

Store closing sales have already begun as all in-stock merchandise in every department will be on sale with no exclusions or exceptions. Discounts of up to 30% off the original prices are offered on nearly $20 million worth of the finest stationery, greeting cards, invitations, gift wrap, Easter decor, giftware, tabletop items, handbags, jewelry and more.

The announcement was made in a press release by Hilco Merchant Resources, which is conducting the going out of business sale for the company.

Hilco Merchant Resources, LLC ( is based in Northbrook, Illinois, USA.



at all, but Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits on Crosstown closed down 2-3 weeks ago, too.

The boarded up windows are a real eyesore. This is so contrary to what the Braelinn Shopping Center owners are doing.

They appeared to have hired the same bad help KFC had & they never had any product ready. Is this not an outparcel to that shopping center or is it on its own?

is owned by G & I Development, LLC on 600 N. Glynn St., Suite C, Fayetteville.

You're right about the lousy help. Last time I was there, (over a year ago) I had a small order for two of us at the drive-thru and they screwed it up big time. Of course, we were back home when we noticed it. Just enough get mad, but too much bother to take it back to get it done right.

The Braelinn Shopping Center is owned by The Shopping Center Group at 300 Galleria Pkwy. in Atlanta. They own all the land surrounding Popeye's and across the entrance road there, too, where Blockbuster is.

Hey, maybe they would buy Popeye's parcel and include it in the big scheme of the remodel. Would make a great place for a drive thru ice cream or how about a real bakery? Great frontage right on Crosstown Rd. Market value at appr. 600k, but I bet they'd sell for a lot less.

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I found the KFC at that location to be less than a desirable place to purchase chicken and was happy to see Popeye's open there. Went once during their first week or so in business and have never been back. Didn't think it was possible to go down hill from the quality at that KFC store. If it's anything I can't stand it's undercooked, gummy chicken.

The last time I visited Popeye's was to pick up a 12-piece box of chicken on the way to a picnic. Got to the picnic to discover Popeye's had given me 12 small chicken breasts, no legs..just 12 anemic thighs.

Good riddance.

It would be great to have a Dunkin Donuts in the old Popeyes, since there is no decent coffee in Braelinn area..

would be great. Just get some friendly people to work there, the ones at the Publix location on 54 are no customer service award winners.

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I could live with the less than sterling customer service if the stuff was fresh and baked on site.

My family and I ate at Popeye's once or twice a month and never had to wait for our food (it was always fresh too).

I (for one) am really sad to see Popeye's gone...

I did not say I wasn't sorry it was gone. Various people @ the office went during lunch drive-thru & it seems to always be a problem.
I like Popeye's

In some areas around Atlanta if one doesn't board up the windows when building is unoccupied it will have no windows soon.
I don't think Popeye's closed due to quality, it is just that with the remodeling occurring the traffic has been poor.
I didn't have much of a problem with the chicken so much as it always seemed that they were in trouble at one place or another with the help! Many didn't know how to properly handle their job.
They couldn't determine which pile of chicken was spicy! Never any napkins available---had to ask, etc. Sometimes they had no chicken, other times it was sun baked!
The help all seemed to be from Fulton or Clayton according to the license plates and they weren't very happy about their job.
I suspect also that much chicken was free!

Never liked Popeyes....want really good fried chicken try Fork in the Road Cafe at 114 Huddleston Rd.

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