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Fischer Crossings back on Coweta Commission agenda

Fischer Crossings is back on the agenda at the Coweta County Commission. A public hearing scheduled for April 5 may or may not lead to a resolution of the issue related to the placement of a Kohl’s department store, other retailers and ball fields on the portion of the Fischer Crossings commercial development located on the northeast corner of Fischer Road and Ga. Highway 34 in east Coweta County.

The current rezoning request, identical to the one submitted last year by developer Scott Seymour, pertains to the planned location of the retailers on the northeast side of Hwy. 34 and Fischer Road in the area the borders Fischer Road directly across from Sam’s Club. It is also in that area that Wynn’s Pond Road intersects with Fischer Road.

The commission in September in a split vote sided with the property owners of the long-established Featherston Fishing Club at Wynn’s Pond to deny the requests to rezone a portion of the 14-acre site from rural conservation to commercial that would have resulted in the establishment of 225,500 square feet of commercial space for Kohl’s, T.J. Maxx and other retailers. Commissioners also denied a request to re-route the portion of Wynn’s Pond Road that is currently situated adjacent to the 14-acre site.

The commission’s denial resulted in the filing of a lawsuit in Coweta County Superior Court on Oct. 1. Seymour’s lawsuit claims that the denial by commissioners substantially and unreasonably diminished the value of the property and restricted its use.

One of the issues that may arise at the April 5 meeting pertains to a proposed median cut along Ga. Highway 54, less than a half-mile from the Fischer Road/Hwy. 34 intersection. Seymour in a previous meeting had suggested that such a median cut would provide Wynn’s Pond property owners an available access point to Wynn’s Pond Road that intersects with Hwy. 54 just east of the Fischer Crossings development.

The first of the businesses at Fischer Crossings, the 136,000 square-foot Sam’s Club store, opened in January. NGC Cinemas is expected to open its 40,000 square-foot theaters sometime in April.

The Fischer Crossings development is zoned to accommodate approximately 800,000 square feet of commercial space on the northeast, northwest and southwest corners of the intersection of Hwy. 34 and Fischer Road.



Would someone explain how this will benefit the 45-55 mph traffic on this stretch of hwy.? Let's see, movie theater traffic, Collectors Corner and gas station traffic and massive thru traffic and ADD a median curb cut?

Am I the only one who envisions a Fayette Pavillion/Hwy 85 mess coming as soon as Kohl's and others get in there? Or an extension of the 54 West mess in PTC? How long before the former Rare Plants Nursery dirt pile has a McDonalds or other fast food joint?

Hey, Seymour, guess what. You knew the zoning when you bought the properties. That Fishing Club was there WAY before you came along. Where is your concern for the "substantial and unreasonable diminished value" of the residents property along that quiet road?

GDOT better step in and say NO WAY. Coweta Commissioners better say NO REZONING. Commuters who use this road daily better show up and speak their mind, too. How about PTC putting their big NO stamp on this, too?

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Coweta is definitely going to allow a lot of development in that area in the near future as Coweta is in big growth mode right now and there is a lot of prime land for development there. Whether it gets out of control and a mess, we'll have to see.
Coweta does NOT have the same mentality concerning development as some in FC and especially PTC, and whether that is right or wrong is a matter of opinion.

I don't see where the Council saying anything would be a benefit, and anything Haddix had to say would likely be yet another embarrassment that would alienate Coweta towards anything PTC has to say on mutual interests.

After the Senoia sewer stupidity that backfired right into the face of PTC, maybe PTC ought to worry more about PTC and a lot less about telling other counties and cities what they should or should not do. I know people like Brown and Haddix can't resist doing that all the time, but they are considered total jokes by those outside of FC and by a healthy chunk of people within FC.

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That's because Mr. Brown and Mr. Haddix both have bigger ambitions.

They are unable to resist these ambitions. They may be considered jokes outside of FC, but we elected them. Given that, why would they not be able to win elsewhere?

Think about it.

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Ambition without a specific vision or a willingness to listen is nothing more than aimlessly wandering in the dark.

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You mean like most of our politicians?

Although all politicians do have a common vision to get re-elected at any cost....funded by us of course.

Mr. Haddix's traits are shared by many....unfortunately.

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Mr Haddix's traits have caused some mammals to eat their young lest they allow their prodginy to weaken their species.

That opinion should apply to neighbors also. Always trying to tell others what to do and how to live. We all need to keep our noses at home. Now get out there and get some rays today.

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It's 85 where I am today and plenty of rays to enjoy too :)

in PTC?

Swift Death to Inconvenience!

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